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  1. The writer of "Kings" ? The Scripture is perfectly correct, from the Creator. Nothing, not one jot, not one tittle nor even one iota, in Scripture, indicates that the earth rotates, ever. If someone is going to stick with Scripture, and not fables and not myths, then stick with Scripture completely. Please.
  2. In good conscience, a way not even understood , as well as what follows > I am nobody. 'hear me roar' ? no. A voice crying in the wilderness? yes. Not very loud. Not very popular. VERY controversial.... Yet truth, unadulterated truth. Why is truth so rare ? (according to the Bible) Why has witchcraft and sorcery (according to the Bible: Revelation 18) deceived the whole world ? (that is what it says, in all the translations except for possible unknown translations, or in the original) Go ahead, throw the book at me. Ignore me.
  3. A very good other helpful for many , for decades, is the Robinson Curriculum.
  4. A lot of news/ media/ science/ governments/ under control of pharmakeia have published endless body counts - how many died, in each city, country, hospital, from what (what they say), etc etc etc .... So ? Death is not new. Dying needlessly is not new. Years ago I read the end of the BOOK..... billions die. Billions refuse to stop serving (worshiping) demons. It's not a "pretty picture", is it ? A few survive. A few are saved. Maybe millions, maybe even a billion ? ..... With no worry. No anxiety. No fear of death a
  5. Seems to be because when Jonah, a white-washed (from being in the stomach) man, walked to , or through, or around Ninevah with the message God gave him to speak, and spoke it, the people from the king down to the lowest, repented. When Jesus, Lord of lords, King of kings, walked among His Own people , they rejected Him. I think it is written somewhere else, later in Scripture, that those who refuse TODAY to listen, those who reject Jesus Word TODAY , are subject to so much more punishment (or wrath?) , than the Israelites who refused to li
  6. Why not find out what a few other countries did without shutting down, and even better, what did the groups who did not die do during the previous (last 200 or more years) epidemics or plagues ? Stopping a virus was shown around 1940-1960 by Linus Pauling, for one, and was not difficult. duckduckgo search <virus, european clinics, vitamin> yields amazing results covering such past pandemics and virus and bacterial events. And how to effectively deal with them, without masks, without drugs, without panic - simple effective "same old ways" as they used long ago.. (when th
  7. I don't remember in Scripture seeing much if anything about rights of society ? And it has been some time since I saw a good Bible teaching about the topic "individualism" or rather about someone's "rights" . I hope some of the old time sermons are still available somewhere... They showed clearly that we give up our rights when we get Baptized into Jesus, or Baptized in Jesus' Name. He becomes our Lord, completely. (willingly and joyously , without holding anything back at all) i.e. whole-hearted, total devotion to Jesus.
  8. I liked and agree with most of Wesley's 'book'? on Christian Perfection... I saw it online somewhere and what I read back then (whenever) was solid Biblical experience and description. Not about the holiness movement, but "holy", doesn't holy mean "set apart"... As we are to be "set apart" the same way Jesus was set apart, different from and not of the world any longer - no longer desiring the things of the world ?
  9. In what ways is obeying Jesus pertinent today in our lives ?
  10. No, that is not the KJV Bible meaning of blameless at all. it does not matter if someone is caught or not , they are not blameless ... (in the KJV). If they went along with (even silently approved or did not hate) any sin - divorce, re-marriage, adultery , then they are not only not blameless, they are guilty. Jesus says even if it was only in the thoughts in their heart they sin, then they are already guilty. So then , who else is blameless ? I think there's about 12 verses specifically in the KJV on biblegateway dot com that tells who else is, or more about,
  11. Well, there is salvation for those who hate sin, who renounce their 'soul' life to gain a 'spirit'(true) life in line with God's Word, who turn to and come to Jesus to be healed (saved), to be set free from the power of the devil, the power of sin, the power of the world, and the power of sin and death.... We all HAD some sins we love, potentially. When true repentance is accomplished, when true healing, true salvation is accomplished by the Father, there remains no more desire for sin, no more love for sin - it is dealt with totally, as written. Love the Truth. Love what
  12. (1) Most people on earth believe and promote and encourage false teachings, deadly practices, harmful directions, every day. (2) Few get saved. <at all, and/or from the deadly practices-beliefs> . (3) Hebrew Roots is not more deadly than other major beliefs worldwide. (4) People can be saved regardless if they are in Hebrew Roots or one of the other beliefs. (5) Not everyone in Hebrew Roots ignores Jesus. (nor the New Covenant). (6) Few anywhere, in any belief system/ society/ culture, follow Jesus, or believe the truth. (7) The number of false
  13. Like you posted earlier: 4 hours ago, SureWord said: It was still hidden from them and when God hides something you will not find it out no matter how much praying or studying you do. We know now looking back because these things have been revealed to us. ======================== Also, fwiw, decades ago I only had one Bible, RSV, and from all I read it did not contradict anyone's KJV , and for me it was a lot more understandable at the time. I chose to trust God to reveal what He Wanted, and desperately asked Him to, since so many preach
  14. Amen with all Praise to the Father in Heaven ! Hmmm...
  15. Is it hot? .... is it HOT ?! .... is it co- vid ? Where in the world does any church freely or any government welcome and publish the truth ?
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