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  1. What the Heavenly Father has revealed in His Word, Daily, Always, to His little children is not a secret to those in Christ Jesus. The Word is unchanged in the last 2000 years, and the activity and word of Jesus and Luke are unchanged. Neither would ever have offered any kind of toxic toxins or poisons to people , ever, for any reason. Jesus and Luke and the Apostles healed as the Father Directed, and the Father says very specifically and clearly that injecting toxins via directions from pharmkeia is deceiving the whole world. The Father in heaven in His Word and through history has shown healers how to heal, whether by faith and prayer, or by faith and prayer and diet. Not ever by toxins. Modern medicine is very deceptive and has become the world idolatry over the last century. The making illegal to cure, federal laws instigated by drug lords (bigpharma, drug industry, lobbyists and worse) was published often and may still be available in books by those people who learned of it. You might find some or many of the healers on the convenient site quackwatch website(s) published or kept up by the cdc, the fda, or the ama.
  2. Source please....I can't find anything on this, nor have I heard anything on it on Christian News or on the regular news cycles. I find it hard to believe that there wouldn't be one article on this event. It was on the internet news in the hour before I posted it. Now searching that specific is not findable or not easy to find, but many like this are available in the last hour: US (English) Safe search: off Any time Videos 2:48 Copenhagen Denmark Protests Against Mandatory Vaccination Continues; Thous… 1.1K views YouTube8mo 11:56 Thousands Gather In Copenhagen Denmark To Protest Mandatory Covid19 Vaccination! 518 views YouTube8mo 1:45 Anti Lockdown Protests In Aarhus Denmark 420 views YouTube5mo
  3. It seems you got it. Obey the government(s) as God's Word Says. Don't trust them.
  4. Some posting want to post to true Christians, in this and other forums/ sites/ webpages. That's okay. Most reading are impure, whether Christian or the world. THat's okay. The Bible does say clearly what pure religion is. That's Good and Okay! The world, most readers, most residents or citizens, most in and most out of church, don't get it, even if they pretend to. That's okay. The question was or is or the title - who defines 'false' religion? Whoever wants to. It happens every day, worldwide, in and out of church or religious groups. That's okay.
  5. Plain speech to one man is unintelligible to another. Those of us who have been introduced to the healing methods that the AMA won't use, that the drug lords made illegal in the 1950's in the USA, we had a choice - continue learning and doing and using the healing methods, even though it is illegal, and not taught in medical schools since 1950, or stop using the healing methods, and go along with the drug lords and the corrupt government system. The people who don't trust the doctors, are very simply and regularly healed of most problems. Many books were published with the known and proven cures for about 100 supposedly incurable conditions. No one is forced to read them , I guess, if they are not homeschooled. Public schools are not permitted to tell the students healing is very easy and very possible and is older than drugs. Each must find out for themself, as no one can force another to learn. btw, Jesus and Luke both would tell everyone to renounce the worldly toxins used by modern medicine, which first of all causes harm (as well as brings a curse for trusting doctors), and to learn the healing methods that God taught and approves of even today. ================================================== =============== next post got merged here ============== For a short time at least, there was yesterday or day before one European country in the news where the forced posin shots were stopped. The normal common intelligent faithful people , and others, opposed to the injecting posins, went on strike/ riots / for NINE DAYS, until the government gave in. The drug lords have the power though, to keep doing what they want again, and again, ad infinitum , until God intervenes or Jesus Returns, so the common man, the public, will eventually be made subject to forced posin shots, or be subject (as already happened many places) to isolation, arrest, imprisonment, being a martyr, being unemployed, not being allowed to stay home, etc etc etc.
  6. How does the Scriptural Hymn go: Believe Him and Say, I Believe, I Believe God ? And Simply Do as Instructed. Do what God Says Do. Was there some other aspect or question as if to do something else, anything else, besides what God Instructs us to do ?
  7. This is truth for Ekklesia (true people of God). Even of them/us/ God says IF My People, repent ... turn from their wicked ways ... So that would be not pure people. Then in the world, they (not God's people, the worldly, fleshly, unregenerate heathen) do not care what the Bible clearly tells us. They prefer the definitions that suit them, that they are encouraged to believe, that allows them to feel as if they are okay, when in fact and in truth they are on the road to destruction and will be destroyed if God does not grant them to turn to Him and repent. To learn from Him, from His Word, what true religion is.
