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  1. I've now traveled to several states this month (July 2021) I never received the vaccination for the Wuhan Military Virus. I have decided if I don't have any ill effects resulting from my travel to take additional trips later this year. Let me be clear, I'm not putting God to the test, I'm testing the body He gave me to withstand the virus. No, I don't agree this is "tempting the Lord," I'm trying (testing) this miraculous body God gave and the regimen I use to maintain it for Him and for myself. I traveled from July 8 - 14 in Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, and North Carolina. I met and spoke with a myriad of people from all over the U.S. and foreign nations including the orient. I had no symptoms of any sickness before I left and presently have none (July 17, 2021). Except for my age (67) and Type 2 diabetes, I'm in good health, as far as I know. This in no way insures the possibility I will remain free from the Wuhan Flu or that I won't catch it from folks around my locale. But if I have not developed symptoms or an outright case within the next 15 days I will become highly skeptical of the coercion I see from king Biden's administration and his medical lackeys. I'm not a science denier, I believe God permits mankind to have knowledge to develop all manner of inventions including medical treatments and drugs. Also, I've had other vaccinations in the past. HOWEVER, I was never pressured or received coercion from doctors, government, or the WORLD to receive those vaccinations. I'm not against anyone else taking the king's meat. Folks should do what they think is right for them and best for their own conscience. I would like to hear from others who have traveled and/or exposed themselves to diverse crowds without the vaccine for covid. What has been your experience and where did you travel?
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