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  1. Please pray for my family, brothers and sisters in Christ. I was an abusive, drug addict, drinking, adulterous husband in the past. My wife left me three years ago because of it. She was also adulterous. I have since been saved, am completely regenerate in Christ, but my wife is not. We have since started dating for 2 months, still living separate. She is now pregnant, praise God, but I am afraid she might be considering an abortion. Please pray for us. I don't think you need our names, God knows who we are and He will know that you are praying for our situation.
  2. This is an article I wrote several days ago... If you are one who, however vaguely, happens to know a little about, and believe in, the Bible, then you know that God created the heavens and the earth and all of nature that fills that earth. After he created these, he then created a man. After God created a man, he made a wife for that man. And personally, the wife is my favorite of all his creations. We know that God did not, of course, create man before he made nature, for man depends upon nature to live. Nature had to be there first. The light, the sun, water, the dry land, plants for food… you get the picture. Only after everything else was set and ready for man did he bring Adam on the scene. Once Adam was here, God created Eve, who was created to be a “help meet” for Adam. Another way of saying it is that Eve was created to be a help that was “fit for” or “a good match” for Adam. Why would God create a woman to help the man before He had even created the man? He wouldn’t, of course. He is a God of order, and all things were created in order. Now, let’s just pause here for a minute. Let’s not just jump ahead in the story too soon. We should savor it for a moment. Imagine the simplicity of it. The elegance. There were no children. There was no society, no church, no government and no laws. There was just a man, a women and their God. Of course, children were always in the plan from the beginning. They were not a result of the fall, for God told Adam and Eve to “be fruitful and multiply” long before Adam’s sin. So after there was a husband and wife, there came children. However, do not loose sight of the fact that the husband and wife were the foundation that was already in place before the children ever came along and made it a family. I will interject here the warning that neither a husband nor a wife should ever get to the place where they are a parent to the children first and a spouse second, and even then only if there happens to be any time, energy or interest left over. You were a spouse first, married or not. You are a spouse during the child rearing years, and you will still be a spouse after the children are gone. If you sacrifice the happiness and stability of your marriage through simple neglect, all for the sake of focusing on and raising your children, you are taking a great big hammer to your family’s very foundation, and slowly busting it up into little pieces. There was, over time, the rise of civilizations, governments and organized religion. But the family structure came from God long before any these, and all of these are built upon that foundation of the family. And again, any structure will only be as strong as the foundation upon which it is built. So what is wrong with our country? Our society? Our churches? Our families? Our marriages? Sadly, our foundation has become weak, and all that has been built upon that foundation has been crumbling and collapsing for years. The truth is, our government is only going to be as strong as our churches. (Was not this country of ours originally settled and founded by Christians fleeing religious persecution?) And our churches are only as strong as our family units. Our family units are only as strong as the marriage upon which they are built, and our marriage units are only as strong and good as the man leading that family. In God’s flawless, original design, a strong, Godly, loving husband is to be the head of the house upon which that marriage has been built. Thank God for good, faithful women who try to carry on the fight without their husbands. If we didn’t have these blessed ladies then we would have nothing, for the Godly, active, faithful man who actually leads his wife, leads his family and leads his church has all but disappeared. God built the entire social structure of humankind on one strong, hardworking man who walked daily with his God and led his family in a path of knowing and following the instructions and will of that God. Adam dropped the ball, and look what happened to his marriage, to his family and to his society. Nothing has changed. Guys, are we dropping the ball at home? If so, is it not true that we really cannot blame the condition of this nation, this town, this church, this family or this marriage on President OBama, on Congress, on Hollywood, on our pastor or on anyone else? Are we really being a strong foundation upon which others can build? If our foundation is not Christ and his truth, then their foundation is naught but shifting sand and empty illusion.
  3. I often preach about the women due to the fact that sisters of Eve are, by their inferiority, more inclined to sin then the men. But we must also talk about the men and their responsibility to their wives. Here's a good lesson from James the Preacher: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M4jYrvaKbKQ Deacon Dixon
  4. Hi there, I've actually been raised a Southern Baptist but I hope you don't mind me posting here. I've just found out that my parents might be getting a divorce, my father doesn't abuse my mother and hasn't cheated on her, though he has shown physical violence toward other members of my family. I have no idea what to think - My dad is away on business and I don't even know if he's coming home again or not. If you could please send your prayers to my mom and dad I would really appreciate it, that they might find a way to reconcile their differences and work together to fix their marriage. I'm so confused and don't know what to think about any of this. Sorry for the rambling. Many thanks, and God bless, Nick x
  5. Pray for family my cousin's ex wife was murdered last night. Guy who murdered her killed himself. They have 3 kids. One just got married 2 weeks ago.

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