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  1. This, I think is pretty simple... We know that in Genesis 1:29,30 God ordered that man and beast be vegetarians. Now, as time marched on, I would guess that the decedents of Cain began eating meat. IN fact, I would bet some of Seth's decedents did as well. Were they condemned to hell? There people that we all know that seem to find ways to justify their sin. "It doesn't say in the Bible not to smoke cigarettes' or snort coke!" "As long as I am not drunk it is ok to drink." :It's only a swear word because we say it is...it is just words". Name the sin... At the very least...those people are in violation of 1 Thessalonian 5:22 KJB and Romans 14 (you'll have to look up the verse about not causing your brother to stumble.). There are good Baptist today that try and bend the rules. I bet there were good Baptist (tongue and cheek...but we can trace Baptist back to within about 250 years or Jesus and the 12...no other group, denomination or cult can make this claim) in the Garden of Eden that bent the rules. Maybe not unto death...but nonetheless. So, when did it change? I believe with the flood... Genesis 6 and Genesis 7:2. Why would the flood change us? Think about it...most of the whole earth was under water for about 6 months...some parts not as long and some longer...we understand that. When the 8 inhabitants of the Ark got off the boat...along with about 6,800 animals give or take...they would take a look around...and not find too much cabbage...in fact most vegetation would be gone...rather than plant some cabbage...and wait...and wait...and starve...God said...hey, I have idea...take 7 of the clean kind...so you can have a nice thanksgiving dinner after you get off the boat. This is confirmed in the New Testament with Peter! Acts 10 and Acts 11. Peter is not given absolute license to eat unclean animals. AT least No...is the short answer. What are the unclean animals: Leviticus 11 OK...this is my take on the change and the why. Anyone is welcome to add or change...since obviously...only part I can confirm with Scripture. in Daniel 1...Daniel and his 3 buddies - Shackup Meshack and Into Bed We Go... refused to eat the royal meat. He begged the Kings pardon and put him to test which the King accepted...Daniel proofed that being vegan was not only healthy...it made them better...healthier and stronger than meat eaters. Does this mean Daniel was a vegan his whole life? The Bible does not say. And it doesn't matter. Point was made. Do we have to be vegan or omnivores? No and no...however, we would all be healthier if we were vegan or at least close. Don't get mad at me. Eat meat if you like. But just know you will be healthier even cutting down...eat meat once a week, every other day...or everyday...your choice. Maybe try it and see if you are not healthier...just give it enough time to get over your toxic hunger...your body will tell you that you need meat. Deny those cravings and you will be on your way! Great question.
  2. Best response yet!!! Or...You just might be the Christian the Bible describes.
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