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Sovereignty and mercy


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I told one of my friends this and I thought I would share with you all; I failed miserably today. Once again :( I was planning to witness and I felt led to witness to one of my old friends. So I sent them a message and they didn't answer.. and as I was about to log off after praying for what to do next he replied. But the conversation didn't go as I expected. and I could not decide what to say and ended up not witnessing; because I lost focus and started to fear.. Even after even the extra push of him answering me after I had prayed.. How little faith I often have.. As its not what I say but God working through it.. Yet knowing this I still stumble.. Then I listened to a sermon series on evangelism. Starting with How to Engage People in Conversation. (It was really good you should listen to it sometime :D) What was amazing was on the 3rd sermon. It pretty much had many of my thoughts even one that was so extremely unique that it could not be coincidence. (A thought I had upon Spurgeon's 08/04/AM Morning and evening Devotion.) Its amazing how God works those things out in his sovereignty and what mercy he has upon us. Working even our failures to an increase of faith and to his glory and praise.

I even had saved the series previously to listen to at a later time. :D God really is wonderful! :D Here is the series if you want to listen! :D

Praise the LORD with me for his wondrous works!

(I put this in the wrong forum I believe.. Sorry :()

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Praise God for His mighty and mysterious workings in our lives!

We all stumble at various times and in various ways. Such stumbles are only true failures if we allow ourselves to fall down and stay down. When we recognize our failures and take them to the Lord He strengthens us and extends His mercy and grace to us so we may continue on the right path and be better prepared for future service.

Praise God we don't have to walk through this life alone!

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