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  1. I like the 3-D effect better, in the movie. That’s a cool blue ribbon, I can’t see that in the book.
  2. I feel much better now…
  3. I finally got the attention that I wanted, the worldwide attention. Everybody go back home now…
  4. Can yours do this… this beats the snake man. : )
  5. I read this quote online. Ultimately, Griffith wrote, Bennett was the right patient for the experimental transplant because he had no other options. If he'd been eligible for a human heart, he wouldn't have been a candidate for a pig heart. Previously, researchers had only connected a genetically engineered pig kidney to a brain-dead human. Though Bennett's transplant has been successful so far, experimental procedures are precarious. It's uncertain whether he will live through the year. Genetically modified pig organs may not become a viable alternative to the human-organ waiting list for many years. But if the technology does succeed, it could save many lives. "It breaks our hearts to not be able to transplant somebody," Burgart said. "We want patients to live. We want patients to have full and healthy lives. So I do think that transplant programs take this responsibility very, very seriously. And one way to make that better is if we have more organs."
  6. Thanks for modern medicine, but I was going in a little more deeper. The heart and mine, should be all human in my opinion. Can I be wrong, absolutely.
  7. Today many christians work on Sundays, the evening services, serves those that cannot make it Sunday mornings. I believe, this was one of the main reason why for evening church.
  8. Here in the US you cannot force anyone to work out, or get vaccinated. If you don't work out over there, you're out of a job.
  9. I would like to know more about the human, having a heart of a animal. What is nexts, Humans with part of a brain, of a monkey. I am somewhat surprised that Christians have a blind eye to this. That it is okay, we stand firm on issues like abortions, but what is the temple that God gave us. We live in a body-made of part human, robot, and part animal now, was this Gods plans, for us to become? Thanks for your replies
  10. The church, is going to just want my money. Can this be true, yes and no. If you’re visiting a Scientology church well, yes they want your riches, but if you’re visiting a true Bible preaching church, they are happy just to see you come, to Christ for salvation. Even if they don’t never see you again, on this earth.
  11. Some churches have dropped having Sunday evening services, have yours, just checking. I believe, once your church drop having Wednesdays, and Sunday night evening services, it will be very hard to bring it back.
  12. Some pet lovers need to get right.
  13. Should we stand back and watch, like Germany. Looks like they don’t want to get involved. All countries, are on their own strength.
  14. Are we ready to help if needed, and should we do more, or less if war takes place.
  15. Here is a example: praise God, the message was preached, if anyone here today feels the need to accept Christ as their personal savior, we would love to share it with you. Upfront we have members of our church that would like to share with you, a few verses of the Bible. Please come or meet with me today before you leave. Amen
  16. During a profession of faith, members are asked to bowed their heads, and pray as for any to come to Christ for salvation, this is for that person, will not be ashamed or afraid to come forward. We all follow traditions that may seem right, we keep doing the same ways. But, it is not the only way.
  17. It's no problem to do so, but if I say, close your eyes, heads down, lift your right hand up, will this be fine. We do what we want, but it will not make you anymore holy, if you do it, or not.
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