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  1. Welcome to Online Baptist. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

    1. Carolin_A


      Thank you Pastor,

      as you can see in my profile my denomination is Catholic, which means Roman Catholic for most people here in Germany.

      Unfortunately we don't have many Baptist Churches here, even less Fundamental Baptist Churches.
      Although, most women here would not understand why I am interested in a Church they perceive as restrictive regarding women's freedom, I am very eager to learn about your views.

      We (women) have been fooled for too long to believe that men and women are equal, despite all the obvious differences, and it took me many years until my eyes got opened, and to learn that 'loss of freedom' can also mean to gain a lot more freedom and security in return.
      After all, if everybody would have the freedom to do whatever they desire our world would end up in chaos.

      That said, I am looking for guidance and advice to find the place God has intended for me as a single woman.

      Kind regards,


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