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  1. How can one “tolerate” Marxist ideologies that creep in? I’m sorry, I really don’t even understand the SBC. Can some one tell me how the structure of the SBC is any different from Presbyterians or the Catholic Church? What’s the point of the president? How does he —unify— the different churches?
  2. I think this was very lovely put. Ticks and parasites likened to our sin and vanities, the green pasture akin to the Kingdom of God. Very nice Heartstrings, thank you
  3. I think you two where actually agreeing with one another...
  4. Is is a very atheist minded Question. Redemption brings glory to him, and allows us to come to him and respect his glory from our own will.
  5. The light shined from God him self... This is an image of Christ’s power
  6. I take posts like these with a credence of salt. The other post of theirs is of a similar nature
  7. Seems like you have a lot of resentment in your heart, bitterness is bad for you... I say this with sincerity as a church goer.
  8. That makes sense. I am wrong! ( but I do still not think ALL Jews at this time will be saved )
  9. I know you weren’t. The 144,000 are witnessing the Lord to the world, how ever only 144,000 of the Jews will be believers. I believe the others will die away as unbelievers before Jesus returns to Jerusalem. ( also where does it say ALL of Israel will be believers ? Not all of Israel is even Jewish at this time)
  10. Jim if you interpret that text that way then you must include the Jews that denied Christ and his resurrection.
  11. The Church does not take the place of Israel, covenant theology is heresy. Not all Jews will be saved either, only 144,000 during the tribulation
  12. I think you guys are being sensational. The whole world is moving in this direction. This is not just “America being delivered” this is the foreshadowing of what is to come, this is the preparation for the anti christ. I know that sounds ironic in that manner of “sensational”
  13. Well... it was more inline with the idea that “revival” is us trying to build our selves to God instead of being in prayer and listening to what God wants. Building to God vs Built by God
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