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  1. Fool? The Bible also speaks clearly to those who would call someone a fool out of contempt (Matthew 5:22) We have so much self righteousness in the church today that I cannot see the forest because of the trees. Before we pass such harsh judgement on other Christians, all being born again for their is no other kind, let us put down tradition and the opinion of others and truly study for ourselves the pure milk and meat. By the way, did God or man create divorce?
  2. Yes it is unbelievable what the self righteous will do to pastors. I am currently filling our pulpit as a Lay Preacher because our pastor retired and we cannot afford to pay a pastor at this time. I would be very miserable if I would have refused. Sometimes dogmatism goes to far, and the Church is suffering from it. Many IFB’s will condemn me and say there’s no such thing. Just as I was once told there’s no such thing as a fundamental Presbyterian. All I can say is if they want to judge another man’s servant, I will not be offended, but I will do what the Lord called me to do. I
  3. I am new to this forum, and I specifically came here to see the IFB views about Divorce, Re-Marriage, Adultery and Ministry. I am an IFB and have wrestled for years about this topic, because of my desire to be in the ministry. I can say that this has been a subject of great debate since the 1st century and, knowing that God is not the author of confusion, I can only conclude that Satan has used this to divide churches and create sects that do not glorify God. One thing is clear to me; "The husband of one wife" means what it says. A one woman man, committed to the one he is married to, what
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