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  1. Among the the collections on various topics and the Bible Books in Ages Library one greatest books is the Book on Martyrs by John Foxe. The truth on persecution of Innocent believers who only decided to follow their conscience based on New revelations on Salvation by Faith only and not by Works. It is very sad to note that many other mainstream churches watched when the so called followers of the Cross were leading into genocide on those who did think freely out of their convictions. Even today some countries like Russia , Islamic (Sharia-law ) states and many Asian communist governments still torture and kill Believers in the name of protecting their un-Godly Ideologies. If Our faith in God Does not create in us a hatred on systems that Kill humanity then our faith is useless and we should not even be believers. Our love for humanity in the face our creator God should consume us to taking action against any form of persecution , torture and dehumanizing of our race-Mankind-. If ICC was meant to put to death on any one who outright organizes to destroy humanity it would get full support by all who believe in a world where all men are Equal despite their geographical origins and their cultures. Only Through the Fear of God do we make meaningful "Human Rights". Modernizing of the Ages Library will be an added advantage to the Church and any people with interests in reading world History for different times.
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