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  1. I thought the 1611 was the the most common around ifb folk.
  2. Personally I see no use. I was not raised KJV but am now convicted in its usage as the purist translation. I enjoy the older english, it feels set apart from the modern way of thinking, of Acadamia never not changing. Which provides the text an etheral feel of being unaffected by time. Which should be true to God's words, unaffected by time. Its translation is so much more perfect as an experience of God, and by simply downgrading it to just a text or just another rendition of the bible, really is a disgrace. Where all other bibles are fitted to this world, we are fitted to this One.
  3. I boil these questions down to "would I want my kids to do this". And usually biblical wisdom will provide me the appropriate answer.
  4. I have a life application study bible. How would mine compare to these? Are they contemporary or do they fulfill other purposes?
  5. At the current momment Im just learning a trade and focusing into that. It seems im right where the Lord wants me... I am working on my christian life first and then in due time will put more attention into what it means to be a leader of a ministry and work from there. Of course nothing in my life is bound by what I know now, but at this time this seems like what I should do.
  6. I went through that mans facebook. I am sad that this is what qualifies as a pastor for some people.
  7. Bouncing Bill, the only nasty thing in this thread was brought by you with your contentious behavior. His joke was in the exact same vain as yours.
  8. I reiterate Sureword. Be careful not become superstitious, than it self is bad. You also shouldn't be stealing their things, even with a good intention. I'll pray for you. I'm sorry you find your self in this situation, I recommened talking to some one in your local church.
  9. Just a bible believer. I do not care what camp, they are all around the same shore.
  10. My church has grown during covid because we are the only local church who refused to shutdown. I love my church and the fact we where able to provide to God for our community. It is really a blessing to see families join in, we recently just baptised a man over the age of 70 and had him and his wife join the church. He was not saved prior to covid and already the couple has been a major blessing to our church. I thank the Lord everday for my church. I really pray for our other brothers and sisters who cannot attend churches at this time. It makes it hard for all of us, even us that attend
  11. I'm sure it was Bill. Hopefuly one day the fear of covid leaves and you all may gather again. Prayers.
  12. Corinne I have met a few fathers at my church who are of the same knit.
  13. I think we need to be careful here. As a christian we have potential to do good and evil. Evil through are own ways and Good through the Holy Spirit. And yes this is a battle we fight daily... Hence I do not disagree with the statement of "good and evil in all of us". Those unsaved... Well they may have the opportunity to provide God good, as he may use all things for his own Glory.
  14. Imo the tribulation has started. So my question to you is why do you think prophets will be during the tribulation? Also what do you mean "The cornerstone", is that not Christ?
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