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  1. They use it for development and testing, the fact check is saying fetal cell is not directly in the drink itself. who cares, its disgusting either way. Reuters fact check is the most corrupt conflict of interest fact check out there. direct ties with board members to Pfizer. Along this line of thought for you guys, if you are going to claim religious exemption to Moderna and Pfizer for "using stem cells for research and development", as opposed to JJ that actually has the cell line directly in it, you have to realize then you set yourself up to be a hypocrite if you've ever ate any of the foods that used stem cells. its a LONG list, also makeup product and obviously immunizations. Now that I know, I will be avoiding those foods. they are all Junk Foods that are killing you and God doesn't want you to eat anyways. eat some fruit.
  2. You said you go soul winning every week. It sounds like you are passionate about it as well. its a wonderful thing. It's a wonderful that not many churches do. Especially growing up not in a Bible Belt area. So here's the issue. I heard about soul winning a long time ago. I read so many articles on it, I watched as many YouTube videos as I could, which there are really not many other than Ray comfort style or street preaching, both of which are not really my faith. I reached out personally to several churches, called them, they never called back. I wanted to know how to do this, and had no-one to show me. Met several people that claimed to have done it, but they never took me out or showed me. Ended up flying across the country to go out with one church. So if you're a soul winner and grew up or got saved in a soul winning church, thats great, to learn it so quick from others. if your some poor bastard sitting at home in the middle of some heathen city, and want to go out and learn door to door soul winning, how do you learn? tell me the best way to reach these people and teach them, because I would have loved to know 6 years ago, without doing it in person? let me know because I prayed about this and thought about it for a couple years now. And this is what we were called to do, and this is to Glorify God's power only. Also as a soul winner, I'm sure you've met people that are so scared to go out, they dont even want to be a silent partner. Showing them a video, you can show them how its easier than you think and you don't have to have any fear.
  3. Yea man I get it, I've seen baptist jump with joy and count every Prayer as a salvation. But I know from personal experience, when they don't pray, its because something is holding them back, I know because I ask them, and then they usually tell me what it is, and we address those issues. As long as seeds are planted, God can give the increase. if a seed just sits in a seed vault, its not going to grow. Even if people were out there doing this, and maybe rushing into the prayer, I'd rather have people out reading the Bible to unsaved, than sitting on their butts just talking about it. You can't get better without practice. We've seen people say the sinners prayer, and a week later, pick them up for church, and deny Jesus right in front of us. one example was the husband and wife, we "led them both to the Lord". the Husband rejected Christ later on, but guess what, his wife was coming to church everyday after that. So who cares, if people want to count a prayer as a salvation, Jesus does the work, and gives the increase, and some seeds will grow and we will never get to meet that person. Which is sad, but for all the ones I do get to meet, if I get to meet 1 out of 100 and watch their life transform, thats worth it. I wouldn't be out doing this if I thought it wasn't working, trust me, I have much better things to do on a Saturday, Sunday, or week day, Sad to say, but if I did not see the fruit grow, I probably wouldn't be doing it at all... which means my faith in God's commandment to GO wasn't there to begin with. Luckily, he showed me people being reborn, and thats why I will do anything to get this message out, including any type of legal ramification you guys accuse of (this was all checked out legally btw). We could also go out like Ray Comfort does, who is not signing release forms but doing it through the video itself, I guarantee you none of those people want to be on video, and its full HD of their faces, especially the ones that are being embarrassed or made fun of because they are dumb atheist/scoffers.
  4. lets talk about something important here. you just added to the Bible with your statement: Matthew 3:2 (KJV) And saying, Repent (of your sins) ye: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. Mark 1:15 (KJV) And saying, The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand: repent (of your sins) ye, and believe the gospel. Mark 6:12 (KJV) and they went out, and preached that men should repent (of their sins). let me ask you a question, did you repent of all your sins? are you sinless? Which sins did you repent of? you see.... we average 70,000 thoughts per day, how many of those thoughts of yours are without sin? for me... not many. Do we just need to try to repent? do we just need to repent of the major sins? I'm willing to bet 99% of christians do not think they are sinless. in the Bible, God often uses reiteration to further define words. Now if you go back in context, and read the verses, can you tell me what the object is , of the action "Repent", which most of the times used in the NT, means "to turn from [object]"? Now what happens if I show you hundreds of verses, that say believe on the Lord Jesus, and ye shall be saved? and it DOES NOT have the word repent, in there, is the Bible contradicting itself? in John, the word repent is not in there one time. If you had a choice to sneak only one book into North Korea or China, which book would you sneak in? I would probably take John, but it doesn't have repent in there at all.... does that mean I shouldn't bring that book? If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us. If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. If we say that we have not sinned, we make him a liar, and his word is not in us. if I was suicidal and following this logic, I would never be able to come clean enough for God, and what would happen in my mental state? there is many (family) accounts of people with depression following this 'come clean first before you believe on God' theory, and they ended up taking their own lives. this is dangerous.
