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  1. 1. Christ was born, first visit. 2. Christ die and came back, second visit. 3. Rapture of the Saint’s. 7 years of tribulation. 4. Christ came back, and leave for 1000 years, third visit. 5. Christ comes back to finish His work after 1000 years. 4th visit. BT is this correct?
  2. Can we say that the son, was saved, gone into the World. He repented, and returned back to the father. Didn’t loose his salvation, but lost his rewards.
  3. Did the king fear God, before the stamp of approval. Did he do it for popularity.
  4. I see growth in new churches, with many more activities that are not faith base, but they do have more youth. Can’t we all get along messages, just don’t talk about sins, or faith in Jesus to much, these are growing. Are these the ones,you are talking about. Come as you are, don’t change. We don’t carry Bibles here.
  5. BT, Will you say the number of the youth in our churches, are growing or shrinking.
  6. The youth have gotten worse since this older post. Who will take over later…
  7. America, should tell them OK, you guys deal with Ukraine, while will deal with China.
  8. You will not fine me on Facebook, or any of their spy apps, that they own.
  9. Can someone here explain to me, why do America support Europe, in the Ukraine war, but Europe cannot support America with the problems we are having with Taiwan. Most of Europe say, it’s a America’s problem, not ours. There seems to be a double standard, you help us, don’t count with us.
  10. I hope the environment thing green crowd, don’t grab this one.
  11. They are add it again… Canada Canada bans handgun imports https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/2022/08/05/canada-handgun-import-ban/
  12. The same Christians that voted, for this liberal president.
  13. This abortion issue is going to continue. Make a person want to give up, and say to all those that want a abortion, go ahead, it’s between you and God. All we can do is pray for those lost souls. I’m not talking about the babies. All those babies that did not have a chance, are in heaven. For they did not reject the savior, Christ Jesus.
  14. I am sorry for the confusion, I am a man of God. I got Saved in 1986. In a Independent Baptist Church. I’m not confused, and understand that Christ, is in the Old Testament, and in the New Testament.
  15. That’s part of the LGBTQXYZ Community. If you can’t beat them, join them, something like that. You will get more sponsors and money if you just blend in. Or Sell Out
  16. As a Christian, someone who has put faith in trust in the redemptive work of Jesus Christ through His death on the cross and subsequent resurrection, our behavior mirrors, reflects and resembles Christ. Being gracious and merciful to others is behaving like Christ. True Christians
  17. Putin, did you see my Navy Ships in the NEWS, today.
  18. Can the summers get hotter, and the winters much colder at the End Times.
  19. You are becoming a nut Be smart when you’re picking a fight. Sometimes arguing, and fighting are the same thing. True Christians try hard not to fall into this practice.
  20. We need to bring the cross back into our churches and our messages. With the rainbow
  21. Unfortunately the rainbow and the Christian meaning will not be seen anymore, until Christ comes again perhaps. Be proud of what…
  22. Is COVID, back again here in America, or is this fake news.
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