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Found 9 results

  1. Alan

    Devotional Songs.

    Hope the instrumental sacred songs will uplift your spirits. God bless all of you. Alan
  2. We had a special blessing today at church, Victory Baptist Church, Hua Lien, Taiwan. One of our younger converts has been learning how to play the piano. Her name is Shelly Gwoh. Shelly loves the Lord, loves the church and loves to serve the Lord and we were able to hear her play at the church service today. Who Is On the Lord's Side? 誰願在主一方 Song Who is on the Lord's Side?.mp4
  3. Hey all, As a professional-level composer with Baptist doctrine, I wanted to share some lost but powerful perspectives on Biblical music and church tradition, and the ripple effect they've created throughout history, often not fully known or clarified among many Baptist churches of our day: When you get a chance do watch the whole thing through, I'm hoping the video will be a real eye-opener and profoundly educational, albeit in a simple way. God bless, James of UGC
  4. Hope you enjoy some Classical Christmas Songs for the Holidays courtesy of the London Symphony Orchestra. May the Lord bless all of you during the Christmas season and have a blessed time with your family and friends. "And knew her not till she had brought forth her firstborn son: and he called his name JESUS." Matthew 1:25 Alan
  5. I thought about putting this under the Music forum, but it isn't really a Biblical issue (at least I hope not!!!) so I put it in the Lounge. Just think of it as chamber music. Here's my contribution. (PS, this was impromptu so please excuse my uncombed hair.)
  6. Just wanted to share an experience to all the musicians and aspiring musicians with kids. I started teaching my daughter (2 years old) the piano. I know, I'm crazy. But really it was easy. I took colored construction paper and tape, and color coated two octaves of white keys. And rather than teach her A B C D E F G, I taught her Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Si Do. Well, I've been at it for a month or two now, and not only does she know all the notes by heart, she can hit them by command as I call them out randomly. Teach your children music, because it will impact their life, and their life will impact their church, and their church will impact the world.
  7. The following is an excerpt from my notes on a sermon preached by my pastor. I am always mystified by people who, rather than dealing with the substantive issues involved in music, want to make acceptance or rejection of CCM a generational prOBlem of new vs. old or young people vs. old people. If you have ever read the purveyors of neo-evangelicalism, that is exactly how they frame the issue. They call the older saints blue hairs and encourage churches wishing to adopt the new rock styling to minimize them and prepare to lose them in favor of future growth that they would restrain were they to stay in the congregation. It is highly disrespectful to senior saints. The philosophy that I have heard about CCM is that it is, "the most effective way for today's congregation to praise God. People do not connect with "high church" or classical style any more. Contemporary music is the only style that edifies them and makes them feel completely involved in their worship." How many times God addresses the subject of "worship" in church? You will find it mentioned about the church only one time in I Corinthians 14:23-25 where the worship is done in church by unbelievers in response to prophesying (preaching). The thing that today's churches, some of ours included, fixate on as a a main part of their services, does not occur in the Biblical NT church. Paul, in his epistles to the churches, does not address it. Paul, in his instructions to Pastor Timothy about the churches they have begun does not address it. Now, I am not saying that NT saints are not to worship God. Of course we are. All flesh is to worship God. What I am saying is that worship is NOT biblically a big part of church services or what happens when he "whole church" comes together. In the NT, church services were primarily about the preaching of the word. People are to worship God in their personal walk with Him all the time. Notice that when music is discussed in the NT, God says, Ephesians 5:19 (KJV) 19 Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord; The modern movement to make the church service an hour and a half of rock music worship with a 15 minute devotional did not originate in the Bible any more than some of the church services of the 1700s that were an hour and a half of classical concert. This modern movement comes straight out of churches with whom we do not share common doctrine or practice accept, in some cases, on the most basic and fundamental level. People forget, CCM was birthed and raised in the charismatic movement by people drastically off on truth. These are the churches with women preachers, unknown tongue talking, people slain in the spirit, people claiming to be apostles, faith healers, prophets adding to scripture as they prophesy, and rhema word apostasy. These churches are the birthplace of CCM. It did NOT come from a study of scripture. They are famous for worldly living, no standards, carnal entertainment, and religious charlatanism. The part of CCM that didn't originate