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  1. Congratulations on the "One Year In" badge! ūüôā¬†That's an accomplishment that I might make. I might not. I don't like spending a lot of time on Social media outlets. They truly, at times, seem to be a waste of time, filled with nothing but infighting and ugliness. I try to keep away from that stuff. Hope you're well.¬† Again, Congrats!¬†


    1. Bouncing Bill

      Bouncing Bill

      Thanks. I was hoping we could continue a rational, no insults discussion with no resorts to ugliness. Seems I was wrong. As I said in my reply. I cited historical examples. I had hoped you would continue the discussion with historical examples supporting your position. I am sorry you did not. 

      I do look forward to future discussions with you, but with no low blows or insults. It is sad, but our society seems to have lost the ability to hold a calm, fact filled discussion. 

      I have been a student of history my entire life. It was one of my double majors in undergraduate school. I follow the facts, even when they force me to change my position on a subject.

      Blessings to you and yours. 

    2. BrotherTony


      I wasn't trying to "iinsult" you, was just stating what I saw as a possibility. I also had history as one of my minors. My majors were pastoral studies and psychology, but I never got the opportunity to finish. My second minor was in music. I also tried to major in journalism/creative writing. Working three jobs and trying to go to college just doesn't work, especially after one gets married. 

      I look forward to more conversations with you as well. This place is far more tame than what I have been in, such as the Southern Baptists site on Facebook. UGH...it's get's so down and dirty in there, I've had to limit myself in there. I used to also be on the Fighting Fundamentaist Forums back before Hurricane Andrew blew the owners church and house down!  It was terrible...it was offline for many months, and he never put it back up, but instead, let it go to pot. A participant in the group bought it ant changed the format. It's never been the same. I also participate in the BaptistBoard.com site. Never really liked that place, but was there for moral support for several friends. It's also changed, just as the modern Baptist Church has changed. 

      I loved history when I was in jr. high and high school, and it came over into my college years back in the 80s and when I tried to go back in the early 90s. My high school history teacher and I, along with a couple of other of my classmates, would spend all of our study hall time talking about history, and before school, and sometimes afterwards. He was a great teacher, and I really miss him. 

      Have a blessed afternoon. 


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