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  1. To me, the SBC, has become so creedal and so involved with government politics I feel they should drop the name Baptist as well.
  2. Have you seen the big blue rooster on top of the East Wing of the National Gallery of Art?
  3. But, it was Trump who said he wants to do away with the tax and that would destroy SS for all.
  4. Not if Trump has his way. When you are retired will you be able to survive without SS helping you? Most people do not save enough so they can live without it. Not everyone makes enough to save, but many do and still do not save and invest. My wife and I established financial ground-rules we would live by early in our marriage. We had to as we were very much on the edge at that time. I'll list those ground-rules if you'd like to see them.
  5. Yes, Congress, and you realize it is a GOP led Congress has raided SS. And, in your opinion, Trump was telling a lie when he made the statement? It was not the left that made the statement, but Trump himself. You mean unemployment? That will run out. What about the elderly who are able to eat only because they receive Social Security?
  6. I have friends and family living in all three of those far west states. It is a tragic situation. It has nothing to do with God. It has to do with the neglect and the refusal to believe and act on global warming. Computer models predicted this situation and also the increasing number of destructiveness of hurricanes and other storms. God gave us brains and we should use them. Yes, we should pray. But also we should act, though it is very late in the game, to begin the mitigation of the results of mankind's previous inaction. May all of you on the board who live in those state r
  7. I do not know how many people here are dependent on getting through each month because they receive a Social Security check. I expect there are some and I am sure all who are here know of people, have friends and fellow church-members who would be in serious trouble if that monthly check disappeared. I am very concerned as it seems Trump wants to destroy Social Security. https://thehill.com/blogs/congress-blog/politics/515843-fact-checking-the-fact-checkers-trump-does-indeed-plan-to?fbclid=IwAR3ASB3nFQQplj-HQUwWn7Uyf9ITtPToSSg-ceF1-WGgjeKmYWhhFCEwJ3E He has not said this directly, bu
  8. A young women, who loved to read, ask her boyfriend, "Tell me some books that made you cry." The young man scratched his head and replied, "Let's see, oh yes, Organic chemistry Quantum mechanics
  9. When Paul made the statement about being given food, who was he directly speaking to?
  10. Yes, he takes the verse out of context and to me implies that this is a universal statement saying that anyone who "will not" or "cannot work" should not be given food. Proof-texting is dangerous. We can prove anything by taking verses out of their contest. Also, by taking this one verse out of context multiple passages in the Bible are ignored at best or implied to be meaningless at worst. I am neither impressed nor pleased with proof-texting. [All this very gently said.] I could show the logical conclusion this out-of-context verse leads to but I do not want to infuriate some on the bo
  11. I was thinking more of your take on the passage in 2 Thessalonians 3:10. To pull that out of context as a proof text is to take a liberal interpretation or at least imply one.
  12. No, I meant liberal. I often find that Independent Fundamentalists use what I consider a liberal interpretation when defending a far out point and when proof-texting.
  13. I see you take a liberal interpretation of this. I respectfully disagree.
  14. Do you think God would put many more references into feeding the hungry if he did not mean it? The final judgement says nothing about being judged because you fed and took care of people. Rather judgement is against those who did not feed the hungry. Was God serious about this or just jesting?
  15. Tell me about the 'entire body of God's Word' word. What is the criteria for determining whether an individual would be allowed to have food or not? What would you look at in making such a determination.
  16. Just curious, who determines how much or little work meet the criteria for no food?
  17. And our country is rich enough that no one who is ill or going hungry should be neglected. Yes, there will be some fraud. It is better to err on the side of feeding and aiding people than to let innocent go hungry or to die.
  18. What is said in the final judgement? So it is true you shall be judges on how you treat others and feeding them is one of the criteria in the judgement.
  19. I agree. There were no programs such as WIC or food stamps when I was a kid. I went to school with kids who were almost always hungry. When I was preschool a person had to have ration stamps to buy many items. I never saw a candy bar or chewing gum until WW II ended. We are who we were when and where we grew up. There were poor houses where people were sent. Those days and experiences probably influence my view of helping others through government programs. Yes, there is inefficiency and fraud. That would be true of non-government programs also. I do not see that as an argument against he
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