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  1. Yes, we have tried to help her as much as possible also because our Pastor was paid very little when he was there. Myself and another member (on the board, Usher, Secretary and Treasurer) handled just about all function not once but twice in the last 10 yrs we were without a pastor for over a year at a time. It is God's will that it stayed open and he provided what we need to stay a float. We were still able to keep open our Food Pantry and a few other sacrifices of love for others. We tried but this season is over and it make us very sad. Now if we can just get help to figured out how t
  2. Our church is having to sell its self as we have run out of people and funds to support the church. Our Pastor died 9 months ago and we have been going downhill since. We really only have 3 board members and no congregation. We are all volunteers in our positions and have never been paid. We have two mortgages created by the previous Pastor some 15 years ago and have been paying them every since. We have a house next to the church that is in need of repairs but currently the Pastor's wife and son are sill living in it. We have had the same bi-Laws for over 20 years and it says nothing i
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