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  1. Scott Markle Who else would have been there? Like, if he'd been in Independence, Missouri, would he not have said, "American men"? Dude think with your brain, before slinging your central nervous system juices forceless. Would you eat a baked potato without chives? You're a tasteless salt, with such boundlessly baseless postulation.
  2. You are TRIPPIN You base your assessment of YAH's Chosen People, on your own resentment. Yes, many Palestinians are saved. Are YOU? "Babe" in Christ, because you think you're pretty? Do you realize that, that woman you were ridiculing, whose ancestors are inherently Jewish, was in her late sixties? You use a very derogatory epithet, for an entire city, San Fransisco, regardless of their sexual orientation. That's hate mongering. Should anyone ever be a homosexual? Absolutely not. What on Earth do you think repentance functions as? It's an actual step to salvation, you blaspheming, discipleship-bastardizing dogmatic deviant!
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