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  1. The light shined from God him self... This is an image of Christ’s power
  2. I take posts like these with a credence of salt. The other post of theirs is of a similar nature
  3. Seems like you have a lot of resentment in your heart, bitterness is bad for you... I say this with sincerity as a church goer.
  4. That makes sense. I am wrong! ( but I do still not think ALL Jews at this time will be saved )
  5. I know you weren’t. The 144,000 are witnessing the Lord to the world, how ever only 144,000 of the Jews will be believers. I believe the others will die away as unbelievers before Jesus returns to Jerusalem. ( also where does it say ALL of Israel will be believers ? Not all of Israel is even Jewish at this time)
  6. Jim if you interpret that text that way then you must include the Jews that denied Christ and his resurrection.
  7. The Church does not take the place of Israel, covenant theology is heresy. Not all Jews will be saved either, only 144,000 during the tribulation
  8. I think you guys are being sensational. The whole world is moving in this direction. This is not just “America being delivered” this is the foreshadowing of what is to come, this is the preparation for the anti christ. I know that sounds ironic in that manner of “sensational”
  9. Well... it was more inline with the idea that “revival” is us trying to build our selves to God instead of being in prayer and listening to what God wants. Building to God vs Built by God
  10. I recently heard a sermon that revival is not what we need.
  11. God bless brother. You are a hearty reminder that a name of a church can only go far. I appreciate your words very much
  12. Sorry Jeff, but yes is not sufficient enough of an answer. Mansions seem to mean an “abiding place” but the exact context in the OP does not seem to be wholly accurate. Can you provide evidence?
  13. I see. Thank you for your response. In revelation we see John called up in spirit. Revelation chapter 4 Verse 1-2. With this, what do you say? Also, isn’t the second coming specific to the idea of him setting up his kingdom? In your view, your leave no room for a 7 year tribulation. And that puzzles me, for that is a requirement in the prophecy to Daniel.
  14. Jim, I appreciate your thoughts. I love this subject and very fond of hearing peoples views even if they differ from my own. Brother Jim, does your belief not have the idea that Christ would lead us into heaven? And thus he entering back into this spiritual realm?
  15. Welcome brother Tony! Curious, I have recently been informed about these cowboy churches. Can you lay a little more into what they are? also it is very interesting you left the ifb for the sbc as that seems to be different from the current norm. May you also extrapolate upon this transition for you and your family?
  16. My church is doing a week long revival with the topic of “prophecy”. We have Brother Woodcock ( maybe some of you may know him) leading. We are premillennial pre tribulation church. With that being said, even while being hand held through this topic it is a difficult subject to grasp. So far my understanding is that rapture is the taking away in the air, and is at separate and before the the second coming. I once was indoctrinated by Steven Anderson, and understood it horrible wrong. But it seems his ideas are no stranger from the history of the church, and it is actually an error that sprouts up like a weed through the church age. keeping tabs on this thread for further edification.
  17. Since you asked. - the claim is in order for functionality of a society a moral code must of been developed, trades, marriage, laws etc. But look at natives of the americas, they had society with laws, but their morals were way off center.
  18. The general consensus ( that I know ) is that it was orally past down until Moses wrote it. But maybe the entire book was orally created by Noah or anyone else. I don't know of any actual evidence of Moses writting it how ever.
  19. I think we could find a good example of this in tithing. Let's say for one sunday you are only able to give 8% of your pay, and you feel bad and negative about your self because of this because you can't afford 10% that time. Maybe I'm wrong. Please correct me
  20. I'm using the correct interpretation, it's the only clear and obvious one.
  21. There is no way the bible can have contradiction. In the Garden of Eden, God specifically made every creature ( already existing on the earth, chapter 1 ) for Adam to see and name. If God did not do this Adam would have had to travel the globe to find, see and name them all, but in Eden they all ( every kind ) lived in there, it's an imagery of Noah's ark and Christ's salvation. You are really off right here, I really really hope you can look upon your self and see your error. If you do not understand what I'm saying, I'm happy to help you out. Blessings Hugh
  22. No. Chapter 2 is about the creation of Eden, which does not contradict Chapter 1. Please re-read a KJ Bible.
  23. Leviticus is saying the 15th day of the month is the day the feast of unleavened brea mmod starts. Matthew is talking about the first day of the feast of the leavened bread. ( which would start on the 15th day of the month, in context ) No discrepancy.
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