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  1. What exactly is spiritual warfare? I have heard many different theories on this and I just wanted to ask some Baptists what they thought on this. Is it simply resisting temptation, or is it that while we walk through this world we come against great resistance in unbelievers, is it standing in the truth while even our churches start to teach lies? I've heard many say that a lot of the time it is a very internal struggle, that the devil makes us feel like God is displeased with us and done with us, I've even heard that the enemy will "get into our head" and lead us in directions we shouldn't go or discourage us. I've heard it said by some that the "pulling down of strongholds" is a result of this inner struggle as we stand in the truth personally and stop believing lies about God, and I've heard it's talking about believers exposing lies in the world, the church, or other's lives as we bring them light. It seems to me if we get a little too carried away with everything being internal we could possibly dismiss a conviction from the Holy Spirit as something from the enemy.