  8. Do you remember where it is written (I think it is in Scripture, but it might have been a comment) that Torah (Scripture) is good when it is used correctly, as God Means ; Scripture is not good , not helpful nor lawful, when it is mis-used or used incorrectly, not as God Means.
  9. Ephesians 2 says that aleady, long before all the ridiculous politics, people were already brainwashed, thoroughly. The ones who thought any particular country including us was 'right' somehow, thought so because the brainwashing , since infancy, nationwide, works. Worldwide also. Babylon is babylon, is not serving the Creator nor helping anyone find or turn to or serve Jesus, no. It trains everyone from infancy onward to be death dealing, sinful, corrupt, dishonest, and greedy. (basically) The few who were or became free of the corrupt babylon system, and spoke /speak/ out about it exposing it, are thrown in lion's den, tossed in super heated furnace, beaten, mocked, arrested, jailed, and martyred, often in the 'name of god'. The system went along and sought and executed the Messiah. The same system today. Brainwashed? Simple speach : Yes, society is brainwashed, wicked, and death dealing (pernicious).
  10. For the world though, the devil defines false religion. That way, the people deceived by the devil, get to call every other group false, and they keep believing they themselves are right. Hasn't that been the way the world works for thousands of years now, as Scripture says ?
  11. And do you want more double talk from the "professionals", even conservative or liberal one? If a group trusts one of the sources, fine and well, they believe what that source says, even if it is false. BB provided many professional , conservative and liberal examples, unethical politicians on every side, difficult to find one who can be counted on to tell the truth and only the truth any day or every day. ================ below is quoted from another post to include sig =============================== "Jeff, you can't just make blanket statements like you did and not post an article from a conservative and liberal news source to back it up. It doesn't make any sense to ramble on about things you cannot back up with hard evidence. You seem to be doing that quite a bit lately. Your oft rambling statements are hard to follow with their redundency in structure. You do okay at times, but at other times, I just can't follow and wouldn't even want to try to figure out what you're saying. I like "PLAIN SPEECH!" If you're looking for perfection in me, you may want to look past me to the Lord Jesus Christ. I'm his bondservant, and he's in charge. He's the only one perfect that I know of. He's still working on me. So, please excuse the mess from the construction. Looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith!-" ============================================================= Plain speech? Don't trust any politician or doctor or scientist without being able to prove what statement is true without doubt. Each statement must be proven true, according to Jesus the Author and Finisher of our faith, before believing the statment, even if an apostle (messenger of God) or as if an angel of light delivers a statment - don't accept it if it is false in the Light of God's Word, or contradicts God's Word. The world system, political and medical and educational and financial (and social and news and media) is ungodly. Don't trust it.
  12. A lot of questions, enough for a dozen or more threads really, come to thought related to this, if anyone wants to follow up on one or more: God both warned "His People", and us today, and everyone in between what to do and what not to do, including His Own warnings about Government, Governments and Government Leaders. Many warnings were given in Scripture, as well as simple instructions to follow to obey God, in contrast to the fall into apostasy of christendom following a man instead of following God, by force or willingly (most seems willingly through the last 2000 years, even though unwittingly, unknowingly?) . When God Delivered the "My People" from slavery (which all was planned ahead of time) in Egypt, did the people vote ? Did God tell them previously, or ever, to trust the Pharaoh ? Did the people vote for Cyrus ? Did God say to trust Cyrus? Wasn't Cyrus the one God put in place and divinely showed it was God and not man's choice to lift Cyrus up, to trouble Cyrus 7 years he was brought down, and then to lift him back to being King, even though Cyrus was heathen ? I couldn't find anyplace God said to trust in a human king's strength or wisdom or knowledge, only to obey the government and pray for peace for all men, but never to trust man. When God sent the plagues, was that good for the well-being of the Egyptian people ? When a king sent his soldiers to kill every boy in the area under 2 years old (after Jesus , King of the Jews, was born, seeking to kill Jesus in order to try to prevent Jesus' takeover), was that "over-reach"? When the nation of "My People" later, after being delivered from Egypt, 'voted' to go back to Egypt, or got together and complained for the delicasies of Egypt, and for meat like they had had in Egypt, and to donate their family gold jewelry and treasure to melt all together to make a golden calf to worship, what did God do to them or offer them ? i.e. every time Israel, "My People", God's chosen, set apart people, voted (tried to choose by popularity or power in number), it seems they were punished each and every time If this is so, if God never ever told His People to vote, and they suffered each time they did, why do people think democracy (voting) is good anywhere ? Isn't it a democracy that by voting made murdering babies legal, and causing disease since at least world war II when it was discovered the food supply was making people sick more than ever before? After that, instead of getting better, it got worse , and protected by federal law by those people of the usa voted for. Not to mention all the money collected from the people, used to enrich the coffers of politicians, oil men, pharmacy, bankers, licensed mind controllers (in the "health" fields, by drugs or by ungodly counseling ).