there came from the hippy counterculture movement of the late 50's and 60's and 70's with "Jesus People" like Keith Green, Larry Norman ("Why should the devil have all the good music"), Mylon Lefevre, and André Crouch. Some of these people were ardent in their evangelism but took the music of the drug revolution and married it with Christian words trying to reach free-sex, drug addicted hippies with their own music. The world saw it for what it was and laughed. I have a Time Magazine article in my files entitled "New lyrics for the devil's music". Many of the musicians were drug addicts themselves as well as living immorally and even homosexually. Our jOB is NOT to connect people to worship with music they relate to. You will never hear language like that a single time in the NT. Our jOB is to preach God's word, the truth, in a manner pleasing to and consistent with a holy God. You don't lower the standard to the people. You call the people up to the standard. The most repetitious, mind-numbing, trance-inducing music on the planet (outside of some chants) is modern praise and worship music (what I call 7/11 music, as in 7 words repeated 11 times). They have to emotionally create "the presence of God" atmosphere for you to enter into. That's what they say. Dan Lucarini was a well known praise and worship leader for many years who became convicted and came out. He made this powerful statement in his book, Why I Left Christian Contemporary Music: "CCM is stuck with the stigma of immorality, because the music styles carry within the baggage of the worlds immorality. It does not matter if you change the lyrics. It does not matter if you change the musicians. It does not matter if you change the record labels. It does not matter if you ask God to sanctify it. Rock music and all its children, and by association CCM, can and will corrupt the morals of everyone who practices it." The number one reason churches change to this music is NOT to help people worship God. It is because pastors learned years ago that churches grow faster when you give lost people a carnal, entertainment atmosphere in which to "experience" God. God never called people to this kind of Christianity. He calls them to repentance toward God and faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ. The tatoo'd, ear-ring wearing, tight leather pants, crooner of rock ballads in worship fits better around the golden calf than in church. We fundamentalists are still trying to whitewash it and clean it up enough for the OBvious fallacy not to show. Ask yourself this question: If I take a CCM song and "clean it up for our church", what do I have to take out of it and why? What was dirty that need cleaning? Some say, "all styles of music are basically "from the world." How would you deny this? Easily and with scripture. 1. There was music before the earth was created. Singing occurred while the foundations of this earth were laid (JOB 38:6). There is music in heaven, as you also know from Revelation. Music was not created here. Even Lucifer was created with musical instruments built into his body (Ezek. 18:13). When we talk about the "devil's music", that is not a figure of speech. If music predates this world, it cannot all be of this world. 2. It would make no sense for God to insist we sing "spiritual" songs (Eph. 5:19) if all songs were spiritual. He specifically names three kinds of music for us. This argument is a funny one to lost musicians who enjoy our stupidity on this point. Recently, Gene Simmons, bassist and vocalist for KISS, an 80's heavy metal rock band, was serving in the judges panel on a star search type of program. When a youth pastor with a great voice came up and sang a CCM song about Jesus, Simmons shot him down immediately and lectured him in front of the group. He said that all rock music was about sex and he should know as he had spent his lifetime in it and that there was no place for God in rock music…it was a "contradiction". I thought that was interesting. The worldly, depraved, lost man knows what some Christians can't or don't want to see. 3. When the bible defines the world: as in love not the world neither the things in the world (I John 2:15) or this present evil world (Gal. 1:4), God is not talking about the big, blue marble called earth. He is talking about the combined behavior of lost people on a planet under Satanic rule (Eph. 2:2)…a people he calls the children of disOBedience. God likens them to darkness and saved people to light (I Thess 5). When God tells us to come out from among them and be ye separate, He is not saying we should leave the planet but that we should not bring their debaucheries into our lives. This is precisely what has happened with CCM. We have gone to the world, gotten their sensualized music, and brought it not only into our lives but into our worship of God. Bro. Garry In His will. By His power. For His glory
  8. What music artists can you recommend? Please no Southern Gospel.
  9. I am currently looking for new music, I have recently turned away from Southern Gospel. I am convinced that heavy ragtime/ swing/ boogie woogie rhythms have no place in sacred music. Can you recommend some music? I really do not like large choir style music because I have a hard time picking out the words. thanks in advance.
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