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  1. My theory comes from lack of laborers the youth. The future church is counting on the youth to continue the Lords work. Can you tell me more about the youth of these churches, in Tennessee, are the youth groups growing or shrinking.
  2. Are there more independent Baptist churches now, or less. Are we shrinking in numbers? The modern church seem to be still growing conservative. I have no prof of this, or numbers to provide this facts. The true Church and Hymnal’s are in trouble. It sure looks like it to me, hopefully I am wrong.
  3. To all members have a happy Thanksgiving… online Baptist
  4. Three out of 4 of mine returned to the World, or not having fellowship with believers or the church. Raise up in a Christian home, church, and school. I pray that they return some day. They are in the Lord’s hands. That’s all we can do. We live our life, and the children or young adults, live theirs.
  5. The anti-Christ will be be able to hunt anyone down with all this technology and don’t let me talk about cameras, and China, they’re taking photos of all humans right now, there and over here. Just go to google and enter China photo ID images being taken. Watching people through Tic-Tok. That’s why Trump was trying to ban them, here in America.
  6. You won’t find me on Facebook, Instagrams, messenger, what’s up, or anything own by Facebook. They are watching, listening to all your movement and activities, Great anti christ tools app’s. Talk to somebody about buying a new TV, next thing you know you are getting TV’s commercials On your smartphone. Hay Siri, Alexa, Hello Google all spying.
  7. I think it’s time that we take a break you win brother Tony. Moderators you have my permission to delete this post, completely for it is too confusing for new members here. Not profitable for anyone. E Morales with thegloryland Member
  8. You sound like king Agrippa, when he told Paul, you almost persuaded me into becoming a Christian. Too much teaching is driving you mad. Have a great day my friend. Now, I have to go start taking my Portuguese classes.
  9. Everything I post, you mention, I’m lost or need to get up to date, study more. Lost in space. Pot-stirring, I am a good cook. But that’s not what you’re talking about. The Lord is using me to strengthen you, not to tech you. Have a good night, enjoy chatting with you.
  10. I like the way you put words, and skipping the virgin birth. You are a Southern Baptist teacher, this is a Independent Baptist Forum. But we all can learn something here, for all age’s and denominations are welcome. I’ll go back to school.
  11. How about the part they mention God for Israel Only, and they do not mentioning the virgin birth, above.
  12. No, I’m just saying it as it is. Even with my poor grammar, I can see. You sound like a NKJ person to me.
  13. Capital H,He is God, not just for the Jews, but the World, Savior. The miracle and virgin birth.
  14. Sounds good and it’s working for you. No problem, I do watch on YouTube Preaching and services.
  15. The good old email and text are still good tools, and you don’t have to see all other junk. I agree, that’s why I am asking brother Tony. I am not telling anyone what to do. I’m just telling everyone what I think. It’s your decision
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