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  1. Are there goods things in feminism? I'm torn on this issue, tossed by the wind of various opinions. When feminism proclaims that women can protect themselves and don't need a man, I truly disagree because it's not really possible, at least on a physical level But when feminism says that women shouldn't tolerate abuse or disrespect, I agree. When is feminism acceptable and when it's not?
  2. Oh, sorry. Got caught up in some posts that mentioned pictures of God. I agree with you, that there's nothing wrong with having pictures of any created thing as long as people don't worship it.
  3. Drawing pictures of God is completely disrespectful, to me it shows less reverence when people claim to have this liberty. It's a guaranteed false/inaccurate image of Him, so I'm not sure why people bother with trying to guess his physical appearance. As for graven images, I received angel sculptures as gifts plenty of time, but I didn't feel comfortable in keeping them. They were naked women or babies with wings, this also represents a mocking of celestial creatures since we aren't aware how angels look, only that they are referred to as masculine.
  4. This is an expose of what false beliefs can do to a person. Coming out of Orthodoxy has had a really negative influence on my faith. Orthodoxy is full of weird practices, superstitious beliefs and rituals. As a believer in Christ, I struggle daily in renouncing of previous false thoughts. There are various wrong practices in Orthodoxy starting with making the sign of the cross, Mary adulation, using repetitive mantra, eating the 'wafer' and culminating with detailed stuff like not using garments of a deceased person, opening the door 3 times before closing it, not wearing a particular color on a garment, living close to a mountain or sea, Thursday being an evil day and many more weird things. Won't say any more of them cause they get even more bizarre. For me it was easy to give up on wrong beliefs like Mary, repetitions, wafers and all rituals, but the superstitions still bother me. Why I'm wrestling? The mind is a battle, the mind keeps repeating the same nonsense I knew before I believed Christ alone. Mind tells 'do not do this thing today because it's wrong', yet it has no basis in Scripture. Once a person has had false indoctrination all their life, it will result in baggage after converting to Christ. It's a constant attack to fight or ignore these thoughts. The mind won't let a person free, belief settled in upbringing of a person can still affect later. Would say it's better if a person comes to Christ while not experiencing any sort of prior religion. They can accept it more clearly without having to undo damage from past wrong beliefs.
  5. Curious about this.. For my own preference, I prefer a female doctor for any field. I've had mostly negative experiences with male doctors, they just can't seem to empathize when a woman talks about a pain, they either think women exaggerate or they simply don't care at all. As for right or wrong, I'm waiting to see what others are saying. If I'll ever ever visit an OB (hopefully never) I'll most definitely pick a woman.
  6. After looking at these passages presented, I've come to this conclusion: Marry a believer * a getting to know or courtship period is necessary, people sometimes are unpredictable or give false information, so making sure a mate is saved is a vital aspect before tying the knot If in a marriage with a non-believer, either: * stay if he's acceptable and treats you nicely * leave if he's abusive or unbearable, however stay separated but don't remarry Now, Jordan stated that a man should accept a cheating spouse, but what man does that? I've seen how men stop loving cheating wives, it affects men more than women who are more prone to forgive cheating husbands. Still, a painful betrayal in both cases
  7. Having a big family can cure depression, anxiety and social problems. Being an only child has made me very aware of my solitude but also more selfish. Friends are different, sometimes you can't just talk every subject with a friend. When there are very few in a family, one is left without anyone by the time they're old. Having a brother or sister is a blessing, esp one that is of the same faith. Be thankful if you are in great terms with your siblings, there are many of us wishing to be in your position.
  8. Corinne


    Stay safe! I hope your discomfort will disappear. anything health related is unpleasant to deal with Not a surprise that we all look forward to an incorruptible body, free of fatigue and any limitations/sufferings
  9. Bro. Gary, I hope my question is not intrusive, but I wanna ask: how is life with denture? Is it as horrible as people say? Or people make it more tragic than it seems? I'm still young and only have 1/2 removed but 2 of my dentists warned me in scary ways about the future of my teeth
  10. You blessed people, having the opportunity to see those stunning views in real life. I've seen imagery from Canada in youtube clips and I felt already refreshed. It looks absolutely amazing, one of the most beautiful places on earth no doubt. I've been given the chance to visit, but I refused. I think just visiting will make me depressed when my trip will end. I've visited the US a while ago and it has caused much angst and frustration, once you set foot in a civilised world, you see the difference especially if you're coming from an undeveloped country. That's why I kinda dislike travelling, seeing gorgeous places and then returning to a dumpster will make a person hate his life. I can admire from afar and I can pray for countries that I love, don't think it's wrong, it's not necessary to be American or Canadian to love those countries. Be grateful if you were born there. US/Canda/Australia/New Zealand are wonderful and magnificent countries.
