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  1. Yeah. Right away at the start when he calls the brothers out of the water. I also thought this was obvious
  2. I understand! I didn’t mean to make it as if I was targeting you! I’m sorry. it’s just… I’m really fed up with Christians worried more about our country than our churches.
  3. I see. I agree. I think we are fully in agreement (on this topic of conviction) but I think you have a more fully fleshed out idea. I have more questions. Let’s carry out another similar topic ( but very different in nature ) and I’m not trying to talk argue this, but use it as an example. Alcohol in the Bible is wildly different topic, but nonetheless just as argued in the conservative group of Christendom. This is a topic under conviction, not revelation. We find in the Bible that the Lord definitely does have an opinion on it. ( not the topic for what it is ). Now as a Christian, is this more binding or less binding? It seems we take this personal conviction as on equal terms as KJV only. As if they hold the same merit. From your perspective, this shouldn’t be, correct? God doesn’t speak on KJV, but he does speak on alcohol. please help me sort my thinking, thanks, LaFleur
  4. Well. I’m not going to arm up against the government. Christians can spread the gospel under communism. I’ll vote and be vocal, and I’ll defend my self with my guns, and I’ll be vocal about doing it. But I’m a Christian, not a republican.
  5. I think no.2 you listed is hard to say. What is the difference between conviction and personal revelation? I am convicted that the KJV is the one I should use. God has revealed in my heart that I should turn to his word through the one faucet he has prepared for me… Now I don’t think it’s sin to use another even as I believe God has prepared me a proper version for me, in this day and age. I suppose a question to you, is it wrong to be convicted in this manner? If so why
  6. Preaching isn’t the same as making disciples but I am fine with you and I being in disagreement.
  7. His mighty work was the spreading of his Gospel and creating disciples… Not the miracles he did.
  8. I agree with you Jordan. I use the KJV because it’s what my church uses, and because of it’s clear showing of the word. I do however also like it’s styling, and it’s history.
  9. I agree and stand with you… However, I was once a Presbyterian, and then became a Catholic, and then an IFB KJVONLY Pre-Millenial Pre-Rapture Dispensationalist Church Age, etc. However, I question my self if God was trying to take me there anyway, and I decided to find the patch of bramble as my pathway. This isn’t a counter argument or me playing devils advocate, but simply pointing at the truth of my life and comparing it to the truth of your words… and it does match! But the Lord is great and made it work anyway!
  10. Why would I willfully tune my heart to heresy? But to answer your question, and to ignore the rhetoric. I listen to my Pastor, and I do enjoy the man ‘Spencer Smith’ on YouTube. And Then I listen to a podcast called ‘Enjoying the journey’ by ‘Scott Pauley’
  11. Jeff, I have been following along. Thank you. Are all teachings of the Catholic tradition false? Or does it require a level of discernment to see if it’s truth? How would one differentiate between false Catholic teaching, and true biblical ideas that Catholics also claim?
  12. Yup I agree. The churches have learned their lesson with tying their individual identity to our Country, Churches are the gathered of Gods elected, not a fort built of sticks and constitutional commitments. I foresee the Bride growing closer to Christ, not only on the canvas of time but also in consecration of values. The court system of America has already been over run by the carnal driven mass, the judiciary court with their twisting of constitution and its implications. The executive by the manipulation of the masses. And the Legislative by the pockets of the rich. This is a good reminder that the whole world is lost, and America is just apart of this. The gospel calls.
  13. Well, no president does good in the courts. I do not see the political machine as anything other than the epitome, smoke and mirrors. If you watch a pine tree in a storm, the top point bounces back and forth in the wind. - Is this the breaking point? - to the East is this? - Truth be told, the American political system was doomed from the start, and the forefathers of America knew it.
  14. I definitely agree! Discernment is ongoing and important.
  15. Hey! Yeah, Of course it is, if we want to be literal it’s just a term I nominate over a certain type of music that I feel meets it threshold. I’ll give examples. A good song about a slice of life would be “Fish and Whistle” by John Prine. A bad slice of life song would be “Dixieland Delight” by Alabama. ( it’s good just very much a carnal song ) Now, these songs are not ever to be used for worship or church service, but I’d say on a long drive, I’ll put some songs like Fish and Whistle in my playlist that is full of Christian songs. I’d have no problem if a kid was listening to Fish and whistle, while humming along. Now there is just two examples but they are perfect for an illustration of what I mean. I hope you know the two songs or listen to them to see what I mean.
  16. Eh. I think this is an issue people become Pharisees about. I do not believe it’s good to listen to music purely devoted to romance, or drugs which is most music for time millennium but also I do not think listening to slice of life music is bad. I do listen to mostly Christian music, but a good slice of life song is better than a bad Christian rock song or whatever is on the ‘Christian radio’
  17. How can one “tolerate” Marxist ideologies that creep in? I’m sorry, I really don’t even understand the SBC. Can some one tell me how the structure of the SBC is any different from Presbyterians or the Catholic Church? What’s the point of the president? How does he —unify— the different churches?
  18. I think this was very lovely put. Ticks and parasites likened to our sin and vanities, the green pasture akin to the Kingdom of God. Very nice Heartstrings, thank you
  19. I think you two where actually agreeing with one another...
  20. Is is a very atheist minded Question. Redemption brings glory to him, and allows us to come to him and respect his glory from our own will.
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