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  1. It doesn't say you can follow them back. It says some Jewish families have traditions (like Senator Warren's native American ancestry), which is far short of your claim. The article can't even provide one example of any genealogy that can be followed back to Israel. The best genealogy it has, it says was broken in the 1500s, and there's no verification of its credibility, even if it wasn't broken. The facts don't support your doctrines. God made an everlasting covenant, but a covenant is a two-way agreement, which the Jews broke when they rejected Christ, and earlier when they worshiped pagan gods. If the Jews could not break the covenant, why did God say Israel is not his people and he is not their God? You won't see my squirm, but I'll see you squirm.
  2. Your crocodile tears betray you. Paul tells us to refuse to support widows under 60 and not to support any widow who has family that can support them. The woman has no right of support from the church, beyond what her husband had already earned. The personage is only earned while the pastor is working. She has already had nine months, that's enough time to grieve and find a new home. She'll probably stay there as long as the church lets her, decades even, if the church would let her. After all, it's rent-free (from a church with no income but with mortgage and other bills). It's time to give her a 90-day notice, which will let her have a full year there, and more than enough time to find another place. And, for someone, like yourself, with a fixation for statutes, it's illegal for her to stay there. No only does she have no theological or moral right to live there, she has no legal right and she's putting the church in violation of the law. It's no longer a legal personage. With the pastor gone, the church owes taxes on the market value of rent, if they're letting someone stay there.
  3. They weren't his employees. I addressed this in my first response of this thread. You have no understanding of anything.
  4. What error? You're objecting to my decision not to continue to take DaveW to task on his off-topic hypocrisy and playing the role of a moderator? Yes, evidence of the Poster's claims against Hovind. Pointing to a legal document is not evidence refuting anything I've said. In fact, it reflects dishonesty or incompetency, pretending or thinking he has something he doesn't have. It's like if I said the moon is made of cheese and then linked to that same document. No one has answered [the details] of my original defense of Hovind in this thread. I'd be a fool throwing pearls to pigs if I give out more without anyone critics who aren't really interested in what's true. I even further explained that the charges were purely statutory, without repeating the example I've already given, and it was as totally wasted effort. Shame on me. In an impressive feat of thick-headedness, DaveW quotes the dictionary on "statutory" and then quotes a verse of offenses that are offenses apart from statute. And, you apparently also don't understand the meaning of "purely statutory" even though that phrase contains just two simple words. What is the meaning of COMMONWEALTH? DaveW's comment was rather cryptic. I get it. You'll probably IFB and elderly. This is more about your little clic and sticking up for each other than anything else.
  5. Here's what you read in the main body of the Wikipedia article, "Of particular interest is one distinguished Jewish family of Yemen who traced their lineage to Bonai, one of the sons of Peretz, the son of Judah". But, here's what your source adds as a footnote: "Broken off" means its a worthless genealogy to connect anyone today with Judah, never mind that there's no way to establish its credibility. And, this is the best specific example your link gives. Those Jews who claim priestly heritage to priests and the priestly tribe are speculative and wishful, like Senator Warren claiming to be a Native American (until DNA blew up that fantasy). When you see sentences like, "Some Jewish families have preserved traditions relating to their tribal affiliation", the word "traditions" is code for no evidence. Your source states, "The Holocaust was a significant factor in stimulating the research of Jewish genealogy. Many Jews were tormented by questions of what and who had been lost. In response, a number of genealogical agencies were created." This is practically a confession of an effort to wishfully and speculatively create genealogies. It's no coincidence that claims in the article you linked to are mostly limited to the tribes of Judah and Levi. These are the two tribes most people fabricating their ancestry would choose. Judah is the source of the name of their religion, Judaism ("I'm a real Jew, my ancestor is Judah"). And, Levi, the exclusive tribe of the priests. ("I'm a special Jew, I'm of the tribe of priests"). Even a sincere person converting to Judaism generations ago would most likely have chosen a new Jewish name associated with the tribe of Judah or Levi. Don't you know that converts take Jewish names? Most of the tribes are not even mentioned in your article. Even if you found a full and non-speculative genealogy, which you haven't, unless you can do something like compare genealogies across families, there's no evidence of authenticity or accuracy. And, then you have to do it for at least 144,000 people of 12 different tribes. And, because these are servants of God, it would have to be 144,000 Christians of 12 different tribes. Oh boy, you are inconceivably far from that goal. All human effort in the world hasn't given you a single one yet, and there's no hope of more.
  6. You still appear completely unaware of the nature of the charges against Hovind, as you can never talk about any of them specifically. You just throw around vague and unsupported accusations against him, as if you blindly believe the beast that has persecuted him. What lies did he tell? I don't agree with you that he deliberately broke the law. I don't think he knew much about the law before the fact. And, what little he thought he knew, he thought the Constitution was on his side.
  7. You also have no clue what "purely statutory" means. Not one iota of understanding.
  8. He doesn't understand that the charges were purely statutory. And, he probably doesn't understand what "purely statutory" means. He condemns Hovind for fighting for religious freedom. He's only delighted to see a Christian persecuted.
  9. All churches are 501c3, filing is irrelevant. Sell the church, pay off the mortgages. Those three board members are in control. There is no law about where the money goes, after paying off debts. The Pastor's wife and son need to move, and they've had nine months to move, so it seems they need a shove, else they need to start paying rent.
  10. Backing up my claim that the tribes of Israel no longer exists. Would you like evidenced that there's not a Tyrannosaurus family living in your back yard? It's your burden to prove that that the tribes still exist. I knew you wouldn't provide any links because there are no links supporting your bad doctrine-based delusion that the tribes still exist. Genuine experience? More like genuine poppycock. If there are places that list their heritage, it would be on the internet.
  11. He doesn't know squat about what he's talking about. He's just happy to see a Christian persecuted. He can't even talk about that evidence, because he knows so little about it.
  12. All you've done is praise the conviction and point to some documents. What you have not done is show any understanding of the case, nor any understanding of what I've said about the case. Unfortunately, I believe it, because that's all some people can do.
  13. We live in the age of the Internet. Your "experience and conversations" aren't good enough. Post links that document this tribal history. Acts 1:6 is the only New Testament passage that comes close to saying anything about restoring Israel. But, it's was a question of when Jesus was going to free the existing Jewish state from Roman occupation. And, Jesus essentially answered it with Pentecost, a spiritual restoration of Israel, which occurred when the disciples returned to Jerusalem. In essence, Jesus said the church was Israel. Acts 1:6b Lord, wilt thou at this time restore again the kingdom to Israel [not "restore Israel"]? 7 And he said unto them, It is not for you to know the times or the seasons, which the Father hath put in his own power. 8 But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost [Pentacost].... I can't reply to all of your verse references, but they all agree with me.
  14. Yet, you still have shown no understanding of what Hovind was charged with. Very clearly, your obsession with pointing to the court documents shows you don't understand them. If you understood them, you could talk about them instead of just pointing to them.
  15. KJVO only people measure the accuracy of other Bibles by comparing it to the KJV. They'd compare the original manuscripts to the KJV and declare the original manuscripts full of errors. That's what you do, you measure the world by your doctrines, and then deny the world is wrong when it doesn't match your doctrines. Your doctrine says the 12 tribes still exist, and you're not going to let the reality that they don't exist get in your way. And, because you believe they exist, you think their existence proves my doctrine is wrong.

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