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  1. Brethren, Just wanted to let everyone know that the Lord still has a lot of good, independent, fundamental, Baptist churches, men, and the ministries that God has given to these men, that are still going strong for the Lord Jesus. Most of these men, churches, and the ministries will not be recognized by any of the internet theologians, Reformed theologians, and disgruntled brethren trying to destroy good IFB churches, good IFB pastors and good IFB ministries of these men and their churches. Throughout the history of the New Testament Church, starting at Jerusalem, these men, and their ministries, will not be listed in any of the 'church history' books written by any denominational scholar. The only men in any New Testament church listed by any denominational scholar mentioned or by a denominational 'church history' book, or an 'internet theologian,' will be one that has 'fallen' into disrepute. The denominational scholars, and internet theologians only use as their examples of non-denominational, New Testament, Baptist churches, men who disgraced the ministry, compromised, or fallen into sin. Denominational religious organizations deliberately disregard non-denominational churches and those churches who stand for the faith and practice what they believe. A Protestant denomination does not want to recognize independent assemblies. The men who have stayed faithful to the precepts of the New Testament church will be recognized, and honored, at the Judgment Seat of Christ. The purpose of my thread is to discuss what is an internet theologian and how they are undermining, or destroying, or causing to hinder, IFB churches. Alan
  2. Hey, Im putting together my lesson for tomorrow and I stumbled across "Floyd Nolen Jones", he seems to be KJB, non-calvinist, creationist. Does anyone have any information on him? Is he solid to use for information? Curious on some feedback thanks! Jordan
  3. I found this site following the blog entries and news surrounding Jeremy Whitman. I do not care to discuss this horrible news but I am thankful that through it I may have found an online home to chat with others of like faith and practice. I was saved in 1974. I entered the Marine Corps upon graduating high school in 1976 and served 4 years. Then in 1980 I attended Pacific Coast Baptist Bible College in San Dimas, CA (now Heartland Baptist College in Oklahoma City) until 1982. Rather than give a history of all the churches I have been a member of (I moved around the country a lot) I will just state where I have been a member for the last 12 years 3 months. I am a member of an independent fundamental Baptist church at Victory Baptist Church of Roseburg, OR under Pastor Clint Caviness. I am active in the ministry as the sound man, weekly soul winning (door to door), and cleaning the church on a 3 week rotation with 2 other families. I am single and have been single now for 19 years after a divorce and my conviction against remarriage while my wife is still alive. She passed away in June of last year, so maybe someday...but I am in no hurry, having become very accustomed to a single celebate lifestyle now. I consider myself an advanced not quite expert level student of the Bible. My shortfall that keeps me from being an "expert" is a dependence on my online Bible sources for book, chapter and verse of passages and scripture I know are in the Bible. I am absolutely KJV only and NOT a bible critic. I let the Bible define it's own terms, not some Greek/Hebrew dictionary. I am looking forward to being active in studies, and discussions on this forum. Your brother in Christ. Bro. Garry In His Will. By His Power. For His Glory.
  4. Yesterday I googled 'independent, fundamental Baptist women' looking for local seminars or retreat type meetings for women. Wow, was I surprised by the pages of websites describing IFB as a cult who beats their children, treat women like dogs and follow their pastors like a cult leader! There's a lot of sites by former IFB people (supposedly) who were abused and mistreated in their IFB church. Some sites had to do with the Hyles church specifically. I didn't know we were considered cultish.
  5. Hello, My name is Jonathan or WLFJ (Worship Love Faith Joy) and I attend the fundamentall baptist church which uses the King James Bible. It's a great church and they have showed great love and joy towards me. Their website has sermons of their pastor. And some photos of the church I attend. I hope everyone will be blessed by my church's website: http://www.amazinggr...tistchurch.org/ Also, I am also on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Eccadairius just send me a message that you're from Online Baptist Forums. Good day, God bless!