  11. Not sure what to say when it comes to more extreme healthy issues, but I've been told to use pills for other problems like stomach pain and more mild stuff I think it wouldn't be a problem if you're unmarried cause there would be nothing there to kill if you take pills but that's my personal perspective.
  12. What methods have you found successful in dealing with non-believers? I'm talking about everyday life, not in evangelism. At work, with colleagues that try to get a rise out of you. Family that try to belittle or mock your beliefs. I'm struggling really hard, I feel like 'the world' is one of the greatest attackers when it comes to a believer's walk with God. It influences everything. Evil people will try and destroy your joy or create negative events in your life. This stuff is something that believers cannot control. I wish God would intervene at times, sometimes I feel like anything random can happen anytime. Whenever I know there's a chance to deal with this sort of situation, I plan to behave properly. I never want to dishonor God, but saying is easier than doing it. People have a talent in using negative words that will stick in your mind. Maybe I'm too sensitive and care about people too much. I'm not sure.. What has worked for you when people were trying to harm you verbally/physically?
  13. Don't think it matters which sin is major or minor, but some have more tragic consequences. Since we're on the topic, this sort of stuff has influenced millions of men in abusing women and children sexually whereas gossiping at work might affect 1-2 people or a small collective. There's a difference between someone saying to a friend to start smoking and a celeb saying to fans to start smoking. It's about masses. Viewing that stuff affect millions worldwide in a negative way. Even if men don't act upon their lust, they still retain a disrespect for women. I'm not saying this thing only affects men. Women also become more enticing, more sensual in appearances to gain attention from men. It's a vicious circle. But it's way more devastating than a person playing a video game or listen to a wordly song
  14. For me all things related to this sort of thing feels gross. Maybe it depends on each believer, what sin he finds the most vile, but for me prostitution and these sort of thing are the most disgusting. Mostly because it sticks into a person's mind and re-appears even years after a person has given up on this sin. Anyway, this lust issue is also big for women. I know girls who are into musical boy groups, they have obsessive crushes on these guys, they would practically do anything for them.
  15. It's a major sin. I wanna say that I truly admire men that refuse to watch filthy stuff. I think they're absolutely amazing. Most I think are believers, very rare for a ungodly man to resist this sin since it's so accepted nowadays.
  16. There is always a desire for me to act 'better' but it's difficult because of testing. When dealing with people who wanna cause harm or impact your life in a negative way, it's a real test to keep a positive outlook. I tend to become pessimistic. It's also hard not to retaliate in the same manner. I'm too sensitive at the end of the day, even seeing people fight on the streets affect me. Anyway, I get strength through listening to preaching, spending time contemplating certain passages that can apply to my situation. I'm grateful for American pastors, for giving everyone around the world the opportunity to hear the truth. I love to hear them speak, the US accent might mean nothing to you, but it's a great cure for depression. I'm trying to remember key points from listening to clips. My plan is to advance more. Also I need to deal with my 'private' behavior, the one that matters most, the one that shows the real 'you'. For example, I would never insult or cuss anyone in public, but because of the high stress and living conditions, I've sometimes used bad words when alone, with nobody around, to let off 'steam'. I hate this because God is always watching. I really admire older experienced believers that were able to overcome struggles regarding different sins in their life.
  17. Guys, I'm learning something new. I honestly had no clue that watching some movies can be sinful, I thought it wasn't that dangerous given that I would never do what those people do in movies. I thought it's just pure, harmless entertainment. But now I kinda worry over spending hours enjoying this sort of thing (btw I watch thrillers, psychological stuff, nothing gory but still I do enjoy violence in movies which is a concern). As for fiction, I have a huge soft spot for romance, to be honest. Nothing explicit though, I find that disgusting but I love the soft romance type too much.