  13. Listening to babylon, to pagans, to unbelievers, is disobeying God and God's Word. He warns sternly , on purpose, not to seek help nor to listen to idol worshipers or those who serve the devil. Those who listen and follow the pagans, the idol worshipers, medical being one of the most humongous idolatries today, will likewise fall into the pit. We are to set no unholy thing before our eyes, and not sit in the seat of scoffers (Psalm 1) , told by God not to be listening to them nor doing as they do. Those who were cursed by God because of the error of Balaam were much less wicked than those who today are cursed by God for not trusting Jesus, for being tricked into being cursed by mere men or by desiring loose women or for trusting sinful medical priests serving pharmakeia today.
  14. Over 97% of everyone whether they were told they had covid or not, just naturally anyway all along , as stated all along for the last 2 years, are immune or will suffer very little if at all if they happen to get sick from something. (it may be called covid, but since that ship has sailed, it could be anything from an allergy to a cold to flu to pheumonia - or some 80 other symptoms the medicos decide as if at random to call it covid or a mutant). Those healthy ones, immune normally, are a lot more likely to get sick from any shot recommended by the druglords. By going along with the druglords (manufacturers of the ridiculus pandemic scenarios since 1976 and before) the public gives themselves over to corruption, deception, and to being controlled .
  15. In dollars, yes. The value of the vaccine, with all the associate efforts and protocols and institutional costs, exceeds 4 or 5 trillion dollars. If not one dollar had been spent advertising and pushing the vaccine, if nothing at all had been done, the value of the vaccine would be billions of dollars less, right ? If 45,000 people died from the vaccine, would that hurt the profits ? No, I don't think so. If half a million people died from the vaccine, would that hurt the profits ? No, I don't think so. The system is self-protecting. Self-promoting. If someone dies from the vaccine, it is labeled a heart attack, an allergy, a pre-existing condition, anything to not admit the truth, anything to protect the profits. LIkewise when anyone died from anything, it could be counted, and often was, as a covid death, to spin the statistics. That way the system protects itself and is self-fulfilling whatever it decides it wants - an increase here, a decrease there, of anywhere from 1 or 2, to ten or twenty thousand, to hundreds of thousands of sickness and death, all reports being strictly controlled by the system with nearly 87% co-operation from the politicians, care givers, hospitals, doctors, newspapers, media, etc etc etc. A few may occassionaly report the truth, on purpose or by accident, and then it gets used as a show of good faith by the monsters in charge - as if they are tolerant of others and as if they are not controlling all the studies and outcomes and sickness and death statistics. So , if 100,000 people die next week from the vaccines, will anyone hear of it in the public media ? No, not likely. The cover up must continue, and will continue, because over $5,000,000,000,000.00 says so. That's enough money to give everyone in power a few billion, lower ranks lower levels a few million each, and everyday doctors and nurses all could receive a few thousands dollars more each month for a while, to make up for all the trouble they suffered, and to ease their guilty consciences, eh? Regular citizens may still get a few hundred to a few thousand a few times or monthly, as long as they go along with the system.
