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  1. https://www.reference.com/business-finance/neothink-society-14ce4f164a5e6ae4 This is one of the articles I have found.
  2. Y’all, my husband is a wonderful man. Yes, he is a Christian. A deacon at our church for a long time. Teaches our senior adult Sunday school class and sings in my choir. I am the director. For about 2 months, he has been changing. He has purchased two of the books they push on people. I will share a couple of links to articles I have found and been reading about this “secret society “. It hurts that he took the bait, and now, they are reeling him in. Pray that he will be convicted hard and burn those books and trust only God and His Word for success. I love him so much!
  3. This is a demon in disguise and I am afraid it is sneaking into my marriage. Please join me in praying for conviction as my husband is being enticed by this anonymous group. Does anyone else know about this brainwashing “society”?
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