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  1. Mr. Young, thanks for your response! I "cold called" the Bible Baptist Bookstore earlier this week, and unfortunately after speaking with three different people was told straight up that they weren't comfortable giving out that kind of information and data over the phone. They seemed pretty wary of "outsiders," which I understand. If I could just find one or two sources with numbers about Ruckman's readership, or subscriber numbers, etc. in a given year, it would help a ton. Any other suggestions?
  2. Hello, friends! I am a complete newcomer to your site, so please go easy on me. Well, I'm not a theologian or minister and I was raised Methodist, but I am in the final year of my Master's in American History at one of the flagship state universities in the South. My Master's thesis is mainly focusing on the influence which Dr. John R. Rice and Dr. Peter S. Ruckman had on fundamentalism and Baptists in the U.S. I'm sure I will think of other questions as I get farther along on this project, but for now, I've hit a dead end. I'm looking for sources and information about the extent of the i
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