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    Corinne got a reaction from jeff_student_of_Jesus in Happy and unmarried   
    True, HappyChristian, one should not assume 'American man = automatically perfect'' however I have to disagree a bit regarding nationality issue.
    The woman in various countries is seen in different ways. Developed societies recognise the woman as worthy of at least enough respect to value her opinions and consider her a partner of some sort whereas in many 'other' cultures, the woman is not even considered human by the man. I fail to see how men from such societies (mine included) would suddenly ' realise' the value of a woman no matter how diligent in faithful matters he becomes. He can be changed through faith and regeneration, but his mind will still be filled with what he's been taught about women all his life. 
       Will have to agree that patience is key and not trying to force and rush things even though in the world's sight I'm seen as 'expired'. 
       The key is to marry young, because with every year the chance decreases. 
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    Corinne got a reaction from jeff_student_of_Jesus in Happy and unmarried   
    This topic has been edited cause opinions have changed. At peace with being single and having no interest in marriage.
  3. I Agree
    Corinne got a reaction from jeff_student_of_Jesus in Happy and unmarried   
    Appreciating all your input, it's very hard to keep such a commandment but I want to be blessed and I desire for my marriage to be God approved. Sometimes even as Christians, we encounter difficulties when getting along with each other, a saved Christian man still struggles with temptation from other women and various troubles, but at least I have a guarantee that he will TRY to fight any such things whereas an ungodly man becomes a prey much easier.
      Seen it often with my local men. They just don't care. They cheat openly, they brag about it and they're violent. When there's no love for God or a guy doesn't' think what's he's doing is wrong, it will only cause pain for his Christian partner.
       What was most difficult for me is refusing an American guy. Being from a poor, depraved country and having this young guy from a developed country like US be interested in me, meant so much. He was really nice and polite, could never compare with a local guy (btw I am very jealous of how American men treat their wives, they have so many qualities) but then he wasn't concerned with belief in anything. I couldn't risk it, people change in time, there's nothing to hold a non-believer to turn for the worse later.
        Be grateful all of your ladies that have a saved husband. It is extremely difficult to be single, more so as a woman. There are tons of benefits in having a godly mate.
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    Corinne got a reaction from SureWord in How often do you attend church in person?   
    Finding one sound in doctrine is also difficult. As mentioned previously, I only wish for more catering to single adults, but I understand if it doesn't happen. It's a rare thing to see older people being single. But you talked about men groups, I also find that important. The speeches are targeting mostly husbands and fathers, but single men also need encouragement, especially when they face temptations and different problems.
      The wives are very cautious when befriending single women, especially younger ones. I honestly don't blame them. There have been numerous scandals and breaking up of families when one's spouse wasn't guarded properly. I think families definitely enjoy interacting with other families.
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    Corinne got a reaction from Ukulelemike in Would you throw it away?   
    Think there are better situations. The ones where families share same beliefs. Taking their stuff does have consequences. Recently, someone noticed an item missing and now they're suspecting some friends who visited us.
     It's also tedious to take away stuff when nobody is present and walk a few streets to find a different dumpster so that there's enough distance. 
     You've mentioned how I can be of a good influence. I really can't. They're the ones messing with me and I have no positive influence even if I only talk about stuff if asked, I'm not pushing anything on them. I'm saying that good fruit can only come if the world's people love or enjoy your personality to some sort, then they would be open to your message.
       They've already made up their minds, there's nothing for me to do or say to make them interested in my beliefs, it's talking to walls.
      I still hope for change, but it doesn't depend on me.
       Thank you for your advice, Ukulelemike. Yes, taking away stuff is a wrong behavior even if I felt better temporarily, there were always more stuff coming in.  Truth be told, I would have to remove at least 80% of their stuff and it's just not possible. It's a poor testimony if they were to catch me, I'm not risking it again.
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    Corinne got a reaction from SureWord in Would you throw it away?   
    Daily I try not to let these things affect me, it's just that I'm very sensitive when I see evil words shown everywhere. Metal fans collect all sorts of monsters with crosses and curses, the prints are all mockings of our beliefs and it's a challenge to ignore something like this when it's placed in front of you almost daily.
      I wish they would wear normal stuff, but it's all customized. I think he also plans to buy some gargoyle looking puppet, it never ends
       But at the same time, Hugh_Flower, you are right. I can't just remove someone else's belongings. It's a constant test. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.
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    Corinne reacted to Hugh_Flower in Would you throw it away?   
    I reiterate Sureword. Be careful not become superstitious, than it self is bad. You also shouldn't be stealing their things, even with a good intention. 