  18. True, HappyChristian, one should not assume 'American man = automatically perfect'' however I have to disagree a bit regarding nationality issue. The woman in various countries is seen in different ways. Developed societies recognise the woman as worthy of at least enough respect to value her opinions and consider her a partner of some sort whereas in many 'other' cultures, the woman is not even considered human by the man. I fail to see how men from such societies (mine included) would suddenly ' realise' the value of a woman no matter how diligent in faithful matters he becomes. He can be changed through faith and regeneration, but his mind will still be filled with what he's been taught about women all his life. Will have to agree that patience is key and not trying to force and rush things even though in the world's sight I'm seen as 'expired'. The key is to marry young, because with every year the chance decreases.
  19. Appreciating all your input, it's very hard to keep such a commandment but I want to be blessed and I desire for my marriage to be God approved. Sometimes even as Christians, we encounter difficulties when getting along with each other, a saved Christian man still struggles with temptation from other women and various troubles, but at least I have a guarantee that he will TRY to fight any such things whereas an ungodly man becomes a prey much easier. Seen it often with my local men. They just don't care. They cheat openly, they brag about it and they're violent. When there's no love for God or a guy doesn't' think what's he's doing is wrong, it will only cause pain for his Christian partner. What was most difficult for me is refusing an American guy. Being from a poor, depraved country and having this young guy from a developed country like US be interested in me, meant so much. He was really nice and polite, could never compare with a local guy (btw I am very jealous of how American men treat their wives, they have so many qualities) but then he wasn't concerned with belief in anything. I couldn't risk it, people change in time, there's nothing to hold a non-believer to turn for the worse later. Be grateful all of your ladies that have a saved husband. It is extremely difficult to be single, more so as a woman. There are tons of benefits in having a godly mate.
  20. Rebecca, thank you for your encouraging message. It means very much because sometimes societal pressure takes over me and I tend to overlook that amazing verse about not being unequally yoked. The thinking gets carnal sometimes and I try to reason that maybe it will be okay, but I agree that disobeying such an important commandment will have consequences. Especially since marriage is a huge final decision giving the nature of the vows. Given your situation, I really admire your strong devotion to God, only accepting a man that will meet your godly requirements. We have an American missionary who opened a church, I try to visit as often as possible, but there are only families. It's still great for fellowship. That's right, Invicta. You also mentioned a very significant consideration: the aftermath. The result of choosing a wrong mate. I have to think long term and stop trying to form close friendships with men that don't follow my faith. It gets me emotionally attached to them and it clouds my thinking. No, not France. France seems quite nice and civilised. I'm from Eastern Europe, locally there's just an entire absence of integrity in regard to most things. People from developed countries, even if they don't follow a faith, still have a more acceptable 'this is right, this is wrong' mentality but with a corrupt country, you simply can't trust people. Thanks so much for offering examples.
  21. My topic encourages male believers to give their opinion, I actually might need some male perspective so please feel free to give replies. If you wanna skip my paragraph I'll just ask this question now: - is it acceptable for a female believer to marry a non-believer? For background: I'm old (15+17=my age for those that love math) and I've never had an opportunity to meet a Christian, more so a Baptist. I'm old and I'm afraid I won't get to marry anyone so I'm thinking if I should accept proposals from guys that have nothing to do with my faith, basically ungodly men. Why? Out of need for affection, to belong to someone, to have a family. At the same time, I'm scared of what will happen if I actually marry a man that is against my faith. Living in a corrupt EU country makes it much worse, it's quite common for the family to be 1wife+1 husband + 2/3 mistresses, a daily occurrence for the wife to be beaten, I won't say more, it's a vile, depraved country and I've said everything that needs to be said with that. Should I say 'yes' after all? I've had some men trying hard to woo me and a few have asked me for marriage, but then I'm not allowed as a Christian to accept. However, I HATE to live as a single woman, I really wish God would remove me from this Earth quicker if he chooses that I shouldn't marry. I just can't live without a man that's why I'm so tempted to say 'yes' even to one of these men that aren't Christian. Please be honest in your replies, I need a male advice. Women can also reply obviously.

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