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  1. As the world seeks to blur the lines between men and women, it seems that Christians are often found to be following suit with the world on this matter. Christians that seek to justify their position in doing this are often found to be toting a false bible version that blatantly changes God's words in order to make God Himself effeminate. In the KJV, Genesis 1:27 clearly separates the creation of man in His image from the creation of "them" as it pertains to the creation of two genders. Again, in 1 Corinthians 11:7, the bible clearly separates the man's creation in the image and glory of God from the woman, which is the glory of the man. i am now seeing men teach from the KJV that they are both created in the image of God. Christian churches, including baptists, have seemingly succumb to the idea that a Christ like man should appear to be weak, quoting verses of meekness. While, surely, we must come to Christ in meekness, as a little child, and entreat the brethren with such an spirit, is there no other attribute by which Christ is manifest, for what shall we say, that Christ beareth the sword and the key to hell in vein? What of the prophets of old, who were commanded to cry aloud and spareth not? Was John the baptist sought out by the multitudes for his soft raiment and easy words? Was he not a voice that crieth out in the wilderness? Are we to perform better in meekness than Christ Himself, sparing the volume of words which He spake concerning false prophets and teachers of hypocrisy? As for myself, I hear better when a voice is raised from the pulpit. My ears, which are dull at times, receive the message as if it were not a light thing. My heart is pricked by words as of a trumpet sounding, but when loud words out of context flow abundantly, I perceive that it is not right, yet when no words ever trumpet out from the pulpit, I perceive there to be no zeal, at least not according to knowledge. It is as though man was created in the image of God for the purpose of leadership. What do I perceive when I hear a woman preach, or her voice trumpeted in a congregation or a home? Is the man to remain silent, being held in obedience as if it were of the law? I've been to two baptist churches in as many weeks where the women gave the message, and when I spoke of it, was yelled at by women while the men remained silent. I have encountered many men who would otherwise speak as men, but when speaking of the things of God soften their voice, and loosen their shoulders. They then speak in a smooth voice that can only be likened to that of a meek and mild woman. They can go from normal speech and demeanor to an instant smile of happiness and joy speaking in the voice of a woman. If these men speak as such all of the time, it only fosters thoughts of doubt in me concerning their manhood. If a man turns this effeminate demeanor on and off, it appears to be fake, and if it is never off, it appears as sinful effeminacy. An effeminate christ has been promoted for centuries, beginning at least with Catholic idols and pictures of Christ with long flowing hair, and wearing a skirt rather than breaches. Even if we reject these idols and images as fundamental baptists, are we projecting a false image of Christ in our mannerisms? Do we err on one side due to fearful offense to others when another side of Christ is revealed? Is not wrath in His power as much as grace? If we speak of His wrath lightly, and quietly, who then shall hear us but those who have already heard? Who, being dull of hearing, shall see the fullness of the power of God through those who claim to have His spirit in them? Are we to cast off the spirit of Alias, John the baptist, or even Christ himself when he rebuked the false prophets, calling them vipers, and hypocrites with the the jot of exclamation? Do we speak of hell fire as much as Jesus did, being more than that of heaven? Jude 22 And of some have compassion, making a difference: And others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire; hating even the garment spotted by the flesh. If some have compassion, and some save with fear, who are those today which are saving with fear? If we all save with compassion only, what saith the Spirit of fear, or what saith you of it? What doth even nature tell you that a woman would most likely do? Would she tend to save with fear, or compassion? What saith even nature concerning the man in this matter? As God created man in His image, so therefor should men speak, and to that which God hath given unto the woman, let her also speak of it. God bless,

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