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  1. Are there more people accepting christ for salvation and getting baptized today, than 9 month ago? why Corona This will change in 3 month.
  2. That is to funny, eating to much chocolate, pass the Charmin please.
  3. Christians are doing everything that they can do, by reaching out. During these trouble times that we are living in, why are there less people coming to Christ for salvation? Normally, when fear comes into our life's, people are seeking God. Times are changing, and the baptism pool is dry. Sad
  4. Social Security will be here longer than Trump, or sleepy Joe.
  5. Master, they are casting out demon's in your name. What did the Lord reply?
  6. Who needs Social Security check? People are getting checks weekly, by mail.
  7. If pets can get saved and baptized, I've would love to be born as a sea turtle.
  8. The dog owner wanted to baptize her dog, she asked the pastor? The pastor kindly answered, we don't baptize doggies here. She replied, but I was going to donate $5000 to the building fund drive. Then pastor said quickly, but you did mention to me, that your dog was a christian pet dog.
  9. I believed, that all christians that do vote, we're all voting conservative. For there is no more in the middle, when it comes to voting. My question is, do christians really know what it is to be a liberal voter, and what it stands for, or supports?
  10. During these last days, we should worry more about the lost souls, that are going to a place called Hell. Not on how we are going to pay for our church facilities, and bills. Preach the WORD, God will take care of the rest.
  11. Do christians wakeup early in the morning anymore?
  12. That was Fahrenheit and Funny.
  13. The bible also says give to Cesar, what is of Cesar, and to the Lord the things of the Lord. We paid taxes, we paid our tithes and offerings. We vote for a new pastor, we vote for our new president. We lead people to the gospel for salvation, we lead the people to vote, to vote for those that will support the faith, and Israel.
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