  5. Let me tell you some reasons why we go out and do this, as I think many of the scoffers of Soul winning using bible verses, have never actually been out. If you've ever been out with us, we pray before we go out, and we ask God to lead us to those that need to hear the word. we are not out randomly. We are doing God's work. How am I so certain of this? Well when we meet people, and they answer the door and are in tears, and going through some troubling time, and need God in their life right at that point, and we prayed and God showed us where to go, well this is not a coincidence to me. When we go to peoples houses, lead them to the Lord, and then at the end, they ask, very strangely, why we came to their house specifically, "did someone tell you to come here" "are you going around to all of the neighborhood or just here", or when they tell us they prayed to God that day or have been praying, and we show up, that is God showing us where to go. its undeniable if you are out there with us. When we Lead people to the Lord, or plant seeds, and sometimes get phone calls even two years later, and the person saying, ive been thinking about that time, for two years, and im ready to come to church. Or when we lead someone to the Lord, and then tell them we are picking them up Sunday to get baptized, and they get baptized, and they start coming to our church, and become regular members. its undeniable. the only person that would deny these works, and say they dont work, is Satan, the only person putting things in your ear to not go out and share the Gospel, is Satan. he did it to me for a long time, and I dont listen to him anymore. There is no way to share the good news, when you are teaching someone a works based salvation, that is not good news. there is a clear distinction between having faith which produces good works, and salvation. Salvation Is free, you works are garbage compared to the amount you have sinned in your life. you will never do more good than you have bad. if you are relying on yourself to get to Heaven, well good luck with that. Jesus didn't go out and invite people to church, he went out and cut them down with the truth: For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. Jesus went to as many cities as possible, and talked to as many people. If you show people the truth, and they want to know, and are convicted, they will go to church, you dont even need the invite. however we do it anyways, and get lots of people in the church. We go soul winning sometimes as far as an hour from our church (obviously we do local too), so we can plug them into a closer church to them. Remember you may be the only bible they will ever read. its also important to go back about repentance, after they Accept Christ, because as soon as you leave, a mormon or JW will knock on their door and try to lead them astray.
  6. I've seen the change first hand, even in my own family, I witnessed my nephew just come to the lord last month, he had a very troubled life, "123 repeat after me" well guess what after that day, he was in and out not completely sure, then the Holy Spirit moved through him, and he asked us to get baptized about 2 weeks after, and has been coming to church every Sunday. For time sake this is one example, however 75% of our members are in church because someone knocked on their door. let me tell you what the prayer does. God told us to do that. does it mean you will be saved? no, its what's in your heart, thats why we tell people its what in your heart that matters, not a magical prayer. but here is why the prayer is so important. if you ask someone to pray, and they say no, that is the ultimate litmus test of their heart. if you do not want to pray but say you believe all these things, something is wrong. because every time someone let me read scripture, and they dont want to pray after, I ask them what's holding them back. the list of answers will be, well I believe in science and evolution, well I had an abortion, well I murdered in the military, then we go back, walk them down romans road again and this time go through the points of their concern, and then they are either ready to receive, or you planted the seeds, and leave, and God gives the increase. in the video he literally invited her to church. just remember "you may be the only bible someone will ever read". There are kids on the streets of America, right now, that never heard of Jesus, I wouldn't believe that statement if I haven't saw it twice already. They took God out of schools, TV, even on a video game forum I saw, if you type in God, and hit post, it will change God to "time". ie. only God will know when ..... to Only Time will know when. so what is inviting someone to church when they dont even know what goes on in an church? you have to leave as much scripture as you can. I wish someone would have knocked my door in college, ESPECIALLY when I was in the Frat houses, doing wicked things. I was hungry for God and Love and Truth and looking in the wrong places. I would have listened, because it also happened to me later on in college and the seeds were planted.
  7. The Gospel in a nutshell is John 3:16. Over and over in the Bible its called a gift, is a gift hard to receive ? if its "hard" that means you worked for it, you can not outwork what JESUS did on the cross. our works are as filthy rages. look up what a filthy rag was used for in bible days, its disgusting. Some Churches say "Repent of all your sins and then believe on Jesus". ... Well repent of your sins for salvation is no where in the Bible. The only sin you have to repent from is the sin of unbelief. I don't think this forum is supposed to be used for theological debate, that is endless, but seriously how do you people that teach works based salvation or Calvinim share "The good news" Knock Knock... Hey Jesus loves you, but you better put down the cigarette, stop cussing, dont even think of lust because Jesus saw that's adultery in your heart, dont hate, dont have envy, here's a list of 4,000 sins... stop doing those. OKAY BYE! that is not the good news. You Come to God first, he helps you with the rest, you come to him as you are.
  8. I love Soul Winning. Knocking doors of people have been praying for your visit, people that answer the door in tears as you intervene a tragic time of their life. Many are afraid to go. I've been trying to push other people in the church to go. Some churches I know I begged them to come out with me, we had a blast. Our current church 75% of the people there are there because someone knocked on their door, whether it was our church, or in a prior church life. We really believe this is a great thing and many churches are lacking. However, our problem is, we can't get people motivated to come. I did just make a video of Soul winning I will share here, and the thought was to use it not only as training, but to show people its not that hard! Ive seen a Church in Arizona that goes out large groups every week, and there's one in Tampa Fl that goes out ive heard as large as 100 soul winners per week. our church though we don't have that many people, less than 100 members if I had to guess, and on any given day could be as small as 30 people or as large as 50. its only me and one other guy, and the pastor and all their kids that like to go out. wondering how we can get people motivated? BTW nice to meet you all!
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