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Look up cryogenically, & read up on it, you might find thoughts for giving a sermon sometime in the future on Seeking Immortality as I did. I came across this early in the week reading up on it. Them on Wednesday I blacked-out, hitting my head in the bathroom. Putting the thoughts together I came up with a sermon for this Sunday morning.

I read up on blacking out, seems most times there will be some type of warning, yet for me there was no warning. No dizzy head, no light feeling, no tingling in my arms, no nothing. Like most people I have gotten up at times a bit to fast with the feeling it will give you, none of that this time. One moment all was well as I was turning on the bathroom light, it seemed the next instant I facing the opposite direction with a gash in my head looking at blood dripping on the bathroom floor wondering what happened. I don’t remember falling, I don’t remember hitting my head, I don’t remember getting up. I don’t seem to suffer no ill effects, yet like anyone this has happened to I wonder if it will happen again. This coming week I will go to my doctor & see what they can come up with.

But I think these 2 things will be good for tomorrows sermon. Thought I would share this thought.

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