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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, I would love to hear the community’s feedback about using an update to the King James Version. I love the KJV. But the language is basically 400 year-old English. So if there were a simple and accurate update to the KJV that made no changes except updating the old language, would you want to use it? What would be your thoughts generally about such an update? Would you like it as a stand alone version, or as a parallel Bible with the current KJV? It would be great to hear what you all think. May God be glorified. In Christ, Joseph
  2. I found this site following the blog entries and news surrounding Jeremy Whitman. I do not care to discuss this horrible news but I am thankful that through it I may have found an online home to chat with others of like faith and practice. I was saved in 1974. I entered the Marine Corps upon graduating high school in 1976 and served 4 years. Then in 1980 I attended Pacific Coast Baptist Bible College in San Dimas, CA (now Heartland Baptist College in Oklahoma City) until 1982. Rather than give a history of all the churches I have been a member of (I moved around the country a lot) I will just state where I have been a member for the last 12 years 3 months. I am a member of an independent fundamental Baptist church at Victory Baptist Church of Roseburg, OR under Pastor Clint Caviness. I am active in the ministry as the sound man, weekly soul winning (door to door), and cleaning the church on a 3 week rotation with 2 other families. I am single and have been single now for 19 years after a divorce and my conviction against remarriage while my wife is still alive. She passed away in June of last year, so maybe someday...but I am in no hurry, having become very accustomed to a single celebate lifestyle now. I consider myself an advanced not quite expert level student of the Bible. My shortfall that keeps me from being an "expert" is a dependence on my online Bible sources for book, chapter and verse of passages and scripture I know are in the Bible. I am absolutely KJV only and NOT a bible critic. I let the Bible define it's own terms, not some Greek/Hebrew dictionary. I am looking forward to being active in studies, and discussions on this forum. Your brother in Christ. Bro. Garry In His Will. By His Power. For His Glory.
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