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  1. No, but Scofield and others did!
  2. I had the Master Study Bible in the Nasb, and thought was a very good bible, especially that 700 page bible encyclopedia!
  3. Indeed. for all have sinned in Adam and are guilty before God!
  4. Hebrews said to us that Jesus for the sake of the some, but not for the all, correct?
  5. Our free will though was greatly affected by the Fall, so we would not even desire to get saved apart from the working of the Holy Spirit towards us! You are assuming here that gain, it would be unfair and cruel that God did not send same saving grace towards all lost sinners.
  6. Your questions seem to be though assuming that somehow God would not be fair nor gracious if not all were saved?
  7. Are you then a classical Arminian in salvation theology then?
  8. God could havce cosen that none of us were to be saved, and he would have been totally within his rights to do such!
  9. Your questions are assuming that we deserve grace, and also that he would not be fair to withhold it!
  10. All and the world must be defined per the scriptures themselves, as the all would be those to whom salvation will actually come for, all in context would be his own sheep called and redeemed by the death of Christ! God of the Bible has made provisions and assures us that His own shall be saved, as he always has saved unto Himself a faithful remnant!
  11. the Lord always had called out to Himself a faithful remnant in Israel, as not all Jews were spiritual sons of Abraham, correct? what questions?
  12. The calvinistic Gospel gives the biblical account of the Lord Jesus death being an atonement provided for a real and sure salvation for those to whom the father intended to save. The alternative is not really good news, as lost sinners have no capacity in and by their own free will to make the decision to receive Jesus as their Savior and Lord.
  13. IF the answer is yes to all of the above, does that make God out to be not fair then?
  14. David would be going to meet his deceased son, and Jesus had the little children come unto Him, and God said that in Ninevah were many little ones who did not yet know right from wrong! Does God owe salvation to any lost sinner though? Does God owe salvation to any lost sinner though?
  15. Yes, but that would be due to us seeing God has provided definite salvation for some, His elect, while you would see it as potential salvation for all depending on how they react! God chooses to save children and infants and those unable to receive faith such as mentally disabled to become saved due to His grace and mercy, doing for them what cannot do otherwise!
  16. We were all in Adam in the Fall, as we all died in Adam, but the saved shall be made alive again in the second Adam. Christ Jesus! free will is to decide to reject being saved though....
  17. Even non calvinists would recognize that natural man can do nothing concerning their spiritual state unless and until God Himself intervenes!
  18. All who go to Hell freely are choosing to go there, and they loved the darkness more then the Light!
  19. I believe that Predestination only refers to God directly working to save out His own, and that he does not predestine lost to Hell, as they choose that for themselves!
  20. We are chosen in Jesus before the foundation of the world though, and Predestination is a great doctrine to the saved, as gives comfort and assurance!
  21. No, we hold that the Lord knows who will be dying as a baby, and He makes sure that they will be part of His redeemed! Using your own logic, just as ridiculous to hold that there will be still lost sinner sin Hell who Jesus died in the place of for their sins!
  22. All infants to my understanding are elected by the Father to be saved by the death of Jesus...
  23. We are all affected by the results of the fall, as all are born as spiritual dead in sin! we were all judged by God as being in Adam, so the spiritual death that came upon Him right after he sinned as now happened to all of us, hence the need to be born again!
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