  6. Cynthia McLasky, one of the devil worshipers that writes about the IFB, entitles her novel with the following : Religion Cell: Doctrines of the Church That Lead to Bondage and Abuse. Since I am pretty familiar with Baptist doctrine, and I've never seen a Baptist statement of faith that reads "1. We believe in the trinity 2. We believe in the pre-tribulation rapture 3. We believe the Bible is the sole authority for all matters of faith and practice 4. We believe all Baptists should pick and choose what they believe and practice 5. We believe all children should be abused" etc.., I thought I'd give the book a whirl. So I expected to be enlightened. I read the first chapter. No doctrines were listed. Bummer, but my hopes were still high! I mean, the book IS about "DOCTRINES that lead to abuse" so surely, there must be at least ONE DOCTRINE that bad Baptists rely on to abuse people. So my search goes on. I am reminded that "McClaskey's evidence is compelling and her logic flawless as she argues...", must be true, she said so herself; sounded pretty pious but I'll give her the benefit of a doubt, I mean a flawless logic MUST be able to produce at least one doctrine that is the smoking gun that PROVES that the IFB is a cult. Chapter 2, Chatper 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5. Well I can at least say the one "flawless" thing about the book is that it is SUSPENSEFUL!!! I've never gotten so far into a book where they must be holding out to the end to deliver the punch line, kind of like how you are reading this right now! Are you kidding me? Is this book a prequel? Is there a 'part 2' somewhere? Maybe an appendix sold separately? WHERE IS THE DOCTRINE THAT LEAD TO ABUSE? Sorry to spoil the ending folks, but in the entire book of " the DOCTRINES that lead to abuse" I didn't find ONE SINGLE DOCTRINE EXPLAINED OR EVEN LISTED THAT CAUSED THE ABUSE OF CHURCH MEMBERS. So Ms. McClaskey, this appears to be a scam to drum up suspense for your NEXT book which I'm sure will begin to list the doctrines you spoke of (or rather did NOT speak of), but can I at least get a discount this time? Surely someone that wants justice and accountability and fairness would give an unsatisfied customer a discount!!! And for the remainder who have written a book or plan to, I would love for you to show me the "DOCTRINES" of the church that lead to abuse. If you can't do that then I suggest you stick with writing scripts for Disney cartoons. (Adding this because it relates) DON'T BLAME ME Found on a blog: "The IFB crowd has been making gleeful accusations for ages....ALL TO HIDE THEIR OWN SINS AND CRIMES" (emphasis added). This is an example of the inaccurate and unfair labeling of "IFB". Before I explain that, roll back in history (and this fact still affects the church in it's entirety today) to where the Catholic church slaughtered 50 million Christians from its inception, throughout the Dark Ages until the 1800s. Even during WW2, the pope signed a concordat with Hitler in 1933 to give support to Hitler's armies. Who got the blame for that? ALL CHRISTIANS. Even today when a skeptic or critic levels accusations against the church as a whole, they always point back to the atrocities committed by the church of Rome as an example when their were Christians (Albigenses, Waldenseans, BAPTISTS etc..) who were NEVER part of the Roman system. So is it fair to blame the entire church for the actions of an organization that called themselves Christians? Common sense would so no, it's not. And equally unfair are the accusations that the IFB as a whole is to blame for those who call themselves fundamentalists and don't practice what they preach. The difference in fundamentalism and the church of Rome, was that with Rome, THE POLICIES WERE TO BLAME. Rome OFFICIALLY SANCTIONED the brutality of those who objected to it. They even named their sanctions: Inquisition, Crusades etc..The pope wrote "papal bulls" ORDERING the murder of Christians. I have never seen the statement of faith, or the 'what we believe' section of a fundamental Baptist church state "Oh, and by the way, in addition to believing in the Godhead, eternal security, the Bible, we also believe that Baptists should molest children". The problem is not with the fundamentalist doctrine, the problem is FLESH DRIVEN HYPOCRITES. Is there a precedent for naming names? Absolutely. Paul did so several times. Paul even blasted the church in Corinth for covering for a man guilty of sexual sin (I Cor ch 6). But there are 2 distinct characteristics of how Paul handled it. 1) Paul did not blame the other churches for what was going on in Corinth. and 2) After the church dealt with the problem, Paul told them to assist in the offender's restoration (2 Cor ch 2). Now to LMcC's comment here is the fallacy in your statement. "The IFB crowd has been making gleeful accusations for ages....ALL TO HIDE THEIR OWN SINS AND CRIMES" (emphasis added). And how do you know that? You assume that every IFB preacher preaches on sin, not because it's Biblical to do so, but because his REAL intention is to hide crimes? That's about as biased as it gets. Sex abuse isn't just rampant in "IFB", it's rampant in public schools, public colleges, dentist offices, secular psychiatrists, politicians, nursing homes, non christian group homes and churches that are NOT IFB: I can give you a list of thousands of cases of abuse that outweigh the abuses in the IFB 200 to 1. The problem is a sin problem of the INDIVIDUALS. If you want to be productive in exposing the abuses, then focus on the INDIVIDUALS, and if there are cover ups, then NAME THE INDIVIDUALS covering it up, and if it's because of a specific policy, then SPECIFY THE POLICY, and stop blaming the churches as a whole and vilifying the other ministries who have NOT been a part of these scandals, and still have valid godly ministries.
  7. NEW IFBW DENOMINATION! There is a new IFBer denomination. They have a woman pastor named Lucy Furr. Their statement of faith 1) We do not believe the Bible is inspired and profitable for doctrine, reproof, correction and instruction in righteousness. In fact, reproof of any kind is discouraged (unless it is directed toward a Baptist). 2) We do not believe that members should 'win souls'. Soul winning is merely a tool to increase numbers of Baptist churches. 3) We do not believe in Biblical counselors. Our members who have spiritual issues will be referred to our highly trained professional legitimate psychiatrists. 4) We do not believe that a pastor has authority over a church. We serve Lucy Furr and her only, she is appointed by the gods as the queen of heaven. 5) We believe in gossip therapy. All members are encouraged to meet regularly and gossip about all of the other fundamental churches. We have found freedom and we must exercise that freedom. 6) We believe that all who critique the fundamental Baptist churches are gods ordained by pastor Lucy Furr. 7) We believe in applying the rules of Higher Textual Criticism in interpreting any so called Bible. If there appear to be any verses that are in opposition to our core beliefs, we will have a seance to vote on the removal of those verses. 8) We believe that all members should fellowship with other religions. All religions are welcomed. If a member does not believe in a god, we will still accept them as long as they demonstrate sincerity to our cause. 9) We have a Zero Tolerance for absolute truth. Any member caught encouraging another member to seek the help or instruction of a Biblicist or encouraging trust in Jesus Christ alone will be banned and added to our list of gossip subjects. 10) We shall be known as IFBW, The Independent Fellowship of Baal Worshipers. For membership please forward your statement of allegiance to any of the administrators of our recruitment centers labeled "DO RIGHT HYLES ANDERSON", "DO RIGHT FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH" or our official website for Fundamental Revolution. Long live the revolution!

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