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  1. Interesting. No coloring books for young children with a line drawing of Jesus walking on water? Don't draw Jesus at the well or any other similar visual when telling the story of the woman at the well? Don't get me wrong, my favorite pastor held the same position. I myself did not hold that position, even back then, but while I was under his authority I believed that it was my responsibility to abide by his convictions as my pastor. I guess my own personal line in the sand would be not drawing anything that I thought would have any chance at all of being worshipped, or that might make others think that I was an idol worshipper. I disagree, though, with the idea that what I'm doing today is compromise... To me that would imply doing something that I suspected was not quite right for the sake of reaching more people. I feel that we're talking about a simple disagreement, not compromise. Maybe it sounded that way because I said I was nervous... But I'm only nervous because I knew so many people for so long that I might offend with this kind of object lesson or illustration. Nervous probably wasn't even the right word. By the same token, my pastor also believed that it was wrong to shop at a grocery store (or any store of any kind for that matter) that sold alcohol or cigarettes. He had his reasons, but that doesn't mean that I'm compromising today when I walk in to Krogers. I guess we've kind of wandered off the thread here...
  2. I've heard of this, but I've never actually ran into somebody that had that belief. 40 years ago my pastor did believe that any picture of Jesus was wrong, including the ones you might find in a children's Bible. He didn't like crosses, and he was also against nativity scenes like you would set up at Christmas. I don't run into that much anymore. I have a children's ministry, and to this day I still feel kind of nervous when I draw a picture of Jesus for one of my illustrations/object lessons.
  3. Welcome to Online Baptist. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

    1. MrEddie1611


      Thanks. I do have one question... Isn't there a place here where I can tell a little bit about myself? And maybe attach a picture to my name? I thought I saw something like that but not sure how to access it. 

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