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  1. My parents are still together but they have been arguing significantly (I don't live with them anymore). My father is unsaved, is a secular Jew, and my mother who was raised Catholic has in the past few years informed me of becoming "Christian" has been listening to false preachers like Joel Osteen and Bernardo Stamateas (and his wife Alejandra Stamateas) who don't preach on sin for obvious reasons. Because I am not fluent in Spanish, I had a feeling in my heart that the Stamateas family is promoting a false gospel and have been looking for confirmation. Yesterday, I found a website that exp
  2. Thanks for your honesty and two cents. It really is how the Lord leads. Some of us have health conditions too, which limits how much we can reasonably care for each child. I have never had kids yet, but I have been informed by more than one specialist to inform by doctors as soon as I plan on having kids so that my pregnancy could be planned accordingly.
  3. As quoted, God uses/has used other means to reveal Himself, but I would still say that His greatest revelation to the English-Speaking people was in our A.V and the missionary activities that emanated from this translation (Ro 10:17).
  4. Then there is the obvious cf. in Ro 1:20. It's kind of like how on stories of missionary trips you hear about people's conscience hearing of a Son who died but could not yet connect the dots until another is sent (Ro 10:15).
  5. This "confirmation" is confirmed scripturally in 1 Co 2:10-13.
  6. I meant unbiased in the sense that much of history is written by those that conquer and that the Jesuits have managed to permeate many aspects of government and education, and I am assuming the press. I thought about using wikipedia but I was weary of using it because sometimes the authors of a specific article are partial to what they are writing about. Ditto for youtube, where there is significant censorship. Right, the Great Private Interpreter.
  7. I am reading Dr.William Grady's Book, Final Authority about the history/ms., and canonization of the KJV as compared to the faulty Alexandrian ms., and I don't exactly know who the Benedictines are. I know that they're obviously connected to the Catholics and established a monastery, but I am having a hard time finding an unbiased explanation of them on the internet. It's not in Grady's glossary or appendix either.
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