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  1. Sherry and I would like to say Happy Birthday!  🍰

  2. actually its more like 150 all up, 200 max. I cant figure out how to edit a post ive already posted?
  3. lol It sounds like you still have Christians there in America; "Christians" anyway. We NEVER get those sort of questions whilst knocking doors here. It's so funny. Australians don't have near the amount of Christian influence. I also worked out that America has about 20-30 times the amount of IB churches in Australia. Tasmania has about 2 or 3 churches. Northern Territory has about 1. Victoria might have 10. South Australia has about 5. Most of them are in New south wales and Queensland. The other three states I cant remember but probably not more than 10. Anyway, all up we have about 250 mayb
  4. Ive noticed that young pele who grow up in calvinist homes very very often struggle with whether they are saved or not. Also, people like David Brainard had some very aweful, heart-rending struggles until he finally came to rest. He said that he couldnt u derstand how a merciful could be just in damning some to hell, and concequently him. He thought he was probablg damned. Its laborious to read pages and pages of this before finally getting to the salvation bit.
  5. Excuse the words of a young woman coming in here, but I think the question is...What kind of beliefs do you want your children to have? What kind of friends? God doesn't ask us to seperate over things just because. He is quite practical and logical, and he knows that we become what we hang around. It pays to ask the same questions the Lord would to himself (if that were possible)..."Now what will happen if I don't tell my children to stay away from this and this and this? Not good. Better include that in the rules".
  6. THE MISTY FLATS Wilt thou stumble, O blinded man? For shadowed mists about thy feet, That wrap around thy head and sweep, The darkness of thy mistful land. The enemy robs thee of thy whelps, Wrapped in tranquil ashen o'er thy sleep, And never mourns thy sunless head nor sees, Such vulpine robbers by thee knelt. Nor heeds alarm from higher ground, When from some clearer hill is seen, The outline of an enemy, That mocked thy denial and plundering,found. How terrifying more thy misty paths! When stumbling at some darkened tree, Wist not it was thine enemy,
  7. JORDAN As I stand in Jordan’s claven depths, Make, O Lord, my death another’s spring That they might live and joyful sing Of Canaan’s shore and deeper rest. Waters of Adam piled on an heap, Whilst prayers upon my slurring lips And tears upon my baby cheeks Wet rocks beneath my tired feet. Standing still, no place to go? O Lord, a dead man cannot move, But waits thy blessings yet to prove And prays though emptied of my flow. Dry as the rocks beneath my feet But praying as the priests beneath the ark,
  8. Surrender Askest Thou me, "Stretch forth thy knife"? Slay my friend and take from me this precious life? Laid still and bound on altar of stone, She there, and I upon a mountain top alone. For this dear friend I prayed, And now my God must take away? Stretch forth my hand and slay? Beloved friend upon this altar laid? Surrender, what does it mean? A terrible, unjust thing it seems, To human eyes who only now sees pain, Of human hearts now rent in twain. I cannot slay! No strength in me remains, For here I am upon his mountain top again. A well worn path of ma
  9. My Anchor Holds Where troubled sea and billow form, There is a Rock within thy storm. When lovers fall as each new tear, The moments taken and stolen years, There is a cleft below thy waves, A love secure with each new day. When upon life's changing waves, We fear our ship might drift away, An anchor is caste behind thy bow, So little, and no strength. But now, It sinks below a mighty storm, Tossing,betrayal, weariness formed. And finds its rest within a cleft, This riven Rock, and there to rest. Faith,lik
  10. Deliver Us, O Lord Deliver us, O Lord, from the snare of the fowler, And silence every noisome pestilence. Quench each fiery dart and take us hence, To deeper rest from hour to hour. Deliver us from fleshly strivings, The torment of our restless souls, That drives away our peace in God, And leaves a soldier's sense of numbing. Deliver us from hardened hearts, That prides a stoic creed, That numbly fights and numbly bleeds, Away each Spirit's sense of love. We would with Thee within the fight, Rest within Thy Spirit, Lord Jesus. Strength to soften, not to
  11. Hi Everyone, New poetry book release by an Australian IB pastor's daughter (me). I trust it might be a blessing to some. It is available on Amazon (link below), Balboa Press etc. etc. https://www.amazon.com/Hearts-Ache-Lydia-J-Western-ebook/dp/B0859B93ZP/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=heart's+ache+lydia+j+western&qid=1590141794&sr=8-1 God bless, Lydia Western
  12. When Jesus says, “And they shall look upon me whom they have pierced,” is he talking to Christians or to that particular group of people living between the walls of Jerusalem across from the Mt. of Olives? Second question. If the people he’s referring to are that particular group living between those four walls, then is that the same group that the Russian/Muslim invasion is going to march against and then God will destroy 1/6 of their armies and “in that day shall all Israel be saved, and they shall know that I am the Lord”? Because if those people (whoever they are) between those four w
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