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Found 3 results

  1. I was on here a few years ago and learned a lot! I had trouble for many years getting OB software to work on my laptops and just gave up. Now I don’t have a working computer but am using my iPhone to access OB. Hopefully, I won’t have anymore problems. Looking forward to catching up with users I remember and meeting new ones. I’m no longer a “miss” but a “mrs” happily since 2016!
  2. Hello to all. My name is Jonathan. I am a IFB which uses the KJB. I have one fish which I own. He is a Plecostomus which is a Catfish. I have one website which I will revise since on 01/01/2012 I switched back to the KJV. I hope you all treat me kindly. God bless.
  3. we live here in beautiful nw ar. me and my wife have been married for 30 yrs, 5 children, 4 grandchildren, 3 dogs, 1 cat, all spoiled somehow.our youngest child, bryson, came to us much later than all the rest, he was born in 2005 and is at home with us. this school yr he will be entering the 1st.grade. he is such a blesssing, for many years we prayed and prayed to have our boy, well we finally did, now he is the only child at home so he gets some extra amenities that the others did not have but circumstances are differant now than what they were when the rest of our children were growing up in our home. now me and my wife both work out of financial neccesity, but we work at the same place, GOD has really blessed us in our employment in giving us a job that has so far paid much more than any other in our lives so far. and even though just recently our jobs have went through some cost cutting nothing drastic has happened to where we might lose them yet. i say yet because that can change overnight.we work as lab techs in a optical lab in fayetteville ar.we have been there for 7 yrs . we enjoy outdoor activities, grilling,taking short trips to explore things like area zoos,museums,etc.i was saved back in the summer of 1964 at a revival at the first baptist church in clinton-okla. led by the pastor rev. bob hammons, i was 7 but he led me down the roman road and explained everything to my understanding, it was a little while afterwards that i was baptised. after me and my wife judy got together after i talked to her about the importance of salvation, she was led by our then pastor in the home to the lord.our children to my knowledge are saved.indeed over time we have been blessed in many ways . and have had the privelage to see the lord at work in our lives and our childrens lives,thank you for allowing us here to make friends and fellowship with you in christ jesus. the lord nowhere promised us a perfect life here on earth, just the opposite, so it is a daily battle to keep everything the way it should be. not a struggle but spiritual battles abound in many forms.the enemy takes no vacations and is extremly dedicated as we should be at all times.please feel free to contact me -harvey melton- or my wife-judy melton for any and all friendly chats or talk about anything you might be interested in god bless you and your families.

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