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  1. Thank you and nice to meet you Mr. & Mrs. Alan. I definitely enjoy studying!! I was sure by the comments that everyone on here knows what they believe, thus all the questions lol; but I should probably slow down. Thank you again
  2. You are right, Salyan. It makes me laugh now to consider it. Thank you
  3. I thought only Bible colleges majored on teaching doctrine?? Is there a trusted site that teaches doctrine correctly ? What is our Baptist stance on Repentance? I thought repentance was a pretty simple word until I’ve heard it defined so many ways. Most gospel tracts and verbal invitations do not use repentance. when I turned to the Lord I was turning away from my own way. So the idea of repentance made sense to me then by my experience. But who am I to say? I visited a southern baptist church once and they taught on Biblical church discipline, the only time I’ve ever heard it taught. The lack of doctrinal teaching I think is causing a generation of people that don’t know what they believe. What is a worldly church to you? What is a problem in a church with standards? Why does it matter if the walls are white or grey or black? White lights or colored? Tie or no tie? Jazzy sounds, blues, or beats or bass? What do you think of CCM music in the church put to piano so it doesn’t appear to be CCM? Do these things matter for doctrine? I have a very traditional view in these regards that comes from how i feel in my spirit and what i experienced when I got saved. The traditional view seems looked down upon or hushed. Not taught in church. Also separation seems like it is being pushed away from the church as a toxin. How do you stand doctrinally on separation? And how are the lines drawn? I’ve never heard Calvinism explained in church. I’ve heard dispensation used in context but not really explained as of the word. I thought people were saved by faith? The sacrifices were a picture of Christ with faith that the Messiah would come. No? And also there seems to be a general pushing away from the OT. Humbly asking.

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