  16. Growing up in the Protestant mid-west, Protestants called catholicism the false religion, or the beast, as Martin Luther and the other Redeemers showed from the Revelation/Understanding of Scripture between 1500 to 1800 or so. In direct contrast to that, at the same time, the one world church in rome called false religion as anyone not catholic, I think. According to them, the only way to get to heaven is to be catholic. Jesus says turn to the Creator, for His Kingdom is at hand, close by, and the only way to receive eternal life is to be born again by the Will of the Father in heaven, trusting Him (without faith it is impossible to please God; and faith is a gift as well as choosing to live His Way Trusting) . In Scripture, the Creator says He curses anyone who trusts mankind or idols or other gods or the flesh. i.e. anything besides the Father. I don't think He ever says to trust the religious leaders, or even the apostles/ messengers of God, or any government.
  17. Followup Searches: Now, for page after page after page of searches, the bribes are called stimulus packages, for time lost from work , for employers and employees variously. Months ago, in /on/ all the news stations available, it was broadcast that for a week to a month in whatever particular area, there had been zero cases, and the ones in charge thought it wise to offer residents "help" for their financial suffering and advertised free testing and if anyone tested positive they were offered from maybe as low as $500.00 to what seemed to be the average of $1500.00 each. Immediately there was a spike in covid in those areas, from ZERO , to hundreds or even thousands of cases now of covid, but only on paper/ from tests, not from actual sickness or illness or any symptoms. And people wanted the money. The rich people got millions to billions, while the normal joe got a few hundred usually. If anyone got hospitalized, they received an advertized cost of over $100,000 in medical care (that went to the rich/ the hospitals, the pharmacies) , thus showing the motives and perpetuation of the fairy tale proceedings.
  18. It was in the news, broadcast abc , cbs, nbc, npr, and so on months ago when australia had no cases for two weeks, when texas the same, and so on. You already posted the false positives I think, frequently, as did others. The false positives happened all along, since the beginning of the so called pandemic, and have been published frequently from several or many countries. How can anyone post proof , btw ? BB posted proof of covid deaths and increases , authorized by government and medical authorities, of lies, but called it truth. Socially, officially, scientifically, all proven lies, nothing really about pandemic proven true except people made billions of dollars and there's now over 5 trillion dollar budget for the rich. In the Bible, it is written, and has been true for centuries, or always true: the lies will be published and taught as truth, and the truth will be called a lie. This happens every day, all over, every channel, every government agency almost without exception.
  19. How to get 500 to 5000 NEW CASES of covid in any city , country, or country within a week. (without any virus or symptoms present) i.e. how to stack the statistics daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. So, How to Beg-in? How many thousands of people were BRIBED to go get tested positive when they had ZERO symptoms and were not sick at all. In areas, cities, countries, Australia, Texas, too many other places, when they had ZERO cases of virus for 2 weeks, they OOFFERED $1500.00 per person , who certainly must realize the financial hardship that cvd causes, $1500.00 per person who came forward to collect and tested positive for covid ! Since the tests provided immediate money, and it was set up to test positive no matter what the person's condition, they gladly went along with getting that BRIBE. To further the nonsensical pandemic powers in control. If someone actually had symptoms of anything, (something like 84 different symptoms found in people ) and actually got sick enough to need help, they were offered many many many thousands of dollars of medical care (not cash usually, unless they were already a billionaire, in which case apparently they could and did receive millions of dollars in cash/ or the equivalent) . If someone had a history of heart attacks, heart disease, seizures, and diabetes, they could now receive over $100,000 medical help from COVID FUNDS, and be classified as covid no matter there was no virus present or proven in them. Thus the statistics BB likes to call upon , as if they were honest, but they're not honest, but they are used everywhere to promote covid pandemic government and medical and social quaranteens and isolations and money making.
  20. Said and Reported by the Foxes who are getting their way with most of the chickens. If you believe those statistics from the Foxes and the Wolves, those who openly lied and were proven wrong often, then perhaps you would like to buy a small 200,000 sq ft condo in the Antarctic for 25 cents ? (clear title) So do not listen to the anti-vaccine people. Seek out and find those who do not lie. (the ones (sources/ authorities) you quote from frequently lie). Learn from God, learn from the actual facts first hand, learn from the licensed ama doctors and many others who admitted the covid pandemic is folly and it is ridiculous. And research all the mask studies, beginning with a search : doctors and surgeons 1981 hospital masks From this one search, others follow, and all show that the masks even worn in hospitals by the surgeons INCREASE infections.
