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....when somebody comes up with a bright idea for church, and you say, "Okay I'll help" and then something has to be changed so the person backs out and then you're left doing the WHOLE THING. Nice.

College student wanted desperately to have the bus/church kids put on a Christmas program she wrote. (We have a very small church and no choir). Pastor says "I'm sorry, we won't be able to put on a big program because you won't be home from college soon enough to practice with the kids. If you and "Kita" would just put together a short program with a few songs and a few verses, that would work best." College student decides she "doesn't have time" to comply with "short program and a few verse visuals" (doesn't make her look special enough, is the part left unsaid) so says she guesses she won't be able to do it. But college student's parents do the bus route and already have bus parents that want to come to a program.

Sooooo today I am writing a quick program, making up verse and song visuals, and wondering just exactly how I got suckered into doing all of this by myself. haha. Oh well! Praying a bus mom or bus dad gets saved tomorrow! I think the college student will play the piano for it at least.

(Same college student wanted to sing a special song. Pastor says "We'd love to have you sing a Christmas hymn with our regular pianist playing. College student says, "Ummm well I'd rather sing my own song, thanks, and accompany myself on the piano." So Pastor fits her in a different service just to keep the peace....Sometimes I wonder how much is really done for "God" today or how much is done for self....gotta love families that need to be handled with kid gloves.)

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