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  1. I always thought it as “from ever to ever”. Omega and Alpha, etc. I do think the English is proficient enough to understand it. I see no real use for the Hebrew or greek My church is also going through psalm 119 on Wednesday
  2. I have reasons to doubt, either they lied about their faith or they lied about what they would do.
  3. Guns are also protection from are own government. I frown at men who refuse to carry if they have a wife and kids. It shows that they are unwilling to protect.
  4. She is just another wife in the church, a sister in Christ. Definitely not a queen nor a church title.
  5. I’ll read your pdf but I do know I have a bunch of questions for you brother. I have some questions in your pdf. But they are unrelated to your topic, sorta.
  6. Love this thread. One guy misusing Scripture and another reading political beliefs into the Bible.
  7. Yes as Markle said. I was just worried, that perhaps because you have a more scholastic view of literature that you may wish to tie analogies and things from outside the scripture to the scripture. I apologize for confusion! I meant to say the method of study is easy.
  8. “I have also come to learn that reading the Good Book is not as easy as one might think.“ May I point out something? The book is actually very simple to read once you incorporate the proper way to study. Scripture to scripture, literal at face value.
  9. Sorry but that is not the Gap theory I believe. Angels lived on this earth before men, Angels do not die. please refrain from correcting which you do not understand It is not Catholic doctrine in any shape of form.
  10. Your in the wrong thread. This isn’t an argument thread. We are just posting our more ‘out there’ beliefs.
  11. Let's post them for some good old fashion Baptist fun. Gap theory, is actually a proper interpretation of scripture and I lean towards it.
  12. http://www.kurtlabouve.com/index.htm Kurt Labouve! My pastor brought him into our church for a Christmas special and he was wonderful to have
  13. Did not God divorce Israel after her fornication and lust for pursuing other gods.
  14. How would of one known this is a quotation thread? “Tricks and treachery are the practice of fools, that don’t have brains enough to be honest” Benjamin Franklin
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