  21. Yes, it is a sad state of the world today, especially in the untied states, that supplements are needed more often than not. It is a fact of the depletion, the corruption of the food supply starting even with the seeds used, the soil treatments, the chemicals used on the planting areas, the way the products are badly treated after being gathered, the chemicals used where they are stored or in transporting and then even in the grocery stores. There once was a small electronic device that could measure or detect the presence of pesticides and other toxins on the food displayed at grocery stores or farmer's markets. It is still used privately by various individuals or entities (companies, agencies, governmetns). The problem with widespread nutritional loss has resulted in the epidemics of disease in the untied states since just before wwII ! (proven by the official military and civilian doctors who studied the great increase in disease between wwI and wwII; then published in the now impossible to find "famous" White Paper (offical government authorized report). The results can partly be found by searching > 3 white poisons. Or even 5 white poisons. Or even maybe > the virus theory. All of which provide results the vast majority of cows or sheep are unaware of. (I think one of the first books out was titled "A Nation of Cows" (or Sheep?, about how the whole country was dumbed down and not shown the truth about how the government and corporations was systematically and thoroughly decdeiving them and making them sick , for profit/ bribes/ power.
  22. Renaming diseases to call them covid, to make sick people afraid of covid when it is the drugs making them sick, putting covid death on death certificates for people who died from 140 other causes, when the overall death rate dropped considerably from 2019 to 2020. Lying about the pandemic to control the population in a global reset... Going along with the world government oppressing and killing people worldwide and preventing healing , is that Jesus, or the devil ? Your blessings are a curse, as your information in posts are a curse to everyone getting sick and dying from the shots you promote . God's Way be Accomplished , let all in your nursing home you are in be aware.
  23. Do not keep following the errors of mankind, of world governments, of deadly pharmakeia. Pastors: do not give in to FEMA any longer. They offered many protection, help, money, aid, housing, food, water, support before and during marshal law if it is declared. The protection is offered to those who go along with the control of society, the deception of the masses with drugs and fake pandemics.
  24. Trusting the vaccine manufacturers, AND promoting them, IS death dealing. Trust God instead. He Is Life. God Himself Exposes the hypocristy of the governments and the medical community. The iron lung is nothing compare to the lake of fire awaiting those who have dealt death through vaccines and deception through medicine to multitudes of babies , women and men. Reading the medical literature, indexing it, what was written promoting the medical system, and what came from the medical system, of this world, has lead many to the path of destruction . They never had to hear of the anti-vx, nor hear of the ones who opposed the vaccinations at all, no. Just reading, indexing, and trusting the enemy of Christ is more than enough to lead to destruction, let alone rejecting the ones who tell the truth exposing the wicked system. Jesus Own Words to the Crowds: Turn to the Creator, for His Kingdom is at hand. Close by. Today.
  25. That's where you failed from the start. Actually, any one who trusts science is cursed, according to Scripture. God's Own Word. No, polio was not wiped out by vaccines. Nor was any disease wiped out by vaccines. The vaccine producers claim that, but they are only seeking profits, not prophets, not truth at all. If you believe the history that was written by the profitmongers, then there is no hope for the truth. Gates Vaccine Spreads Polio Across Africa | New Eastern ... journal-neo.org/2020/09/28/gates-vaccine-spreads-polio-across-africa/ Following the use of Salk's vaccine between 1955 and 1963, cases of polio in the US increased—by 50 percent from 1957 to 1958, and by 80 percent between 1958 and 1959. This was concealed by a US Government change in defining polio, much as the WHO and CDC do today in Africa. Vaccines have increased deception concerning disease, and the entire medical system is fraudulent concerning this, completely. The true information is still available, and guess what the ones profiting from toxic drugs say ? UN says new polio outbreak in Sudan caused by oral vaccine ... https://abcnews.go.com/Technology/wireStory/polio-outbreak-sudan-caused-oral-vaccine-72766683 UN says new polio outbreak in Sudan caused by oral vaccine. The World Health Organization says a new polio outbreak in Sudan is linked to an ongoing vaccine-sparked epidemic in Chad. FILE - In ...
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