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  1. Well, I'm proud of the Canadians. Their reputation, unlike the Russians, is to play by the rules. You should stick with the subject instead of throwing juvenile insults around. It makes you look sophomoric.
  2. For the 15 boxes of documents — some classified and marked “top secret” — the long journey from former president Donald Trump’s gilded Mar-a-Lago residence in Palm Beach, Fla., to a secure facility in the Washington area began last summer, when the National Archives and Records Administration reached out to Trump’s team to alert them that some high-profile documents from his presidency appeared to be missing. But it was not until the end of the year that the boxes were finally readied for collection, according to two people familiar with the logistics, one of whom described the ordeal as “a bit of a process.” At one point, Archives officials threatened that, if Trump’s team did not voluntarily produce the materials, they would send a letter to Congress or the Justice Department revealing the lack of cooperation, according to a third person familiar with the situation. The tale of these 15 boxes — and the material contained within — underscores how defiantly and indiscriminately Trump violated the records law, which requires that the White House preserve all written communication related to a president’s official duties and then turn it over to the National Archives. Instead, starting in his presidency and continuing into his post-presidency, documents both classified and mundane — as well as official gifts, which are governed by similarly stringent rules — were treated with the same disregard and enveloped in the same chaos that characterized his term in office. A trucking administrator at Bennett, a Georgia transportation firm that handles a lot of government contracts, said that under traditional circumstances, shipment of these sorts of materials would be handled through a secure transfer — including GPS tracking of the vehicle and a team trained to handle sensitive information. https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2022/02/12/trump-15-boxes/?utm_campaign=wp_post_most&utm_medium=email&utm_source=newsletter&wpisrc=nl_most&carta-url=https%3A%2F%2Fs2.washingtonpost.com%2Fcar-ln-tr%2F36069ce%2F6207f0c99d2fda34e78c0d69%2F59876e1cae7e8a681613bd00%2F8%2F70%2F6207f0c99d2fda34e78c0d69
  3. Oh, I am sure the masks were quite good. In face, I bet the Chinese made both teams use their, the Chinese, approved masks. Are you sad the Russians lost. Aren't you proud of the Canadian women?
  4. Perhaps the Russians need better masks and better training. The Canadians seemed to do well while wearing the masks. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. Did you notice that Russians played without masks much of the game and still were blown out? The Canadian women wore masks the entire game.
  5. Unintended consequences. Oh, I think it is quite a positive statement about the Canadian women. I cannot imagine playing ice hockey wearing a mask, especially at that level of play. Those are touch ladies.
  6. Not all Republican supporters are racist. I never said that. But Nixon's Southern Policy followed a racist policy and many racists bought into it in their rejection of the civil rights act of1964. Johnson was only partially right when he said after the passage of the civil rights act, "We have lost the South for a generation." Actually the South was lost for several generations. Actually many Republicans voted for the civil rights act. They current GOP legislators would never vote for such a bill now.
  7. The GOP is considered racist because Nixon's Southern Policy turned the GOP into a racist party. Read your modern history.
  8. What is their definition of a vaccine? What, if not a vaccine, do they call what is currently called a vaccine? Show me a website source for this term.
  9. Nixon knew it what he was doing. Do you remember Lee Atwater's infamous statement? Nixon's Southern Policy: In American politics, the Southern strategy was a Republican Party electoral strategy to increase political support among white voters in the South by appealing to racism against African Americans. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Southern_strategy#:~:text=In American politics%2C the Southern,to racism against African Americans. The South previously to the passage of the Civil Rightrs Bill was the Solid South for the Democrats. With the passage of the Civil Rights Bill the Republicans saw a chance to capture the South through racism, playing on the fears of we Southern white folk. In his 1991 book, One of Us: Richard Nixon and the American Dream, New York Times columnist Tom Wicker captures the political two-step that Nixon danced as he sought to govern and to carry out a strategy to turn the South into a Republican-dominated region as it had been a “solid Democratic South’’ for much of the twentieth century. Wicker gave Nixon credit for “a spectacular advance in desegregation’’ in 1970. “Perhaps the most significant achievement of his administration’s domestic actions,” Wicker wrote, came as “the Nixon administration had appeared in retreat from desegregation, while actively courting the white vote.” Indeed, in his 1968 campaign and afterward, Nixon used coded language, political symbolism and court interventions as signals to southern white voters. In the aftermath of city riots in 1967 and 1968, as well as Vietnam War protests, Nixon said he was for “law and order.’’ His administration went to court to slow down school desegregation. Nixon tried to install two so-called strict-constructionist conservatives, Clement F. Haynesworth Jr. of South Carolina and G. Harrold Carswell of Florida, on the Supreme Court, but the Senate turned down both nominees. By his political calculation to capitalize on the racial and cultural divisions of his day, Nixon opened the gate to the political polarization of the United States in 2018. While President Donald Trump hardly emulates the furtive and nuanced Nixon, there is a direct line that runs from the Nixonian “southern strategy’’ to the Trump presidency. https://www.southerncultures.org/article/southern-strategy-from-nixon-to-trump/ This lays out why I, a Southerner, had to leave the Republican Party.
