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  1. I don't know this pastor, but this is not good. Also we have no longer any Conservative Christian leaders that can win, This Country US has been taken over by liberals, supported by Christians? Christians put Bidden in office. Preachers need to focus more on winning the lost for Christ. We are running out of time.
  2. I'm sorry for deleting the prior post, it was best that I did. Many leaders and members here were not happy with it. Vaccine or COVID is a very touchy subject here, for some. I'm glad your mother is doing better.
  3. Many months later, today 9.16.21 I heard on NPR a woman traveling all the way from Egypt to get a vaccine here in the US. Amazing
  4. There was a couple that was married 60 years sitting on a bench in the park. The man feeding birds with popcorn, His wife tells him, I admire you, he kept feeding the birds. Then she tapped him on the shoulder and says louder, I admire you, he then looks at her and said, and I am tired of you too. Now you know the rest of the story…
  5. As I listen or read about the woman at the well with Jesus, I believe that this woman could have been the first woman evangelist, for after she spoke with Jesus she ran back home to her small city and preached, could this be the Messiah this Jesus. Like today when people hear, many believe, and many believe her or not. Can this woman be the first evangelist in the New Testament?
  6. Sounds like a Jehovah preaching to me. Jehovah witness are not suppose to be online posting, their leaders can kick you out of the assembly. If you tell them you are born again, they will not let you back. Which is a better choice.
  7. I was just kidding about looking cool... : ) the only ring that should be used, is the wedding ring. All others rings and piercing are for show and tell. Trying to be different, as putting many tattoos. Not to change the subject. This post is about rings, can someone loose their salvation for it. No Sir.
  8. Also many are forgetting that the ruler of this planet right now is Satan, his last days or years. There will not be a complete peace here on earth to after Christ second coming. Lead a lost soul to Christ is all what we can do and pray.
  9. I want to look cool when I go to church, but I’m too fat. Rings placed anywhere won’t help me look good.
  10. I can see that when I join this forum not a church, that there are areas for news, churches, sermons, humor, prayer, opinions and more. I’m not sure what you’re trying to make into. There also many denominations here not just one. I think you’re not thinking in others, we are looking for fellowship and rightly dividing Gods Word.
  11. Not a Christian president but he surely did support them and Israel. More then any other, that a plus for me.
  12. You judge my last post by saying it should be removed. Just saying you do have that right. God bless
  13. How you feel if someone said to you, let remove this website site, it’s against what we believe. It’s okay not to agree here.
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