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  1. Thank you very much, happy to be part of the group, and look forward to learning and contributing. That is awesome with what you did to that acronym! I may have to take time in the future and put something together, very interesting.
  2. Constant Bearing Decreasing Range? Yes however, it has been 14 years since I have dealt with that. I am also familiar with relative bearing as well. Many Many moons ago brother! I work with bombs and missiles that get loaded on aircraft for the past 14 years.
  3. I am an Aviation Ordnanceman however, my first two years of service I was an undesignated Deck Seaman. So yes, I have stood my fair share of lookout and bridge watch's. Thank you for your 29 years of service. What rank were you when you retired? I am currently a Chief. You are correct we need more saved Sailors, they are a tough bunch to share the Gospel with but that won't stop me, and thankfully the gospel of Christ "is the power of God unto salvation" and not me!
  4. I believe the following reasons are why millennial's are leaving the Church: 1) The cost associated with being a follower of Christ is absent from Gospel presentation, easy-believism is promoted heavily in the Church today. Also, a lot of Pastors as well as Christians in general fail to confront sin while presenting the Gospel. When a person doesn't understand the cost of being a follower of Jesus as well as their sin, they don't feel the need to stay in Church. 2) The lack of discipleship in Churches. Jesus was very hands on and intentional in His discipleship and so were His apostles. Nowadays, when someone gets saved, we get them baptized, tell them to read their Bible, tell them to go to Church, clap for them, and then move on with our lives. While all of those things are true, that isn't discipleship. What every new believer needs is the discipleship of a mature believer. I am sure some may disagree, but that has been what I have witnessed over the years. God bless!
  5. The Church I am a member of has a Facebook page that they use for live streaming, website, a couple of televisions (nothing over the top), and the good old fashioned Church bulletin. However, I do get the sense from certain members that they want to "modernize" the Church even more with all the stage lighting and such (which I am not in favor of). I don't want to be legalistic about it but I just want to make sure we stay grounded on the Bible. I agree technology is great when used to advance the Kingdom of God and not used to look worldly.
  6. This is sad, but not unexpected, as others have said we are in the last days. The local Church is a place of worship not a place of entertainment. Everything we do in Church should be done in a way that glorifies the Lord. What's striking to me is the amount of money these Churches spend on providing entertainment, especially considering the staggering number of homeless people. Thank you for this article, I share your concerns brother!
  7. Thank you for the kind words brother John.
  8. I just want to introduce myself and to say thank you for allowing me to be part of this board. My name is Chase Tallent and I have been active duty Navy for 16 years this coming August. I currently am a member of an SBC church but I grew up independent baptist, my grandfather has been an independent baptist pastor for 50 years. I will be entering ministry as well when I retire from the Navy in 2024 and I am currently working on my biblical studies degree at The Master's University. I wanted to be part of this board to learn from those of you that have been in ministry and to contribute when I can, I have no other agenda other than to learn. Bottom line is I love the Lord and my brothers and sisters in Christ!

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