  10. I was a Republican until Nixon adopted his Southern Policy turning the GOP into a racist party.
  11. So you say it is not a vaccine. Then what do you call it?
  12. Blaming the government for everything is simply a way of avoid personal responsibility. One result is giving power to those you are blaming.
  13. LOL. If you say so. However, the vaccinated and unvaccinated are statistics.
  14. Vaccine is not a statistic. It is a noun that means: a substance used to stimulate the production of antibodies and provide immunity against one or several diseases, prepared from the causative agent of a disease, its products, or a synthetic substitute, treated to act as an antigen without inducing the disease. "every year the flu vaccine is modified to deal with new strains of the virus"
  15. It protects many from getting sick. It protects a high percentage of people from becoming seriously ill if they do contact COVID. This is obvious from the statistics of the population. No one ever said that a vaccine prevents anyone from becoming hospitalized. It is a given that some will. Have you ever taken a statistics course?
  16. That should not be a surprise as 77% of the people in Connecticut have been fully vaccinated. Connecticut has a reported population of 3.6 million. So, if that means, 2,772,000 have been vaccinated while only 828,000 are unvaccinated. Thus, as I said, it is no surprise that more folk who have been vaccinated are in the hospital than unvaccinated. But the unvaccinated account for 97.8% of the deaths. That means only 2.2% of the deaths were vaccinated. Very statistical significant.
  17. An obvious fraud outlet. If you believe in the validity you should pay the over $1000 for an annual subscription.
  18. The state reported the two deaths Sept. 22, according to the state health department. The two people who died were among 14 in the state who have been hospitalized for ivermectin poisoning, according to The Hill. Ivermectin is a drug typically used to treat parasitic infections in animals. It is FDA-approved for humans at very specific doses for some parasitic worms, as well as some topical formulations for head lice and skin conditions, but it is not an antiviral. The drug has been increasingly misused to treat and prevent COVID-19 in recent months, though the FDA has warned against it. Calls to poison control centers across the U.S. have been on the rise in recent months as some Americans have been self-administering ivermectin. The two people who died from ivermectin poisoning were 38 and 79 years old, and both used the drug to try to treat COVID-19, The Hill reported. In one patient, the drug caused kidney failure, according to David Scrase, MD, acting head of the state's health department. https://www.beckershospitalreview.com/pharmacy/new-mexico-links-2-deaths-to-ivermectin-misuse.html
  19. Here's What You Need to Know about ivermectin The FDA has not authorized or approved ivermectin for use in preventing or treating COVID-19 in humans or animals. Ivermectin is approved for human use to treat infections caused by some parasitic worms and head lice and skin conditions like rosacea. Currently available data do not show ivermectin is effective against COVID-19. Clinical trials assessing ivermectin tablets for the prevention or treatment of COVID-19 in people are ongoing. Taking large doses of ivermectin is dangerous. If your health care provider writes you an ivermectin prescription, fill it through a legitimate source such as a pharmacy, and take it exactly as prescribed. Never use medications intended for animals on yourself or other people. Animal ivermectin products are very different from those approved for humans. Use of animal ivermectin for the prevention or treatment of COVID-19 in humans is dangerous. What is Ivermectin and How is it Used? Ivermectin tablets are approved by the FDA to treat people with intestinal strongyloidiasis and onchocerciasis, two conditions caused by parasitic worms. In addition, some topical forms of ivermectin are approved to treat external parasites like head lice and for skin conditions such as rosacea. Some forms of animal ivermectin are approved to prevent heartworm disease and treat certain internal and external parasites. It’s important to note that these products are different from the ones for people, and safe only when used in animals as prescribed. When Can Taking Ivermectin Be Unsafe? The FDA has not authorized or approved ivermectin for the treatment or prevention of COVID-19 in people or animals. Ivermectin has not been shown to be safe or effective for these indications. There’s