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  1. Is the system of politics moral ? (i.e. no matter what party or who is in?) For clarity, and/or confirming as the Bible Says, what is a "good soldier" (disciple of Jesus) supposed to do today concerning all the politics and affairs of society ?
  2. In what ways is obeying Jesus pertinent today in our lives ?
  3. No, that is not the KJV Bible meaning of blameless at all. it does not matter if someone is caught or not , they are not blameless ... (in the KJV). If they went along with (even silently approved or did not hate) any sin - divorce, re-marriage, adultery , then they are not only not blameless, they are guilty. Jesus says even if it was only in the thoughts in their heart they sin, then they are already guilty. So then , who else is blameless ? I think there's about 12 verses specifically in the KJV on biblegateway dot com that tells who else is, or more about,
  4. Well, there is salvation for those who hate sin, who renounce their 'soul' life to gain a 'spirit'(true) life in line with God's Word, who turn to and come to Jesus to be healed (saved), to be set free from the power of the devil, the power of sin, the power of the world, and the power of sin and death.... We all HAD some sins we love, potentially. When true repentance is accomplished, when true healing, true salvation is accomplished by the Father, there remains no more desire for sin, no more love for sin - it is dealt with totally, as written. Love the Truth. Love what
  5. (1) Most people on earth believe and promote and encourage false teachings, deadly practices, harmful directions, every day. (2) Few get saved. <at all, and/or from the deadly practices-beliefs> . (3) Hebrew Roots is not more deadly than other major beliefs worldwide. (4) People can be saved regardless if they are in Hebrew Roots or one of the other beliefs. (5) Not everyone in Hebrew Roots ignores Jesus. (nor the New Covenant). (6) Few anywhere, in any belief system/ society/ culture, follow Jesus, or believe the truth. (7) The number of false
  6. Like you posted earlier: 4 hours ago, SureWord said: It was still hidden from them and when God hides something you will not find it out no matter how much praying or studying you do. We know now looking back because these things have been revealed to us. ======================== Also, fwiw, decades ago I only had one Bible, RSV, and from all I read it did not contradict anyone's KJV , and for me it was a lot more understandable at the time. I chose to trust God to reveal what He Wanted, and desperately asked Him to, since so many preach
  7. Amen with all Praise to the Father in Heaven ! Hmmm...
  8. Is it hot? .... is it HOT ?! .... is it co- vid ? Where in the world does any church freely or any government welcome and publish the truth ?
  9. False information about c19 is banned, censored, deleted, from news, forums, etc.... Any information that people can take something that kills/eliminates viruses is forbidden. In 1940 it was legal and published. by 1960, it was opposed by the phrmk and by the gov and by the ama(under phrmk) and fda.
  10. ... ... ... da-quon died in texas, 'alone', with several pre-existing conditions including failed kidney transplant previously, his adoptive father pastor weberly was not allowed to be with him, nor others, in the hosptical (only hoptical workers allowed in icu, etc, 'because' of virus..... even though healthy people have no concerns for the virus, healthy people were not allowed to be with da-quon because of the 'rules' surrounding the so-called pandemic .... question not asked: (in the news) >>>>> why was an already sick, with immune-system c
  11. Can you believe it is going to get a lot hotter ?
  12. Definition means a lot. For instance: (did the people God here saved never believe, or they believed and later believed not ? ) Jude 1:5 | View whole chapter | See verse in context I will therefore put you in remembrance, though ye once knew this, how that the Lord, having saved the people out of the land of Egypt, afterward destroyed them that believed not.
  13. Is it possible that what men consider great and wonderful, God considers terrible and ungodly ?
  14. Censorship has been a lot more widespread for decades, even almost a century, than is admitted. (not necessarily too difficult to prove either, if someone cares to look - even compare the most common search engine results for < europe clinics virus vitamin c > with the results from an uncensored search engine (dozens or hundreds of examples concerning past 200 years and longer, many epidemics, viral and other, 'easy' to take care of ... not scary at all (the disease is not scary - the gov and med handling is a major disaster ) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJfmEU
  15. Did anyone in Scripture ever question if Scripture is God's Word , as far as you know ? I do not remember hearing about anyone (anyone set apart holy to God, by God) who did not believe that Scripture is God's Word. (i.e. Truth, True, Faithful) Perhaps even the enemies of God fully acknowledged that Scripture is God's Word ? But today, compare if possible what we know about in our lifetimes, and previous recent generations - how many deny God's Word (everyone practically) ? They chose to trust or to serve something else?
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