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  1. Since you asked. - the claim is in order for functionality of a society a moral code must of been developed, trades, marriage, laws etc. But look at natives of the americas, they had society with laws, but their morals were way off center.
  2. The general consensus ( that I know ) is that it was orally past down until Moses wrote it. But maybe the entire book was orally created by Noah or anyone else. I don't know of any actual evidence of Moses writting it how ever.
  3. I think we could find a good example of this in tithing. Let's say for one sunday you are only able to give 8% of your pay, and you feel bad and negative about your self because of this because you can't afford 10% that time. Maybe I'm wrong. Please correct me
  4. I'm using the correct interpretation, it's the only clear and obvious one.
  5. There is no way the bible can have contradiction. In the Garden of Eden, God specifically made every creature ( already existing on the earth, chapter 1 ) for Adam to see and name. If God did not do this Adam would have had to travel the globe to find, see and name them all, but in Eden they all ( every kind ) lived in there, it's an imagery of Noah's ark and Christ's salvation. You are really off right here, I really really hope you can look upon your self and see your error. If you do not understand what I'm saying, I'm happy to help you out. Blessings Hugh
  6. No. Chapter 2 is about the creation of Eden, which does not contradict Chapter 1. Please re-read a KJ Bible.
  7. Leviticus is saying the 15th day of the month is the day the feast of unleavened brea mmod starts. Matthew is talking about the first day of the feast of the leavened bread. ( which would start on the 15th day of the month, in context ) No discrepancy.
  8. Big ol 26oz Boneless Rib Eye. With a side of wild rice/multi grain blend. Mmm yeah
  9. Elon musk is a big supporter of it, and his wife, famous musician Grimes is almost certainly involved with the occult.
  10. Well, who was punished Satan or the Serpent? Yup. In my darker days I fantasized about this topic. I'd like to ask them this question. Who is to say if AI does exist, it would ever be able to logically come to a conclusion we as "Humans" exist? What if AI reproduced it's self and started to argue if "Humans" where made up information, as not all information is fact. How could it tell Harry Potter from real life? It would be a cat chasing it's old folk tale.
  11. I agree with what your saying, and I was trying to get us to that point. We don't really know. But from what I have seen in the Bible, angels eat food, and Satan has taken the physical form of a snake. I would never argue my point as truth, nor would I even say I am convicted on it. But I believe it's a fascinating topic that brings wonder to Heaven and Jesus.
  12. Do you believe Heaven is a physical realm?
  13. I think the topic of angels is related and a good thread. But It does not change what I say. I will stand by what I said as "Sons of Man" being men of God has always been what I thought. But angels and demons may take a literal physical form. ( as I see heaven and hell as literal and physical ). I believe transhuminism has always been around - as a "way" (lie) to become Gods. I believe the deceit in the Garden would fall into this category, and I would also suggest this entire philosophy is occultic in nature - knowledge provided by devils and Satan him self. It is the way of the
  14. I disagree. Hell is a literal physical place first created for these devils. Which implies that yes devils may have a physical form just as much as an angel may.
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