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  1. Revelation 12:4 to me it reads as angels, but I also agree with your meteoroid theory. I believe that’s how it will appear. Interestingly John Hopkins is leader in this push of DART. As well as the COVID vaccine.
  2. Eh. Trying to discern your spirit here OSEA. What happens to the nation of Israel? Are you a covenant theologist? Replacement theology?
  3. This isn't an issue that can be solved through the means of man, it's an issue of conviction and ones faith and trust on God's provision for his people. We have his word now. Why should we doubt future generations or past generations don't or won't have it? Or even other nations? If we have missionaries sent out with the KJV, and they translate into the language of their residency, should we not have faith that, that is sufficient by the grace of God? Doctrinally, these are issues for local Church bodies, but even inside those churches they will only be proven through the conviction of the Holy Spirit for the individuals. I believe God wishes Israel to be righteous, and to testify for him, but instead through GRACE he has used another Witness, us the church. And I don't see how that lens cannot be used to view the dispensation of our Bible. Also, to think of it in another way. There is two debates taking place. But they are related. "Is the KJV wholly sufficient" and "Is there a Bible wholly sufficient". The second question should be answered first. And the answer is undoubtedly yes. Now, "Is the KJV wholly sufficient" - Yes, to those who show them selves approved. "Can we go outside the KJV" - Yes, to those who show them selves approved. “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.” 2 TIMOTHY 2:15. I would say, any translation done properly, is done by the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Anyways, this entire thread is sad and is a perfect example of Modern Christianity. Biting each others heads off for 'heresy'. Church splits over ties and suits. None of you actually understood what Sureword is saying, His complaint about the Textus Receptus is because of translations like the MEV, Modern English Version, which if we went by the how the thread dictates, would be proper. However even that Bible is in error. But yes continue to jive and hoorah for tearing another Brothers head off.
  4. You're not understanding what I meant in that post. The Holy Spirit is what teaches us when we read scripture. John 14:26 - But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.
  5. Extreme. on that note, this entire discussion is just mans babble. It’s up to the Holy Spirit to teach us scripture anyway.
  6. To add. To me this is the way to approach it. the grace was supplied at the cross the grace was dispensed at Pentecost the grace was revealed unto Paul at his transformation. This is how I view at the moment, And If I was better at showing my self reproved I could show you what I am trying to say, However I am still learning. I apologize
  7. You know Jim, In honesty Im just repeating what I have learned through people. In that it’s a systematic method of theology, which isn’t the best way to approach the study of scripture. If I can not defend it, I can not attend to the truth of it. How ever, I believe I am not remembering the full study, and Im not providing this method of interpretation justice.
  8. Yes good catch, the dispensation changed.
  9. Yes sorry, had a very long day at work apologies for the late response. Mark 16:16 Acts 2:38
  10. You are not wrong, you are just talking about a different dispensation. Early acts and during Christ’s life Jews had to be baptized to be saved, tribulation saints are not the Church, and they will have a different method of salvation, which is the same method before the the Holy Spirit came and sealed them.
  11. Morales I believe there is actually scriptural evidence for this to happen again during revelation. When again, the Jews will be baptized for their forgiveness of their sins, like in early acts
  12. Actually Jerry doesn’t answer that directly… I think you are at the point you just try to argue with Bill, for no reason or any reason. Anyways the answer to that question is obviously yes. A stupid question indeed, especially looking at Jerry’s stance on Sunday school children’s classes.
  13. The name of the church doesn’t dictate their doctrine but it should at least signify their stance.
  14. How does God grant miracles, hmm indeed it is a question.
  15. Worlds lose their origins pretty quickly. I still dial a phone number, yet I’m no longer rotating a dial on a phone. Yet the meaning still retains. I think if we nit pick to much we are becoming foolish in our own wisdom.
  16. My issue is not a problem of being confused on the differences between Preservation and Inspiration… I am saying the problem lies in how other people are saying inspiration and preservation are not equally directed by God. God gave me ( God breathed ) the Holy Spirit, and I was born again, yet I sin. However God keeps me preserved with the Holy Spirit so I do not lose my salvation. Now the gift of being given the Holy Spirit and being preserved with the Holy Spirit is one and the same. So it is with how God keeps his word. We as Bible believing Christians have a view of dispensationalism, I would argue here maybe that actually the Bible is ministered in this way, in a form of dispensation given by the Holy Ghost. Which is no less a grace and miracle than the original “”””inspiration””””
  17. I think you are disagreeing with him on semantics. How is the word preserved? How would the translators know what Greek and Hebrew texts to use? Is it the inspiration of the Holy Spirit? Is the Holy Spirit not God breathed? In ancient Hebrew times, and a text of Moses was lost, and a new one was copied, was that text inspired or just “persevered”. If the Greek texts of the New Testament books where the only ones inspired, and the KJV is only a preservation, Why would God say the Greek is his inspired word and not the English? If he is saying that, are we not fools for using the KJV? My point is this. If the Holy Spirit ordained the usage of the KJV book, who are we to say what is inspired vs preserved? Is God’s will not the same upon both? Why are we using the means of Man to say what is what in the realm of Gods wisdom. And why are we separating the two? In my view, and I am assuming Surewords, this separation of Preserved vs Inspired is vain, and spits on what God has given us.
  18. Pastors are held to higher standards by God. I hold to Gods word, therefor I expect the pastors to be held to that standard and to hold to Gods word in the same faith. However of my own personal opinion, I and all other Christians should use this as their standard as well even if God has not fully bonded them to this standard.
  19. I always thought it as “from ever to ever”. Omega and Alpha, etc. I do think the English is proficient enough to understand it. I see no real use for the Hebrew or greek My church is also going through psalm 119 on Wednesday
  20. I have reasons to doubt, either they lied about their faith or they lied about what they would do.
  21. Guns are also protection from are own government. I frown at men who refuse to carry if they have a wife and kids. It shows that they are unwilling to protect.
  22. She is just another wife in the church, a sister in Christ. Definitely not a queen nor a church title.
  23. I’ll read your pdf but I do know I have a bunch of questions for you brother. I have some questions in your pdf. But they are unrelated to your topic, sorta.
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