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  1. Weather we be open to the suggestion, or by code as in city and federal legalities and the interplay of laws that are based on the test of the commandments in the bible. Proclaim the shadow of the statue that sit my park. And the natural spaces that are presidents gave to the feral government to set aside the natural world in all it's glory. From the gulf to the mountain in my back yard, the seed is planted and the soil will still provide the things we really need and the gas is goin goin gone! Train's and substiated times, of peace of mind after we take the plunge! I remember my baptism, the
  2. It"s interest apparently weeping so bad at the greatness of the response and now becomes plain. Democrats in sanctuary cities. Clambering and frustration perclaim to liberty! Yet no this attack of all we love of a land that moved it's embassy to Jerusalem. The candelabra celebration from as it seem's that elizium has come to pass freedom is now the fabric of the world weaving form the corners of the world that walk free. growing to be as paupers kings and popes equal in every neighborhood . By casting their vote and get tested keeping the principles of life in this great experiment that the
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