a lot of misinformation around, and you may have heard that it’s okay to take large doses of ivermectin. It is not okay. Even the levels of ivermectin for approved human uses can interact with other medications, like blood-thinners. You can also overdose on ivermectin, which can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, hypotension (low blood pressure), allergic reactions (itching and hives), dizziness, ataxia (problems with balance), seizures, coma and even death. Ivermectin Products for Animals Are Different from Ivermectin Products for People For one thing, animal drugs are often highly concentrated because they are used for large animals like horses and cows, which weigh a lot more than we do— up to a ton or more. Such high doses can be highly toxic in humans. Moreover, the FDA reviews drugs not just for safety and effectiveness of the active ingredients, but also for the inactive ingredients. Many inactive ingredients found in products for animals aren’t evaluated for use in people. Or they are included in much greater quantity than those used in people. In some cases, we don’t know how those inactive ingredients will affect how ivermectin is absorbed in the human body. https://www.fda.gov/consumers/consumer-updates/why-you-should-not-use-ivermectin-treat-or-prevent-covid-19
  20. Perhaps this should have been put in Humor. Mark Russell, the political comedian, used to say he did not have to hire writers as Congress, the president, etc. supplied him with so much material he did not have to hire writers. Here is an example of what I am sure he would have used. I have seen Gazpacho on restaurant menus but never have I seen Gestapo on a menu. Marjorie Taylor Greene Accuses Nancy Pelosi Of Using 'Gazpacho Police' Representative Marjorie Taylor Green attempted a souped-up attack on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on Tuesday, but it created a reaction she did not see coming. It happened while the controversial congresswoman was being interviewed by OAN host Dan Ball on his Rumble podcast about recent claims made by Rep. Troy Nehls (R-Texas) that the Capitol Police secretly took photos of documents in his office. She attempted to compare the police’s investigation to the work done by the Gestapo, Adolf Hitler’s secret police, during World War II. However, she may have failed to move hearts and minds, mistakenly referring to the Capitol Police as “Nancy Pelosi’s gazpacho police.” Perhaps the congresswoman was confused, since “Gestapo” and “gazpacho” both have the letters “G,” “A,” “P” and “O” in them. The photo split below may help clear up any confusion. On the left is a photo of Hitler (far right) surrounded by Nazi officials, including Heinrich Himmler (second from left, seated), who oversaw the Gestapo. On the right is a bowl of chilled tomato-based soup: gazpacho.
  21. https://www.cnbc.com/2021/10/20/6-reasons-why-americans-arent-returning-to-work.html COVID Early Retirements Care Responsibilities Savings Wages Expectations
  22. It is selling cheap grace. Grace is costly. Cheap grace is: “the preaching of forgiveness without requiring repentance, baptism without church discipline. Communion without confession. Cheap grace is grace without discipleship, grace without the cross, grace without Jesus Christ living and incarnate.” Costly grace: Costly grace is the treasure hidden in the field; for the sake of it a man will go and sell all that he has. It is the pearl of great price to buy which the merchant will sell all his goods. It is the kingly rule of Christ, for whose sake a man will pluck out the eye which causes him to stumble; it is the call of Jesus Christ at which the disciple leaves his nets and follows him. Costly grace is the gospel which must be sought again and again, the gift which must be asked for, the door at which a man must knock. Such grace is costly because it calls us to follow, and it is grace because it calls us to follow Jesus Christ. It is costly because it costs a man his life, and it is grace because it gives a man the only true life. It is costly because it condemns sin, and grace because it justifies the sinner. Above all, it is costly because it cost God the life of his Son: "ye were bought at a price," and what has cost God much cannot be cheap for us. Above all, it is grace because God did not reckon his Son too dear a price to pay for our life, but delivered him up for us. Costly grace is the Incarnation of God.” Dietrich Bonhoeffer, The Cost of Discipleship.
  23. I sincerely hope your life does not depend on it.
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