    I'll pray for you. I'm sorry you find your self in this situation, I recommened talking to some one in your local church.
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    Corinne reacted to HappyChristian in Request for Candlestick (formerly Candlelight)   
    Well, there is some good news! Candle went in for another test, and they found no spot! So one of two things: God healed it, or it was a shadow the first time.  They want her to have a bone scan, and she is praying about that. Great news, eh? But please keep praying for them both. 
  9. Thanks
    Corinne got a reaction from Ukulelemike in What Gets Your Gripe On?   
    Believers/preachers always talking about the word 'religion' as a negative.
    Yet there's a verse in James where undefiled and pure religion is commendable. I think people want to refer to vain rituals, empty religion. But religion can be good
    I'm not scared of the word, it relates to beliefs, but many times I see it presented as a wrong thing.
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    Corinne reacted to HappyChristian in Return to Church: Plans and Policies for a Temporary Normal   
    We had our first parking lot service this past Sunday. Not everyone attended, but it was good to see those who did. We weren't able to live stream, as there is no Internet at the church. My husband is really wanting to have in-person services, but isn't completely sure yet when we will. He is in constant prayer for wisdom and guidance about it.
  11. Thanks
    Corinne got a reaction from John Young in What Gets Your Gripe On?   
    Believers/preachers always talking about the word 'religion' as a negative.
    Yet there's a verse in James where undefiled and pure religion is commendable. I think people want to refer to vain rituals, empty religion. But religion can be good
    I'm not scared of the word, it relates to beliefs, but many times I see it presented as a wrong thing.
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    Corinne reacted to Salyan in Coronavirus - Is your church taking any measures?   
    Not allowed, eh? That right there concerns me a whole lot more than any health danger. Our governments are using this as an excuse to test severe restriction of liberties, and the people are letting them. 
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    Corinne reacted to Rebecca in The beauty of creation   
    What a beautiful field of flowers! 😊
    I have had a few cactus plants for about six-ish years now, usually they have a few blooms on them once in awhile. However, this month one of them has the most blooms I've ever seen!  Eight flowers, one is smaller and beneath the larger ones. Interestingly, the blooms close up at night and open during the day. 🙂
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    Corinne reacted to Rebecca in The beauty of creation   
    A curious crab! 

  15. Thanks
    Corinne got a reaction from Salyan in Canadians & the Commonwealth   
    You blessed people, having the opportunity to see those stunning views in real life. I've seen imagery from Canada in youtube clips and I felt already refreshed. It looks absolutely amazing, one of the most beautiful places on earth no doubt.
     I've been given the chance to visit, but I refused. I think just visiting will make me depressed when my trip will end. I've visited the US a while ago and it has caused much angst and frustration, once you set foot in a civilised world, you see the difference especially if you're coming from an undeveloped country. That's why I kinda dislike travelling, seeing gorgeous places and then returning to a dumpster will make a person hate his life.
       I can admire from afar and I can pray for countries that I love, don't think it's wrong, it's not necessary to be American or Canadian to love those countries.
      Be grateful if you were born there. US/Canda/Australia/New Zealand are wonderful and magnificent countries.
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    Corinne reacted to DaveW in Mosque and parking   
    I have to vent for a bit......
    Some of you may know that we have the honour of having a mosque right next to our church building.
    Well in the more than ten years I have been here we have had an ongoing battle with their people using our carpark on Fridays (their normal day of getting together and bowing to false gods.)
    I have tried everything I can think of to stop them, from asking nicely, leaving notes on the cars, leaving tracts on the cars, waiting and talking to individuals...….
    I have emailed and spoken to their leadership who constantly say that they do what they can, but nothing seems to change.
    They suggested that I close our gate on Fridays.
    So I have finally taken to closing our gate and today I go to get a coffee in our kitchen that looks out onto our carpark and lo and behold, the gate is open and a car is parked in our car park.
    I immediately go out to close the gate again and the guy is returning at that moment, so I ask if he opened the gate. He says yes he did.
    I ask him why he thought that was OK, and from there ensues an argument where he says it is a mistake and I say you don't open a gate and park illegally by mistake.
    Then three other guys come over and gang up on me, and try to "calm things down" - now I was a little heated but I was under control.
    Then they proceeded to accuse me of being disrespectful because I refuse to accept that opening a gate and parking illegally fits the definition of "a mistake".
    Also, the guy said he used to be able to park here in the past...….. I have been here for more than ten years and never had an individual muslim seek permission to park in our carpark.....
    One of the guys said "I can't say what I want to say to you because it is Friday and I am not allowed"......
    I would not be surprised to find that we have damage to our building in the next few days.
    OK, I think I am done now......
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