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  1. I think the upside down way is a little tough, water in the nose.
  2. I do understand you, but these voters were spiritually blind. Trump, did not make it any easier, with his loud actions. Truth is, many republicans were afraid of him. They voted Democrat...
  3. I can see the new administration doing something like this? Argentina legalises abortion in landmark moment for women's rights Country becomes only the third in South America to permit elective abortions
  4. Nice, I pray that he harden not his heart. I was talking earlier about new visitors, that might not know what it is to be Saved. Remember not all that visitors are born again. Thanks
  5. For someone that don't understand what Saved means, it means to be born again in Christ Spiritually. Thanks
  6. It seems that attendants for new believers has gone down. People are in fear of COVID, but are not seeking God? Like when nine eleven happened.
  7. It cost so much money to run one, members faithfulness, and giving will not be there. The smaller churches, don't have the bills, salary's, or pressure, like the Mega churches have. What do you think can happen?
  8. Liberals are soon to be in charge, thanks to all the christians that voted for the new liberal democrats. Many simply just hated Trump, forgetting everything what Trump did for the christians, and Israel. What comes to my mine is, when the children of God, demanded a King in the Old Testament. You want a liberal king or queen? A king or queen you shall receive, and all what comes with it.
  9. I just wanted to thank everyone for their inputs and comments, almost reached 17,000 views. It is a messages for the time and days, that we are living in. Preach the Word Thanks E. Morales
  10. I believed, that all christians that do vote, we're all voting conservative. For there is no more in the middle, when it comes to voting. My question is, do christians really know what it is to be a liberal voter, and what it stands for, or supports?
  11. Do christians wakeup early in the morning anymore?
  12. If you are a member of a sound, Bible believing church, this inquiry is addressed to you. We know without asking that modernistic pastors or cult leaders are “evil men and seducers.” (11 Tim. 3:13). We’re asking this question because in every good church there are a number of critics who feel their pastor, no matter how faithful, is a lemon and should leave soon. Why is it? Well, first of all “Not many wise men after the flesh, not many mighty, not many noble are called: but God bath chosen the foolish . .. the weak . . . the base … and the despised, hath God chosen . . . ” (I Cor. 1:26-28). T
  13. This might sound like a joke, but people are still confused about salvation and being born again. They still want to earn their way to heaven, and not to except the free gift. Christ died only one time, for you and me. How many time do you want to die for Him?
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