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  1. Alan


    Brethren, Every once in a while I see numerous articles that only present one side of the Vietnam War. During that time of the Vietnam War the newspapers, liberals, the Hollywood crowd and the public in general were feed a continual stream of anti-American ideals: especially patriotism. My father taught me one good thing and that was to love our country. America, in spite of all the evil, corrupt politicians, and other forms of corruption, is still the best country on the face of this planet for Democracy, Individual Freedom, and Religious Freedom. It saddens me tremendously to witness the continual downgrade of America and the ideals why we fought the Vietnam War. While I was growing up (in the house of an agnostic and church hating father), I was taught, (rightly so), the values of America, Democracy, Patriotism, and the evils of Communism, Socialism, Fascism, and liberals. I have not changed a whit from my father's correct moral teachings. While growing up during the Vietnam War every day, (like our day and age), I read the supposedly vile actions of the U.S. Military as brought forth by Hollywood actors, liberal Religious figureheads, and the liberal, atheistic, and propaganda written by the communist leaning press. I read all about the evil actions of the military killing defenseless civilians by our Air Force and Army. And, I read all of the stories of how the Vietnam veterans were dope fiends, anti-military, and crazy in the head: remember Rambo? When was the last time that you heard a story in the press that told the public of the brave, sacrificial, and patriotic deeds of the vast majority of the men in uniform during the Vietnam War? Because of the vicious lies of the press, the traitorous acts of the Hollywood stars, the communist inspired Vietnam War demonstrations,and the unpatriotic acts of the ungodly religious crowd, our cowardly politicians gave in and did not allow the military to win the Vietnam War. Vietnam was the first war America lost. Now, South Vietnam is communist. Laos, which I was also indirectly involved, also was lost to the enemy. The enemy of America, and the nation of Israel, during that age, is Fascist (formally Communist), Russia and her allies. Vietnam was just a pawn that Russia used to obtain her goals. In spite of all the vicious verbal attacks, and numerous speeches, hippies, men rushing to Canada to avoid the draft, and others acts of civil disobedience, I decided to volunteer for military service (the US Air Force), to join the war. During the Vietnam War I volunteered and was not drafted. I found out by personal experience that the innocent civilians were not so innocent, the Hollywood actors were traitors, the liberal press was lying and the religious figureheads were lost men seeking fame and fortune. The Vietnam War, started by President Kennedy, was initially a war against communism. Due to communist lies the American public was misled. Even to this day you cannot hardly find an article written against communism. But, you can find plenty of articles against the war and downgrading the men who bravely, and patriotically, fought against the communist North Vietnamese and their Russian allies. I am a proud American Vietnam Veteran. I am a proud verbal defender of America and its ideals of Freedom. And I have come to realize that there is a concerted effort by the enemies of Freedom to downgrade America and the nation of Israel. I hope that there are other patriotic freedom loving Americans who remain faithful to these ideals of freedom in the day ahead in spite of this concerted effort to bash America and Israel through misleading articles. Alan

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