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Found 1 result

  1. Jordan Kurecki

    Open/Close/Closed Communion

    Lately I have been doing some consideration on communion. I know many feel very strongly about communion only being taken by members of that particular local church, this position is called Closed Communion, others feel that visiting members of like minded churches in good standing are able to partake of communion, this position is called Close Communion, others feel that any one who is saved and visiting a church can take part in communion, this is called Open Communion. I have been considering and searching the scriptures and trying to come to a conclusion on where I stand on this, and quite frankly I do not see any of the positions as being very clear in the scripture, because of this I tend to lean towards a closed communion position because of the fact that I believe it is a church ordinance. What are your thoughts and what are some relevant passages of scripture?