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  1. I need some help on this. I have cut my kids out of my life. Between the three of them they have stolen over 30 thousand dollars from me, antique jewelry (including both my grandmothers' wedding rings and my mother's engagement ring). They constantly tell me what a horrid mother I was to them when the two who have children have abandoned their children (one decided that drugs and partying were more important than her two little girls and the other and his "wife" also decided that being responsible was more than they wanted to do).I know I was not perfect, we had some pretty hard times and maybe I didn't handle things as well as I should have...BUT...all three were taken to church, they all heard the gospel and all three have chosen to reject it. Every time they were down on their luck, I sent them money, bought plane tickets. gave them a place to live, etc. YET...it seems that none of it was enough for them. I am sick at their actions and tired of the abuse (verbal) they unload on me every chance they get. As a side note...my mother was NOT a great mother, she made it clear she hated my guts from the time I was little...yet...when she had a series of strokes and could no longer live on her own, I took her into my home, endured her baloney, took care of her for 7 years until she died. Why? Because it was the right thing to do, even though, after all those years, I had no real feelings for her whatsoever. Yet, the children who owed me a small fortune would not lift a finger when we had some difficulties and were homeless. Please help me understand...
  2. I went to my nieces recital (4 girls) ages 4 -11 last night. I will not go again. I've gone for 3 years now I think. I was really aware of things last year that didn't offend me before. But this years recital was my last. I'm told I need to go and support my nieces but I'll be supportive from a distance next year. I found the costumes offensive every girl costume barely covered more than underwear does even for the smallest of kids. Almost every move was tilting of hips repeatedly (I guess that's what you call it) and shaking their behind to audience. Gymnastics is worse when their doing a crabwalk across whole stage with their crotch area FACING audience! I said something to instructor last year and it was much better than last year but there shouldn't be any! They weren't little cute children's song they danced to but more of a disco/ dance club for adults, all but maybe 2 songs were for children (out of 42 acts), all the others were discotheque/ club type songs and extremely loud! I brought ear plugs but didn't make much difference and I was in 3rd last row. The lyrics made me want to scream. Everybody thinks it's so cute but trying to make 4 year olds rock their hips and songs about getting a man are just plain wrong. This type of thing didn't bother me before I started attending IFB church. Slowly God has opened my eyes to immodestly literally EVERYWHERE! I was convicted immediately upon attending of my modesty but hard to see members there still not convicted of it, especially women. sad.
  3. How young is too young to be baptized? My church baptized two 5 year olds this morning. This is just MY opinion but that's too young. There may be a very select few 5 yr olds that can truly comprehend salvation but I think (MY OPINION only) that baptizing children this young, makes the conversion of adults and the work and prayers they've put into it of light. IMO that true acknowledgment of the temptation of sin doesn't occur until a child reaches an age of sexuality when true, hard temptation occurs constantly. Baptism okay as long as it's not an infant? Or when they can repeat a prayer after you? (age 3)?

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