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  1. About 16 months ago , i had planned on riding my bicycle from Florida to California , or maybe just closer to catch the train , but something hit me , and it was very strange , big loss of energy , i was like a zombie for about 6 days , then i felt better got my stuff together and started riding . Didnt have any problems , as the COVID talk had started circulating , i mentioned this to somebody , wondering if i got hit with this COVID thing in Orlando, Florida . As i was riding my bike through the MOBILE, AL area , the beaches were all empty , like 100 miles , didn't see probably more than 20 people . Now wouldn't the beach be one of the safest places to be , with all of the SALT AIR to combat such a thing , things could have been easily arranged to not have to shut down everything like they did . To me something else is being added in the mix here , and that is how to CONTROL people to a much greater degree . Also , went into a grocery store , and people were going in and out of the same door , rather than going out the exiting door . Sign inside said due to COVID no more than 248 persons in the store at one time ???? Has that store ever had more than 100 people in it at the same time i wonder . During my entire trip, i had no place to sit down to eat . I took the train from DALLAS, Texas ... wearing a mask as they asked . Rode my bike all the way down to CORPUS CHRISTI hoping to see a few friends , also important matter in VICTORIA , Texas that disturbs me . Brother in Christ , but not of the Baptist Church , came across this site under a google search of FREEMASON . I appreciate some in the Baptist Church know about how bad it is . William Frank Draper
  2. Freemasons owner of a NAPA AUTO BUSINESS by our house 1527 Carillon St , Holiday, Florida ... most likely suspects in setting our house on Fire . Appearing to be a front of the CIA or other ,, retaliation of a story i published 19 or 20 years ago . They opened up shop by our house , and deliberately were being a menance , attorney said they belonged to the same fraternity , I have written them a couple of times with no reply . In Clearwater Florida , i noticed the Tetragrammaton on a top section of the building , not knowing the people of this auto business was part of it , i slipped a note under the door , no reply . I am in CALIFORNIA now .
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