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  1. Do not give up on her. Ask her if you can come talk to her study with her in your KJV bible. Go from scripture to scripture with her until she understands the only way you have life after this life is through Christ in heaven. Because if she remains lost after she dies on earth she will have a second death on judgment day at the great white throne and cast into the lake of fire for ever and ever. Read to her the scripture in the bible about the rich man and Lazarus where the rich man was in the place of tournament and Lazarus was in Paradise. When the rich man asked Abraham to let Lazarus dip his finger in water and wet his mouth. But Abraham told him you had your richs on earth while Abraham layed at your gate begging for your crumbs from your plate. The dogs locked Lazarus sores until he died. Explain to her that rich man is still in the place of tournament until judgment day then cast into the eternal lake of fire. There is no us keep coming back to this life when we die until we get something right. This is it. Are lord gives us the choice for are next life to love him live for him obay his laws and go to heaven. Or just live in sin and go to hell. Explain to her god gave his son to die on the cross for are sins from a virgin and after he died on the cross he rose again after 3 days. are lord don't want to see anybody go to hell. The devil is hard at work on earth look how empty churchs are now the things on TV the way people love money more than people so sad list keeps going. I'm 37 and have not truly been saved even a year yet. When I was young my mom took me to church. She had to move away my grandma took me in teached me of are lord. But I'm ashamed to say took all these years for me to find god. I have kids and have them now in church but so ashamed its not been so so long ago. The devil is hear to try to blind us keep us away from the truth and are lord Jesus Christ! I'm saved now amen I then become a member of my Baptist church got baptized and what's so nice is like all them years ago me and my mom and kids go to church together to worship are lord together! Amen god is great all the glory to him. But yes put her on your prayer list at church I will pray for her as well. But out of anything you ever did or will do helping her find are lord and to be saved from a eternity in hell will may be the most important thing you ever do. There is a reason you and her met and had this conversation. Explain to her god loves us all man or woman and Christ is the head of man and man the head of woman but god loves us all the same. But she really is lost if I was you I would not give up I would try to help her find God. that would be amazing. And as well this is my first time ever on a site like this I'm so happy now I'm saved I just want to talk about are lord with everyone talk about the gospel with everyone Amen all glory to god!

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