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Youth Rallies?

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We have what we call Empowered Youth every November. Teens come from churches all over. Basically, they divide into 4 teams and have an ongoing contest throughout the week, with games of skill and brainpower involved. There is a lot of preaching during the day, and a service at night. There is also competition for teens who want to be involved (and most usually are) in areas like singing, storytelling, preaching (guys only :smug: ), instrumental. The competition is tied to our college, so grand and first prize are usually something toward tuition for the first year or so.

The preaching is always geared toward the needs of that age group and is usually very good. I'm not sure I answered your question, because I'm not 100% sure what you mean by involved.

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Nope. That's what I meant. :-) That sounds basically like what we do at ours just maybe on a larger scale. :-) We do have churches from as many as 4 surrounding states at ours sometimes though! Praise the Lord! :-) This'll be our 8th one since I started doing them and so was just wondering if I might get some fresh ideas. :-) Thanks!

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