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  1. Review of the book, “The Book of Revelation,” By Clarence Larkin Review by Alan Background of Larkin Clarence Larkin, October 28, 1850 to January 24, 1924, was a Baptist pastor and Bible expositor. Converted at age 19, he joined the Episcopal Church. He entered college and graduated as an Mechanical Engineer. Larkin did not attend any theological seminary. Larkin left the Episcopal Church and became a Baptist. Larkin was ordained into the ministry and was an, “American Baptist Church,” pastor. “The Book of Revelation,” a detailed Commentary with visual Charts, was originally a 4-month Sunday morning sermon series later developed into a Bible Institute course and eventually in book form. As Pastor Larkin was an accomplished draftsman he used his abilities to produce the well known visual charts in, “The Book of Revelation,” his other monumental work, “Dispensational Truth,” and other books. Overview The Book of Revelation commentary was written in the futuristic interpretation. Larkin divided the book according to the ‘Three-Fold Division,” given to us in Revelation 1:19 by the Lord Jesus, “Write the things which thou hast seen, and the things which are, and the things which shall be hereafter.” All though the book Larkin gives the reader the Old Testament prophecies concerning the nation of Israel, the Gentile nations of the world, the prophetic utterances of the Lord in Matthew 24, and the fulfillment of these appropriate prophetic prophecies in the order of fulfillment. Chart of the timeline of Events The book is well written with all of the major events of the book of Revelation charted in the proper sequence of events. The accompanied chart, “The Book of Revelation,” Chart # 4, gives the student of scripture a broad overview of the book of Revelation with appropriate scripture references.[1] Please note that the chart was obtained from the web link: http://clarencelarkincharts.com/ and the wording, “Chart # 4,” is the websites descriptive number and in not written in the chart in the book by Larkin. Throughout the book, various charts explain one another and the corresponding scripture references. The charts used in the book of Revelation by Larkin are available free of charge in the following web link: http://clarencelarkincharts.com/ Rapture of the Church Larkin goes in great detail in interpreting that the coming of the Lord Jesus, as recorded in 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18, hereafter called, ‘the rapture,’ in the clouds, and not to the earth, for the church-age saints in a clear, understandable manner. Larkin brings out interesting details concerning His coming as depicted in Matthew 17:1-9[2] and other verses. Larkin brings out conclusive scriptural proof that the coming of the Lord Jesus, the rapture, occurs before the start of the time of ‘Jacob’s Trouble, Revelation 6:1 Therefore, because the rapture occurs in type with John being caught up in the Spirit in Revelation 4:1 and 2, the word, ‘pre,’ meaning ‘before,’ has been included in non-biblical terminology. The meaning is a ‘pre-tribulation coming (rapture) of the Lord Jesus for the church. Much ado has been made of scoffers who say, “The word pre is not in the bible.” the word ‘pre’ just simply means before. The rapture occurs symbolically in Revelation 4: 1 & 2 and occurs before Revelation 6. The 24 Elders – Revelation 4:4 Larkin brings out conclusive scriptural proof that the 24 elders are made up of 12 Old Testament and 12 New Testament redeemed men.[3] This is further proof of the rapture of the church before (or pre) the 7-year tribulation period commences in Revelation 6:1 The Judgment Seat of Christ – Revelation 4:4 Larkin brings out conclusively that the 24 elders were given out crowns at the Judgment Seat of Christ as brought out by Paul in 2 Corinthians 3:11-15, 2 Corinthians 5:10 and other pertinent scripture references[4] with an accompanying chart. Matthew 24, ‘The Olivet discourse.’ In addition to the prophecies of the Old Testament prophets and the order of the their fulfilment, Larkin goes into detail with the prophetic prophecies of the Lord in Matthew 24, ‘The Olivet discourse.’ Larkin carefully goes through all of the three questions asked by the disciples in Matthew 24:1-3 and the answers with an accompanying chart.[5] The questions and answers asked and given are arranged in order with the appropriate scripture fulfilment in Revelation. Daniel 9:27 and the Two witnesses Larkin gives an overview, not a detailed explanation, of Daniel 9:27 and the ministry of the two witnesses in Revelation 11:1-14[6] The 7 Vials and the 10 Egyptian Plagues One of the interesting side notes of the book of Revelation is the comparison of some, not all, of the 10 Egyptian Plagues in the book of Exodus compared with the vials. No doctrines are expostulated but Larkin brings out some interesting comparisons not usually thought of by the average Revelation commentator. The accompanying chart on the plagues and the vials is helpful in the comparison.[7] The 1000 Year Reign of Christ – Revelation 20:4-6 Larkin proves, by the prophetic utterances by the prophets and the Lord Jesus that the Millennial Reign of Christ is the literal reign of Christ, in Jerusalem, with the Jews restored in the land of Israel.[8] The various accompanying charts in this section are of great value. The Millennial Temple – Ezekiel 40:1 to 44:31 Larkin proves that the millennial temple will be a literal temple through scripture and historical facts.[9] Concluding Remarks Larkin was blessed with the gracious ability to guide the reader to the truth of the book of Revelation according to the spirit found in 2 Timothy 2:24, “And the servant of the Lord must not strive; but be gentle unto all men, apt to teach, patient.” Pastor Larkin was a servant of the Lord Jesus in all areas and an example for all of us. Some other personal characteristics of Larkin are observed as one reads the book. Larkin is not sensational. He is a matter-of-fact writer. Larkin believes the scriptures as they are written. When symbolism[10] is used in Revelation Larkin interprets it with scripture. The charts are well-drawn, easily understood, and major scripture, when applicable, are noted. The charts are illustrated with the adult student in mind and are not cartoonish, sensational, nor inappropriate. They are professional in all aspects and bring out the difficult aspects of the book of Revelation in a clear manner. I would heartily recommend obtaining a copy of Pastor Clarence Larkin’s, ‘The Book of Revelation,’ to all serious students of prophecy. Alan [1] Larkin, Clarence. The Book of Revelation. 1919. Glenside, PA: Clarence Larkin Estate, n.d. & n.pag. [2] Larkin, Clarence. The Book of Revelation. 1919. Glenside, PA: Clarence Larkin Estate, n.d., Page 33 [3] Larkin, Clarence. The Book of Revelation. 1919. Glenside, PA: Clarence Larkin Estate, n.d., Page 38 [4] Larkin, Clarence. The Book of Revelation. 1919. Glenside, PA: Clarence Larkin Estate, n.d., Page 38 & 39 [5] Larkin, Clarence. The Book of Revelation. 1919. Glenside, PA: Clarence Larkin Estate, n.d., Page 62-64 [6] Larkin, Clarence. The Book of Revelation. 1919. Glenside, PA: Clarence Larkin Estate, n.d., Page 82-88 [7] Larkin, Clarence. The Book of Revelation. 1919. Glenside, PA: Clarence Larkin Estate, n.d., Page 141 [8] Larkin, Clarence. The Book of Revelation. 1919. Glenside, PA: Clarence Larkin Estate, n.d., Page 176-191 [9] Larkin, Clarence. The Book of Revelation. 1919. Glenside, PA: Clarence Larkin Estate, n.d., Page 186 & 187 [10] Larkin, Clarence. The Book of Revelation. 1919. Glenside, PA: Clarence Larkin Estate, n.d., Page 32
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